Most satisfying moment you've ever had in an Ubers game?

Hey guys! I started this thread to hear some of the more fortuitous stories to come out of the Ubers tier! I hear too many traumatic stories about how hax has destroyed someone's attempt at laddering or about how someone manages to hit Thunder in the sun AND gets the paralyze AND you get parahaxed to oblivion. So, for the sake of variety, why not talk about some of the better battles, where a lack of consistent hax has created a fair game where you prove your superior battling skills and show off your amazing team.

Personally, my most satisfying moment was quite recent. My +2 Xerneas is left with 40% of his HP after a barrage of priority attacks. I had wondered what Arceus form my opponent was running, and I cringed when I found out. Steelceus. These are the moments when I wish I ran HP Fire. The truth dawned, however, and I knew my only way out was the most sadistically notorious move in the game. Focus Blast (Focus MISS). Slowly, I click on Satan's favorite move. I watch as the volatile orange ball moves across the screen. Hit. OHKO. Sunk the Battleship. For once, this ungodly move pulled it's weight.

What about you guys?


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I was testing out Shadow Force Ekiller Arceus, and my opponent sent out Aegislash after I got +2, so I revealed the almighty Ghost type move. He used King's Shield, and I laughed maniacally as it broke, causing Aegislash to be OHKO'd. Good times :]
Tricking leads a scarf with darkrai instead of dark voiding. Not many people i've played saw it coming, then again i'm bad at ubers :|
Burning a Foretress with Will-o-Wisp from my Giratina ended up winning me the game. It came down to my Ferrothorn vs my opponent's Foretress, and the Foretress would've done enough damage to kill me if it weren't burned.


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Sweeping some one who trashed talked my arceus-bug. Oh, getting a kill with luvdisc.
252 SpA Choice Specs Luvdisc Ice Beam vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Rayquaza: 340-404 (96.86 - 115.09%) -- 81.25% chance to OHKO
252 Atk Life Orb Rayquaza ExtremeSpeed vs. 156 HP / 0 Def Luvdisc: 204-240 (76.69 - 90.22%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
The best part is that the opponent new i was faster, but they didnt know the sheer bulk and power.

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