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Hello and Welcome to my RMT. In honor of me overcoming my early shit posting stages and soon achieving a positive like/post ratio, I have provided you will this fun team that is fairly effective against any type of player. Its crazy, fast, and fun to use (not to play against). There is plenty of room for adjustment and innovation so please leave your feedback! Without further a due I present... Titans!

This team has many flaws but the over all theme to it is very powerful. This is an RMT not a showcase. I'm looking for constructive criticism to help make this team primed to perfection. I appreciate your feedback. You guys rock!

Team Building Process
First off was Zoroark! For a while I have been wanting to couple this thing with Slurpuff to institute some epic mind games against my opponent. Zoroark is a great pokemon but unfortunately people don't know how to play it right. Slurpuff works great with it considering Zoroark has the illusion and the trick.

Next I wanted a nice status and wall breaker that was not Mandibuzz. Jellicent has been getting a lot of hype lately and I was a fan. The hex set looked really cool. Although it had hardly any synergy with my core, I went with it.

Now that I had Jellicent, I wanted something to take knock off that is not my Zoroark. I want my team to be independent without the Zoroark so it can be used to its full potential. I went with this super cool Cobalion that I picked up off of Hogg. It goes well with this switch turn thing I have going on.

I need a fast u-turner that resists grass and fairy... Mega Beedrill!

Lastly I needed offensive hazard control! Espeon actually works really cool with illusion and it add some speed and power to the mix. I made it work well with the turning core having Baton Pass and a focus sash so I can mis-predict once. And the jumbled mind enigma was BORN! TITANS GO!!!



Ability: Illusion
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature

Dark Pulse



: Zoroark is the beans and bacon to this whole team! Illusion is its OP ability that can bee abused in a volt turn team such as this one. Volt turn really is the only place Zoroark can really thrive. I have U-turn for momentum although I rarely get to use it since I'm under illusion and I don't switch out on good match ups. Dark Pulse is my stab that flinches and does great power. I got tired of missing night daze. Dark Pulse is great. Flamethrower is my coverage move of choice. I hit steel types really hard that threaten my team. I kill incomming grass types on my "Jellicent" hehe. Lastly I have trick to ruin stall and to give opurtunity for a BD sweep from my Slurpuff. Over-all zoroark can not be replaced. It might be better with a different move-set but Idk. Works great still.

Ability: Water Absorb
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 120 Def / 136 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk




: Jellicent is my stall breaker. It also patches up a fire weakness I have. The speed is enough to catch florges, machamp, and anything below. Wilo is so I can keep walling physical attackers and have some residual damage going off. Scald was a new thing I just added. I originally had Hex but this is my only fore type switch in so I had to have something to hit fire types with. I thought of keeping hex and replacing wilo with toxic, but I like wilo to cripple so I can BD sweep with Slurpuff. Recover is to recover -.-! Taunt is to prevent healbellers and wish passers from ruining your progress.


Ability: Justified
EVs: 16 Atk / 240 SpA / 252 Spe
Naive Nature
Close Combat

Hidden Power

Volt Switch

Stealth Rock

: Cobalion is BEAUTIFUL! Look at this magnificent set! Props to Hogg for creating this fine specimen. Close Combat is for snorlax, etc. You can't pass up a 120 base stab. Hidden Power Ice is for gligar and salamence. Cobalion KO's offensive sally at full with HP ice. Its insane! Volt Switch goes beautifully with my switching synergy i have going on. Plus it hurts. Volt Switch does an impressive amount to water types and switch ins like doublade. I recently chose SR over T-wave for my last slot. I need rocks and although I lose status Cobalion, I believe the change will be healthier for the team.


Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature

Poison Jab

Drill Run


: Mega Beedrill is Mega Beedrill. If I want an effective volt turn core, I'm going to have beedrill. It puts powerful pressure on the right team. It's pretty much the only thing in UU with a strong U-turn. Poison Jab is secondary stab that can score some nice poison. Drillrun is for coverage on steel and poison types. I don't need knock off. Protect because I'm no that risky (or that stupid).


Ability: Unburden
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
Play Rough


Drain Punch

Belly Drum

: Slurpuff is the topping on the cake... I was actually debating whether to put this on the team at all. Once I saw my hydregion weakness, I knew I had to have it. It is really effective with Zoroark and the volt turn concept i have going on. Standard set without that HP nonsense. There was too many times I was 1% from killing something. This is acting as my ultimate cleaner. My team revolves arounf eliminating threats for this mon.

Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
Baton Pass

Dazzling Gleam


Grass Knot

: Espeon is another beautiful pokemon. Magic bounce illusion OML it's so perfect! Baton Pass is absolutely fantastic! It flows with the volt turn and allows me block hazards and switch out on the same turn. Dazzling Gleam is for the dark types wanting to switch in thinking this is a Zorark or an Espeon. Psychic of course is my 90 base power stab that hits hard! Grass knot is for my weakness to Swampert both defensive and mega. If you get prior damage to my Jellicent its over after a Rain Dance from Swampert. I combat this with focus sash grassknot. Focus sash is my back up. My priority destiny bond so to speak. Really is a great mon in the right environment.

Threat List

There are quite a few threats since this is HO but I will narrow it down to the most dangerous!

Timid Focus-blast sceptile RUINS my day! Cobalion normally resists stabs and kills with HP ice but Focus Blast is a terrible move! Beedrill takes a hit and kills but I can't switch in. It also blocks volt switch.

Mega Aero out-speeds the world! EQ does a lot to my Cobalion and all I really can do is volt. I use to be able to T wave but meh. Non EQ I can deal with but my cobalion only has so much HP (If you recommend Florges I swear).
LeoLancaster for liking almost every post I make on Smogon so I can sleep better at night. Love ya man.

Christo The Gr8 for putting up with my early noob stages and testing teams with me. Great presence to have around and I'm proud of his success. I appreciate all you do for me dude.

King UU for being my first battle against a good player. I also want him to rate this if he can. I appreciate a more constructed view of this team. Thanks for voice n_n

dodmen for being a pokemon god! He gave me the best rate on my last team because I believe we think alike when it comes to team building. Hopefully he can give this a good rate! Thanks for telling King UU to give me voice n_n

teal6 UU FAM! So glad we are winning our UU open matches! UU FAM belongs in the finals! Forget these tour players lol. Thanks for being apart of UU. Your support of me and the tier is greatly appreciated.

NV You gave me hope when everyone else saw me as a little shit poster (I was tbh). Thanks for your support! Preciate you!

Sacri' for being in the same boat as me. You have so much potential and I can't wait to see you win something big! Thanks for all the ladder battles where I lost to you! RIP gxe!

gobosox for believing that anyone that does long posts has autism.

Colbrushie for being a cool mod and building that jank team with me.

iplaytennislol for building with me and being a great UU and overall presence. Probably the only NU player that can hang with UU without taking its purity.

Slate. for refusing to be good at UU. I try to teach him but he's just bad. Maybe one day.... NAHHHHH

KratosMana for being my next UU open opponent. I'm linking you to make you think I'm using this team. Or maybe I just said that to make you think I'm not using this team but I really am..... DaSpoofy ussed Fake Out! It's Super Effective!

Pak for being incredibly supportive in UU room tours and on ladder. FAM 5EVER!

Cactrune for taking all my ladder points with your ghetto Mega Aboma. But seriously great to have you around. Keep up the good work on forums and in UU room!

YABO Thanks for winning my first tour! Glad you are around and supporting the UU FAM. UU needs more intelligent people like you!

LilOu I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I swear

@BrandonBeast999 RIP

Rest of UU Fam: beppityboopbop dingbat Hogg Euphonos Shiba IronBullet Hikari radianthero156 Kreme hilarious Yifeng DKFirelord Merlouvynis malinowski Do A Bibarel daedalus1103 Vapo iWanka R0ady Omfuga
Hopefully I can get some sweet rates out of you guys! Thank you all for your support! Thanks!

If I forgot anyone please bash me and I'll add you!


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Adding a few more things! Reserving for Status update

Working on making this look good on mobile stay tuned!
  • Fixed dotted line symmetry
  • Fixed glitched mobile leftovers pic
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Y'know it's funny, back when you were new I was one of those people who didn't have the highest opinion of you (which was pretty disingenuous considering I was a noob too) and now I apparently have been liking all your posts without realizing lol. Truly deserved UU voice.

Will maybe rate later~

Edit: oh and also thanks for my first ever shoutout lol
This looks like a very good team but I cannot use Zoruark cuz I'm bad at pokemon lol.
Also you didn't add me
*induce bashing sequence*
Thanks for the shoutout, man, I really appreciate it. Mega Abomasnow is heat, of course. Thanks for the praise and all.

Overall, this is a really, really interesting team to me. There are a lot of unconventional sets here, but only the Zoroark and Espeon sets are really new to me. Truly, this is an interesting squad because of all of the toys you get to use to your advantage on the ladder. Baton Pass Espeon is something that I scarcely see, but it makes sense, especially on a team like this. Specs Zoroark? Sounds pretty good to me. Overall, this team is crazy with the momentum, but I'm not really that good at rating offensive teams, they're not really my style. If I had to add anything, it's probably that even with Jellicent, Fire-mons can still beat you down, especially ones with the right coverage. Don't laugh, but I got destroyed by an Arcanine running Wild Charge and Crunch the other day. Still, stuff like that can really ruin your day. Chandelure in particular sounds like serious trouble for this team, but the team is still good despite these weaknesses. It's offense, and I understand that you can't cover everything. Overall a very cool team.

NICE BrandonBeast shout-out lmfao

dit: Electric-types also look like trouble too. Heliolisk and Scarfed Rotoms look like they can demolish this squad, as can Mega Ampharos to a lesser extent, but it's kind of slow so that's not as bad. Idk what you'd switch out to cover this, though, it's just food for thought.


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Hey Spoofy, thank you for my first ever shoutout. I feel so popular now. Anyway, this team is really cool and I remember playing this on the ladder with my Ampharos team. And while it is cool, it seems somewhat odd to have 4 incredibly frail offensive mons, one bulkier yet still offensive mon, and then a slow, passive, defensive mon. That, compounded with the fact that your team has no priority, results in being heavily pressured by faster mons that Jellicent or Cobalion can't take care of. This is seen with your weakness to Sceptile and Aero. Nothing outspeeds them, and your bulkmons are both one tapped by Leaf Storm and Focus Blast. These aren't the only threats, though. Opposing Mega Beedrill with Drill Run, Mega Swampert (which you noted), Azelf (gets a kill each time it comes in and forces Bee in, which is bad if rocks are up), Taunt Crobat, Scarf Chandelure, and Mega Sharpedo (literally 6-0s once Cobalion is softened, which is easier to do since it has no Lefties) all put immense pressure on this team. Although to be fair, fast hard hitters threaten all HO teams.

To help with these, I will suggest 1 mon swap: Jellicent, as I don't think it is integral to the general backbone of the team. Jellicent is a massive momentum sink and honestly isn't the best Fire check because a) it is obliterated by Chandelure, and b) it's physical bulk is subpar to say the least.

252+ Atk Choice Band Entei Sacred Fire vs. 252 HP / 120+ Def Jellicent: 129-152 (31.9 - 37.6%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Stealth Rock, Leftovers recovery, and burn damage

252 Atk Choice Band Sheer Force Darmanitan Flare Blitz vs. 252 HP / 120+ Def Jellicent: 210-248 (51.9 - 61.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Stealth Rock, Leftovers recovery, and burn damage

So, change Jellicent to Whimsicott. As mentioned before, Jellicent sticks out like a sore thumb on a HO team. Most HO teams don't really have status spreaders or designated stallbreakers, so it really is not needed. Whimsicott also provides you with that sexy speed tier to outspeed Azelf, that gorgeous typing to keep Sceptiles + Offensive Waters at bay (cough cough, RD Pert, Gatr, Pedo cough cough), and incredible support moves + U-Turn to help a Slurpuff sweep and dissuade opposing sweepers from setting up (which again is huge since no priority makes set up sweepers a bitch for HO). Oh, and Whimsicott + Illusion is like, the ultimate mind game inducer ever. Here is the set:

Whimsicott @ Yache Berry
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Moonblast
- U-turn
- Encore
- Memento/Stun Spore

Max Speed to outspeed Azelf, and Max SpA to hit hard cause this is HO, although if you want you can definitely invest in bulk. Yache Berry helps avoid getting bopped by Pert's Ice Punch, Pedo's Ice Fang, and Gatr's Ice Punch. Stun Spore is really, really, nice to slow down mons like Bat, Aero etc, and Memento sets up a Puff sweep. Choose whatever move you prefer, but I would use Stun Spore to lure in Aero and cripple it (75% of the time lol). Credit to dodmen for this set.

But after this change you pretty much lose to Entei at team preview so I am going to have to change one more mon :x. You really like Espeon but I honestly do not see what it does besides prevent rocks which it does a mediocre job of due to piss poor bulk. I suggest a change of Espeon to Hydreigon. With Roost, it can switch into Sacred Fire and force it out, although burns suck. Hydreigon also is a much better answer to Swamperts than Sash GK Espeon, although you do lose out on mindgames shenanigans. It also gives you a much needed Chandelure check, with previously clicked Shadow ball on a Cobalion, Flamethrower locked Zoro, Jellicent, or even Espeon and gets a kill. Scarf Chandy especially is extremely threatening since again, nothing outspeeds it and your only ghost resist dies to Fire Blast and has horrid bulk, and your only fire resist dies to Shadow Ball. Also it can take a hit from Aero which is always nice. Here's the set:

Hydreigon @ Life Orb
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Dark Pulse
- Taunt/Fire Blast/Flash Cannon
- Roost

Now for some smaller changes:

  1. Change Beedrill's nature to Jolly. You need all the speed you can get since Whimsicott is easily worn down, and if it goes down against a Sceptile, you want to at least have a chance of killing if Timid. If its Modest, then great! Free U-Turn
  2. Replace U-Turn on Zoroark with Knock Off or Sucker Punch, and change its nature to Naive. If you said you rarely use U-Turn, then you might find more usage in Knock Off, which is generally a very spammable move and can cripple stuff like P2 which otherwise can be a pain for this team (unboosted, uninvested CCs from Cobalion do nothing to P2 :[). Sucker Punch provides priority which is always great for HO teams but uninvested, it's pretty weak, so Knock Off may be better. Naive removes the attack drop from the nature.

I hope I helped! I'm not very familiar with building HO teams so this rate was tough :[
So there seems to be confusion about the team. It looks pretty bad but then I tell you it got top ten on the title. It is a great team but it's pretty specific in what it wins against. I'm going to give a quick guide into how this team works.

How it works
Have you ever wrestled before? In wrestling you maneuver around your opponent chopping arms, pulling legs, sprawling out in order to get your opponent into a pinning position. The team is very similar to a wrestling match. What you do is volt switch, U-turn, and baton pass around your opponent preventing rocks and set up in order to get a Slurpuff Sweep. That is the goal of the team. Its the pinning move in a wrestling match. Sometimes you are totally out matched by your opponent. Like Cactrune said before, I have nothing a electric type, Then again, electric types fall victim to a slurpuff sweep. Playing with this team is like try to diffuse a bomb. You have to get off the slurpuff sweep before your opponent kills all your pokemon off.

Sometimes life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what bad metaphors for offensive pressure and overload will pop out. It's still a good idea to at least soft check prominent A rank mons so you can reliably deal with them rather than praying your opponent chokes out.

Also curse scald EQ recover gastro over jelly fixes about 90% of the teams issues and gives lure cobal a reason to exist, it also gives zoro a secondary wincon to illusion since flamethrower also happens to smack grass types and sometimes teams run redundant slurpuff checks. Toxic bulky thing's aren't a huge issue with espy and trickspecs in the wings.

Mbee takes grass moves like a champ but I cant help but feel like an actual bird would bring more utility to the party, that may just be personal preference though and the spare mega slot would probably be used to shuffle out zoroarc so that's probably not an option.

Edit: meh will still be weak to opposing puffslurs but w/e, games of "WHO DRUM FIRST?????" are at least 50/50 ish
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Hey Spoof, please don't remove your only fire resist for a Whimsicott, seriously don't do that. Also, as someone who has used Slurpuff a shit ton, I know that you really need some concrete answers for stuff like Entei. You really don't have that since Jelli isn't the best answer. Anyways, to keep with the theme of trying to lure shit with Zoro while attempting to get off a devastating sweep, I would go with RP Tyrantrum over Espeon. This gives you a Crobat answer that isn't 2hkod, while adding a second Entei response. Also, I think Defensive Swampert + Offensive Crobat could be a decent way to shake up the defensive core in a way that has slightly more presence although that would probably just be a preference thing.
Tyrantrum @ Stone Plate / Life Orb
Ability: Rock Head
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Rock Polish
- Head Smash
- Outrage
- Earthquake
Best of luck man and thanks for the shoutout :]
I didn't get a chance to rate your RMT but i really enjoyed the composition and idea behind the team. I like that so many users now are making cool, unique teams that can be decent and fun to play. And to all the users who brought in suggestions and kept the team fun and unique, kudos to you. It's people like you all that continue to make this game bearable through the low ladder, tilt crazy amounts of hax.

Thanks for all you guys do :]

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