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Wow I think this is pretty cool, I wanna join too. A question, though... are there guidelines on size limit/dimensions of the entries, or is it anything goes?


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bravo, nov! well-executed! Who would have thought such a derpy looking mon can be depicted with such epic cloud wings <3<3<3
Oh thank you so much! ^^ Tho I've never really thought of altaria as a derpy mon. (until I googled pictures of it and thought about it after you said it, and now I see what you mean). Thanks for the praise tho! It was the only thing I could think of with surrealism, but I'm very happy with the end result.
It's been a long time since I have posted anything on here but it feels nice to be back and going to take my shot at this months art contest. It's no Nov but I am proud to submit,

Good Luck everyone.

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Oh wow it's April already... ok here's my submission:

It's definitely not as technically good as something like nov's or Magistrum's, but I'm proud of it.
So when's the end date on this bad boy? I've been procrastinating pretty hard on mine :/
I dunno man, the previous MAC started on Jan. 20 and ended on Feb. 19... since this MAC started on Mar. 5, it would probably end this weekend i guess... (unless there will be an extension, which happened in earlier MACs)
Hey folks,

Danmire has stepped down from running MAC, so I'm going to see this one through.

I don't like announcing super-short due dates, so I'm going to say that this round will be closing Thursday, April 11th at 11:59 EDT (GMT-4) so that the poll can go up!

Questions? concerns? Send me a message or hit me up in #smeargle on irc.

Best of luck to anyone finishing up entries on this!
Here's mine, and a short little blurb I wrote when talking to a friend about it and why it fits into the category of surrealism:
"that's what I decided to do for it. The contest is surrealism. If you search google images for surrealism eventually youll come to a picture of a person whose face is made out of fishes, and thats where I got the idea. I don't know if Dali would agree, but Im hoping it's close enough for the contest. Surrealism to me means depicting something using contrasting images in a way that is unusual. Like an apple that is chopped so it looks like a butterfly (also on google images lol) or an arrangement of abstract shapes that remind you of people's faces. the dictionary definition is something about using juxtaposing ideas to reveal the subconcsious mind, and so using pokemon to depict ken sugimori's face not only uses two contrasting elements (pokemon and a portrait) but also shows a small picture of what *might* have been going on in kens head as he designed the pokemon"

So here it is: Ken Sugimori

Fun fact: most of the pokemon were chosen by using a random pokemon generator, and,
just for kicks, here is the original image of Ken Sugimori:
Leviathes is correct, there is no current ongoing theme. But not for much longer!

MAC #24 - Retyping
Draw any Pokemon retyped to another type or type combination! Have fun :)

Deadline: Sunday June 19th


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MAC #24 - Retyping
Draw any Pokemon retyped to another type or type combination! Have fun :)
Oh DAISIES, need to try this out, just need to decide on which one I should pick. Just some additional yes/no questions tohugh:

Is it allowed to simply ADD another type to a mono-type?
Does a type recombination need to have have BOTH types replaced?
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