Most tragic childhood memory

Mufasa: Scar, brother, help me!

*Scar drives claws into Mufasa's tired paws*

Scar: Long live the king!

*Scar throws Mufasa into a raging death*

Mufasa: Aaaaaaah!

Simba: NoooooooOO!

*Simba finds Mufasa's mutilated body*

This memory defines my childhood. Which tragic memory most affected your reality?


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Yeah, I won't lie, I cried during that movie when I was a kid.

Most tragic memory for me was when my Uncle whom I was really close to died suddenly. It hit me really hard and I still think about it all of the time.
Which tragic memory most affected your reality?
Well that's a tough one.

It would have to be a combination of when my Elderly Cat Tabbitha and my Great Grandmother Bertha passed away

In addition at the risk of sounding emo, my sister + custody issues + lies = costing my mother my college tuition savings

I guess that's two, well there you go, two sob stories for the price of one, enjoy ^^
My most tragic childhood memory is seeing obese people and more Mexicans than number of men Tila Tequila has slept with. Thanks Arizona and New Mexico!!!

And btw, Scar is a fat whore for killing Mufasa.
My mom was screaming at my dad right infront of my face and blamed my dad for a lot of her problems, shortly before they divorced and he moved away. I was 10 at the time.

She then took custody of me against my will for years.

I haven't seen her 6 1/2 years

There's so many other things that made my childhood a shithole but this comes to mind the most

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