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The Smogon Monthly Art Contest!

Hall of Fame
Smog Issue #16 - MAC #0-1
Smog Issue #17 - MAC #2-3
Smog Issue #18 - MAC #4-5
Smog Issue #19 - MAC #6
Smog Issue #20 - MAC #15-16
Smog Issue #21 - MAC #17-18
Smog Issue #23 - MAC #19-20
Smog Issue #24 - MAC #21
Smog Issue #25 - MAC #22
Smog Issue #27 - MAC #23

Welcome to the Smogon Monthly Art Contest! A competition for both digital and traditional artists to show their stuff and boast their skills.
General Rules

1. All Smogon Forum Rules Apply.

2. Stealing artwork is prohibited, this includes copying another artists’ work (excluding original Pokemon artwork for references). If you are found to be stealing, you will be disqualified and banned from the current Monthly Art Contest, banned for two MACs after two instances, and permanently banned after three instances.

3. Have a question, or want to suggest a rule or theme? PM elcheeso !

4. Comments & criticisms are welcome, however posts such as “This one is definitely going to win/lose” or “This sucks!” will be deleted and such posts may get you warned.

5. If you have a problem, take it to PM. We don't want you spamming up the topic.

6. Please don't disrupt this thread (i.e. asking stupid questions repeatedly, trolling, etc). Repeated offenses can get you temporary bans from the MAC or a warning.

Participation Rules

1. All entries must fit the theme. The Theme will be specified in each contest post. Both traditional and digital pieces are acceptable.

2. Any users found copying other submissions will be banned and disqualified from the current MAC.

1st and 2nd place will be featured in the Smog!
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Month 1: Toxic Mascot
1st Place - Shinxe

In any type of art, there are two main criteria for the artist to fulfil - an engaging concept, and
good execution. Shinxe, a new artist to Smogon, certainly delivered in both of these areas with
an innovative take on Weezing which shot off into the lead in the polls from the very
beginning. Emphasising the Poison typing, Shinxe's line art and "radioactive highlights" set the
atmosphere exquisitely while managing to keep the personality of the drawing in just one eye!
Congratulations! - Alchemator

2nd Place - Yilx

I loved this piece from the start! Yilx fully captured and executed the idea of a dynamic pose,
and the expressions of the faces are what really brought this image together. The detail in the
background and in the gas really brought this piece to its full potential, and the uses of color
and highlights are FANTASTIC! Great job, Yilx! - Bucky

3rd Place - Rocket Grunt

From even the early stages of the competition, no-one doubted that Rocket Grunt would pull off
an amazing entry, with trademark horror and personality. Using what are effectively known on
Smogon as "Rocket Grunt's brushes" he has managed to inject bundles of personality into his
Weezing, while at the same time retaining the texture and artistic merit of his drawing.
Fantastic work! - Alchemator

Honorable Mentions:

I fell in love with this "trippy wheezing" from day one! Normally I condone acid trips, but this style
is exceptionally charming, especially with the psychedelic color scheme. I still have no clue how
Lovebite did this, but I love it! Congratulations, Lovebite! - Bucky

Month 2: Green Evolution

1st Place - SoIHeardYouLikeSENTRET

Right off the bat, I loved the charm of this piece. What made this entry different
from many of the others was that it truly had that "Pokémon feel" to it. The secondary
Electric-typing allowed for a more whimsical twist, and was shown off very well
with the backdrop of a moonlit forest. It shows off the Pokémon perfectly. The
combination of Grass and Electric were blended together quite smoothly.
Absolutely charming! Very well done, congratulations! - pkmn Trainer Zach

2nd Place - Yilx

A majority of the entries had Tsutarja's final evolution become part Steel-type. Yilx did an
excellent job of showing that off with the metallic finishes and the "armor" that clads it. I
really love how the yellow was used on the "armor" parts, paying tribute to it's basic form.
This was a very well executed piece, and much attention was paid to detail. Great job! - pkmn Trainer Zach

3rd Place - Shinxe

I got very positive vibes off of this piece. It actually reminds me of a Chozo or a Luminoth
from the Metroid Prime series. This is excellent, as this Pokémon is part Psychic. The design
is very ornate, and the contrast is excellent. I love how the red was introduced to
compliment the scheme. This piece is just lovely on the eyes. Excellent! - pkmn Trainer Zach

3rd Place - Scicky

I was very glad to see this piece win this round. I think this piece was one of the best
concepts of the month, and I could really picture it being an actual Pokemon! The color
scheme is fantastic and works very well with the piece. I absolutely adore the details
on this Fakemon, it really makes everything comes together flawlessly, which is not always
an easy feat. If I had to nitpick, well I'd just wish that Scicky had gone a step further
to make the shading or the pose more dynamic. Nonetheless, this was a well deserved
win with an excellent concept, a brilliant design, and an excellent color scheme.
Congratulations, Scicky! - Bucky

Honorable Mentions:

Personally, I think this was one of the best entries of this round. Though not 100% Pokemon-
looking, the character itself is very original and creative, and both the coloring and shading are
FANTASTIC! HellaHellaStyle has a very neat and polished style that's very captivating and
downright exciting. This artist has truckloads of potential, and I can't wait to see what else he
has up his sleeve! - Bucky

Month 3: Stark Contrast

1st Place - Icepick

I love the borderline sketch style you use in your paintings... the use of
the foreground lighting, bright cloud shading, dark shading on Zapdos,
movement... it all came together to produce a masterpiece. Great job! - Wickdaggler

2nd Place - Aragornbird

This is brilliant. I love the soft glow that you put in your shading,
and background, as well as the masterful representation of fire and
feathers. The light blue light in the background reflecting off Swellow's
back really pulled this together. Great work. - Wickdaggler

3rd Place - Shinxe

This is probably my most favorite piece by Shinxe. The use of color and
lighting is absolutelyflawless and the composition is beautiful! The
Cubone's eyes draw so much attention and it's amazing that she was
able to put feeling into picture just through the eyes. Shinxe,
you are a master. - Bucky

Honorable Mentions:

The style used in this painting... it's something else. The use of reflection
off the lake, dark foreground shading, and several vivid fall colors on the
trees, while not creating a direct conflict of colors, did create a centerpiece
of Suicune... (one of my favorites, by the by) which, despite using the
conflicting orange and blue, did still manage to seem in harmony somehow.
It's hard for me to put into words how much I love this, so I'll just leave it
at this: brilliant work. – Wickdaggler
Month 4: Dragon's Den

1st Place - ChouToshio

So, lucky me, I get the honor of giving commentary on what is, in my opinion, the best
piece of the bunch (sorry guys). I love the gritty look of the Gyarados, Lance, and Clair.
The lighting in the middle was very well done, and I love the look you achieved with the
lighting off the lake. With the dark moody cave atmosphere, combined with the bright,
orange and yellow energy from the shrine, this piece has an atmosphere of it which is
exactly what I thought of upon seeing the theme. It defiantly sticks out among the
other entries. – Wickdaggler
Absolute perfection. And you’ve managed to steal the hearts of all of the judges with
this piece. Excellent. - Bucky

2nd Place - Aragornbird

Oh, aragonbird, where should I start? The hidden trainers (lance, clair, and our hero,
from that one event in HG/SS), the brilliant lighting off the water, and the pokemon
themselves? The way the Den provides so much contrast and focus in and un itself?
The epic effects?! I can't really describe in words how much I love this, but let this
be known: you are a master of shading and highlights, and of incorporating dynamism
and mood into your paintings. - Wickdaggler

3rd Place - Shinxe

Oh, Shinxe, you've really done it this time. Probably my favorite piece of yours so far,
this is just a joy to look at. Props for you for really running with this month's theme
and making the Dragon's Den an essential element. You've done a wonderful job at
creating a mood and an atmosphere. And might I say, I love your take on Altaria.
pkmn Trainer Zach

Honorable Mentions:

This piece is striking in so many areas. The color scheme is beautiful, the composition
is absolutely beautiful, and you've even managed to incorporate depth as well. You've
managed to create a piece that not only attracts attention, but captivates the viewer.
This piece is lovely, alluring, and even mysterious! It really shows your skills as an artist.
I really look forward to seeing more of your art in future contests. - Bucky

Here's to all of the judges who helped make this possible!! I couldn't have done it without these guys!


Wacky, weird and wonderful, Alchemator is a veteran spriter with much critique experience.

- Leader of Project Amethyst
- Spriting Correspondent for The Smog


He might be new to the art scene, but Wickdaggler has a natural flair for critique.

- Owner of the Smeargle's Art Gallery


A great artist with an equally developed wit, Scepticallistic is also a top spriter.

- Major contributor to Project Amethyst
- Artist of the Judges' pictures

Doran Dragon

An acclaimed scratch spriter, Doran Dragon specializes in concept critique.

- Contributor to the Xbox Sprites Project

Pkmn Trainer Zach
Picture Pending
With his outstanding artistic background, Pkmn Trainer Zach has an excellent
eye for detail and a skill with critique.

- Wouldn't you like to know

Picture Pending
The cheerful head of the MAC, Bucky is a fantastic artist proficient in portraiture
and concept design.

- Head of the Monthly Art Contest

Thanks Alchemator and Scepticallistic for the judge descriptions and pictures!
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may or may not participate; good luck to everybody anyways!

edit: are just two contrasting themes/colors allowed? or can there be more?


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Just gonna say that I'd like to discourage 'reservation' posts as they tend to clog up the thread without adding anything meaningful. Speculation like
Precipice said:
I see so many Reshiram/Zekrom entry's coming up.
Is ok as long as you're relatively detailed.

Thanks :)


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So basically, you get 2 colors, mesh em up together to make them look cool on any Pokemon?
I'm leaving this pretty open-ended, what I've said in the description is just an example. Remember: there are plus points for creativity!
hey alch, I'm not so sure that the old judges are still going to be interested in judging, so maybe just reset the roster (save for yourself and I, of course).

Alch Edit: That thought had already crossed my mind, so sure.

also you're gonna wanna PM me, not Bucky about being a judge, since she explicitly said she doesn't want to be involved in this right now
here's a simple example of what you could do:
Tough theme, though.. Participating if creativity stumbles by.
Also, I notice judge spots are open?
If so I'd like to "apply".


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I am now a judge >:U
(thanks daggler & co.!)

Badass, nastyjungle! or should I say, that art is sicknasty

Chou Toshio

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I am now a judge >:U
(thanks daggler & co.!)

Badass, nastyjungle! or should I say, that art is sicknasty
Eh~~ this means you're not going to be an entrant anymore? :S

Well less competition then . . . though Nasty's in the mix now >_> jk


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Awww Chou I don't have time to do extra art when I'm in school, ahaha... ;n; Even the Reshiram for the Smog nearly killed me

so now I will brutally judge everybody instead (because a tiny Shinx is super intimidating, right?)
Wo-hoo, progress.

Sorry alch, if this against what you said..
Alch Edit: Not at all.
I think I'll be participating/finishing this time :)


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
There's quite a few entries (good ones too!!) going on here, I look forward to seeing more!!
Woohoo!!! You brought it back to liiiffe!!!!! I'm not dead, just on hiatus, ya dig? I might enter something if I get around to it.

P.S. You should probably change the OP where it says to PM me lol.

Edit: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SHINXE IS GONNA JUUDDGGEEE!!!!!!!!! I always wanted Shinxe to be a judge. <3
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