Tournament Monotype Winter Premier Standings and Replays


1. Tormented Torkoals (2 - 0 - 4, 29 overall wins)
2. Canalave City Chorizos (3 - 1 - 2, 28 overall wins)
3. Paniola Phiones (4 - 2 - 0, 27 overall wins)
4. Dethroning Decidueyes (2 - 3 - 1, 24 overall wins)
T-5. Railgun Raikous (2 - 2 - 2, 23 overall wins)
T-5. Alcoholic Alakazams (2 - 1 - 3, 23 overall wins)
7. Lavender Lycanrocs (1 - 3 - 2, 22 overall wins)
8. Victorious Victinis (0 - 4 - 2, 15 overall wins)

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Week 6
Paleo vs. pork chop man [Phiones vs Decidueyes]
-Tsunami- (shake) vs. Eien [Phiones vs Decidueyes]
dodmen vs. bushtush [Phiones vs Decidueyes]
rnbs vs. Vid [Alakazams vs Victinis]
Pearl vs. Croven [Alakazams vs Victinis]
Chras vs. Shadestep [Alakazams vs Victinis]
terrors vs. Empo [Lycanrocs vs Chorizos]
Zukushiku vs. Wincon [Lycanrocs vs Chorizos]
Clearly vs. Artoria [Lycanrocs vs Chorizos]
Leru vs. Yaksok [Torkoals vs Raikous]
Attribute vs. Jase Duken [Torkoals vs Raikous]
Arifeen vs. Pak [Torkoals vs Raikous]

HT vs. Kingler12345 [Phiones vs Decidueyes]
Void vs. Its Hatch [Alakazams vs Victinis]
Tyke vs. soulgazer [Lycanrocs vs Chorizos]
DrReuniclus vs. iRKD [Torkoals vs Raikous]

passion vs. Catalystic [Phiones vs Decidueyes]
thimo vs. double switches [Alakazams vs Victinis]
Anttya vs. Star [Lycanrocs vs Chorizos]
MiyoKa vs. iLlama [Torkoals vs Raikous]

trash vs. Laxpras [Phiones vs Decidueyes]
rozes vs. Level 56 [Alakazams vs Victinis]
Racool vs. 1 True Lycan [Lycanrocs vs Chorizos]
Megazard vs. Waszap [Torkoals vs Raikous]

ggggd vs. Betathunder [Phiones vs Decidueyes]
Nightwingg95 vs. Twix [Alakazams vs Victinis]
Shiba vs. King Billu [Lycanrocs vs Chorizos]
Quantum Tesseract vs. Sae [Torkoals vs Raikous]

Nat vs. mael [Phiones vs Decidueyes]
obii vs. SirSkit [Alakazams vs Victinis]
KevinELF vs. EricSaysHi [Lycanrocs vs Chorizos]
Moosical (torkool) vs. Misaka Mikoto [Torkoals vs Raikous]
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