Monthly Art Contest 4!

The Smogon Monthly Art Contest!

Welcome to the fourth ever Smogon Monthly Art Contest! A competition for both digital and traditional artists to show their stuff and boast their skills.

This Month's Theme: Dragon's Den
Theme suggestion by Bucky

In commemoration of Salamence who has been banned to the deep, dark depths of the Uber World.

Description: Draw any Dragon-type Pokemon(s) in your own interpretation of the Dragon's Den from HGSS.

Plus Points For: Lighting and composition.

References: This! Remember to put your own spin on it :D

Protip: Get creative! Think outside the box, ya dig?

General Rules

1. All Smogon Forum Rules Apply.

2. You're not allowed to ask when the next contest will be out, or when the next poll will be up.

3. If your entry is turned down, no whining, it broke the rules, get over it.

4. Stealing artwork is prohibited, this includes copying another artists’ work (excluding original Pokemon artwork). If you are found to be stealing, you will be disqualified and banned from the current Monthly Art Contest, banned for two MACs after two instances, and permanently banned after three instances.

5. Have a question, or want to suggest a rule or theme? PM Bucky or a current MAC judge with your question or suggestion. Please be practical with your suggestions.

6. Comments & criticisms are welcome, however posts such as “This one is definitely going to win/lose” or “This sucks!” will be deleted and such posts may get you infracted.

7. If you have a problem, take it to PM. We don't want you spamming up the topic.

8. Please don't disrupt this thread (i.e. asking stupid questions repeatedly, trolling, etc). Repeated offenses can get you temporary bans from the MAC.

Pariticipation Rules

1. All entries must fit the theme. The Theme will be specified at the top of the first post. Both traditional and digital pieces are acceptable.

2. All entries MUST fit size restraints.
MIN: 400x400
MAX: 800x800
Entries that do not meet size restraints will be completely ignored.

3. Any users found copying other submissions will be banned and disqualified from the current MAC.

4. DO NOT submit artwork containing vulgar or nude poses. Users who do so will be disqualified and banned from the current MAC.

Judge and Voting Rules and Notes

1. If you want to be a judge, PM Bucky.

2. Judges are allowed to enter the contests, but during judging, ARE NOT allowed to nominate themselves for a poll spot.

3. You are not allowed to vote for yourself on the poll. Anyone caught doing this will have their entry for the poll revoked, and the next runner up in the voting to take their place.

4. Any users found creating multiple accounts to post/vote in any MAC threads/polls will be infracted, disqualified and banned from the current MAC.

The Current Roster of Judges is:
1. Bucky
2. BuddyBlueBomber
3. Wickdaggler
4. pkmn Trainer Zach
5. Doran Dragon

Judging Process:
Note: Plus Points are now more important than ever! Here's why:
Judges will allot a total of 15 points to each submission:
5 for artistic skill
5 for theme execution
and 5 for scoring the "plus points"

Entries will be tallied and narrowed down based on the number of poll slots which will be regulated as follows:

20+ entries, top 10 selected
10-19 entries, top 7 selected
6-10 entries, top 5 selected
5 and under make it straight to the polls.


The deadline is August 22nd. You have 21 days to get your entry in. After the deadline, judges will pick finalists and a poll will be started over the course of 3 days to decide the winner. [Note: Each MAC will generally last 21 days. Winners will be determined during the last week of each month]

1st place winner will have their art featured in the Smeargle's Art Gallery!
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive an inclusion in the MAC Hall of Fame (currently a work in progress) and will have their art featured in Alchemator's Art Picks in The Smog!! Consecutive wins will also get you cooler trophies!

I'm so happy. Good luck everyone!!

The MAC Needs Back-Up Judges!!!
If you're interested, by all means, PM Bucky.
Back-up judges MUST be readily available from the 22-31'st.
Please state how many rounds you'd like to be a back-up judge for.

Well I guess its time for me to unveil my entry. Took me a couple of hours:

You will only understand it if you have seen the show dragons den, even if you haven't I hope you enjoy the art work.
@porygon-d: Your lighting is fantastic! I love the Altaria as well (it's one of my favorites!), however, the composition could be a bit better. What I mean by composition is, work your scenery and your angles; stuff as much purpose into the picture as possible. If you do plan on changing it a little, maybe you could have the Altaria doing something like using an attack or swooping in or dragon dancing, idk. You did a good job though! :D

For other artists who are still thinking of an idea, here's some good examples of both lighting and composition fully executed (Warning: These drawings are pretty kick@$$):
Pay attention to how they incorporate the scenery and position the subjects accordingly, and they give a fantastic illusion of depth with shading and perspective.
That was a quick thing, I didn't realise how little people had seen the show Dragon's Den. At the moment that is my entry but will probably make a totally new thing for the actual contest.
Hrmm, good question. I'd prefer if you kept it strictly Dragon Pokemon, but if you wanna throw in random Pokemon in the background, that's okay too. So long as a Dragon Pokemon is the main focus of the picture.
so its safe to say anyone can join?? because i would really like to participate :D

if there is something specific i should know about entering can someone VM me thanks :X


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Just for clarification, are we talking about Dragon-type Pokemon, or Dragon-esque Pokemon like those used by the Dragon Tamers?

So, for example, would Charizard, Gyarados, Aerodactyl, Steelix, etc.etc. be allowed to enter?
There must be at least one Dragon-type Pokemon that is the main focus of the picture. If you include non-dragon type Pokemon, they must be either in the background or complimented with a Dragon-type Pokemon.

And yes, DEZTROYA, anyone can enter.
I'm starting to like what I've come up with.
If anyone's interested here's a bit of a WIP:

As you can see I'm going with the original dragom, Dragonite himself! I'll shade and add background and everything soon enough, but I'm very proud of how this part has turned out and felt the need to share. :D
He's going to be using Dragin Dance or Ourtage or something like that. Maybe Draco Meteor if I'm feeling extra nifty.
Chomzloh, that's FANTASTIC!!! I can't wait to see more progress on it.

Jesseus, awesome Dragonite!

Fatecrashers, Kingdra is my favorite Dragon sweeper EVER! Just don't forget to add to the scenery.

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