Tournament Most Wanted - Final Week (Won by Hoenn Hitmen)

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Welcome to the first ever Most Wanted, an all-Ubers team tournament where six team captains draft players to assassinate others and amass huge sums of bounty for the glory of Ubers supremacy. This is a brand-new tournament uses a snake draft, flexible tier pools, a fresh new bounty system, and tournament assassinations. The winning team will be crowned when their total bounty surpasses 300,000 or are the highest team standing after seven rounds. As a player you have one mission: take out your opponents, and on your terms.

I’ll be your host along with Minority.

- General tournament rules and regulations apply. Pokemon Showdown is the default simulator for all metagames unless both parties agree. If you play on anywhere that isn't PS! you must save a log of the match. All matches are best of one.

We reserve the right to judge any individual match on a case by case basis, regardless of assumed precedence set. If you don't like that, you are welcome to not play. Be aware of this.

To protect yourself as much as possible from DCs and timer issues, play on Showdown (because it has an at least semi reliable system of rejoining after a DC) and make a gentleman's agreement to not hit timer.

To help handle all DC cases you will need to submit your teams to the host before the match. You do not have to submit, but if you do, you protect yourself from the opponent taking a win. It's a simple procedure that removes most subjectivity from a decision regarding a DC. Unlike with the scheduling restrictions, all you have to do is submit the team you are using at anytime before the match takes place. Read this rule and understand this now before you join the tournament. Since I'm stating this now, I'm basically going to ignore you if you DC, didn't submit a team, and "had a guaranteed win." Expect it. Also note that I'm going to let the player (not the team), decide whether he is going to take the win or go another route (replay same moves, replay different teams, etc.).

Regarding time outs, they are a bit more complex, specifically because some timeouts are due to DCs. The best we can do for this scenario is say that there is some number between 1 minute and 2 minutes (which we will not publicize) that we will set as a limit for timing out, and if you timeout with more than that limit time remaining, we'll assume it is a DC, whereas the opposite is a true timeout. A true timeout defaults to a loss, while the DC timeout is prone to the DC rules (did you submit or not).

Tournament Standings Sheet

Final Week Team Totals:

Altruistic Assassins
- 171,000
Behemoth Blades - 31,000
Cutthroat Corviknights - 13,500
Hoenn Hitmen - 189,000
Slaying Sirfetch'ds - 93,500
The Syndicate - 118,000

Final Week's Most Wanted:


#1 - Garay oak
Bounty: 153,500
Record: 5-0
Team: Hoenn Hitmen
Tiers: SS / USM / ORAS

#2 - Dominatio
Bounty: 71,000
Record: 4-1
Team: Altruistic Assassins
Tiers: SS / USM / BW

#3 - Ballfire
Bounty: 58,000
Record: 5-1
Team: The Syndicate
Tiers: SS / USM / ADV

Final Week Assassins

Literally everyone!
with three exceptions
still too many to list

Final Week Matchups


(!) Hack (52,000) [AAS] vs Exiline (34,500) [TSD] (!)


(!) Garay oak (153,500) [HHM]
vs Dominatio (71,000) [AAS] (!)
(!) byronthewellwell (57,000) [SSF] vs Ballfire (58,000) [TSD] (!)
(!) Hugo Barrington (34,000) [AAS] vs SiTuM (25,500) [TSD] (!)
(!) The Dovahneer (35,500) [HHM] vs Royal1604 (13,500) [CCK] (!)
(!) Enzo Gorlami (31,000) [BBD] vs 0kay (20,000) [SSF] (!)
(!) Sitonai (14,000) [AAS] vs ice-master-523 (6,000) [SSF]

(!) = Assassin

Final Week Safehouse

Catalystic (7,000) [SSF]
Goat Heart ♥ (3,500) [SSF]

Cynara [BBD]
Melle2402 [TSD]
orch [CCK]
Jase Duken [TSD]
Staxi [BBD]
LuckyPiper [BBD]
squinn [CCK]
Vileman [CCK]
WreckDra [CCK]
Thugly Duckling [CCK]
Mysterious M [HHM]
absdaddy [HHM]
Alkione [SSF]
Evuelf [TSD]
Watchog [TSD]
DracoMaster Dab [AAS]
benbe [BBD]
Sharow [BBD]
Zesty43 [BBD]
Mr.378 [CCK]
Terracotta [CCK]
Chill Shadow [HHM]
RCred403 [HHM]
Manaphy [SSF]
Eternal Spirit [TSD]
PurpleGatorade [TSD]
GotCookies [AAS]
Reje [AAS]
SparksBlade [AAS]
dream [BBD]
Megazard [BBD]
March Fires [CCK]
Aishia [HHM]
crucify [HHM]
Serga [HHM]
Kebabe [SSF]
Skysolo [SSF]

Deadline is Friday 28th 23:59 GMT-8
Since it's not entirely clear who can win, here's an insight. First, let's see what the maximum total bounty for each team after this week could be:

Hoenn Hitmen: 273,500
Altruistic Assassins: 390,500
The Syndicate: 261,000
Slaying Sirfetch'ds: 196,500
Behemoth Blades: 51,000
Cutthroat Corviknights: 49,000

Hoenn Hitmen

#1 - Garay beats Dominatio (224,500 total), Dovah beats Royal. No other team can surpass their then combined total of 273,500.
#2 - Garay beats Dominatio, Dovah loses. If one of The Syndicate lose, Hoenn Hitmen will win.

Altruistic Assassins

note: If Garay beats Dominatio, they are automatically out of contention.

#1 - Dominatio beats Garay, Hack beats Exiline. No other team can catch up to the 311,000 that Dominatio and Hack alone would hold.
#2 - Dominatio beats Garay, Hugo Barrington beats SiTuM. No other team can catch up to 284,000.

The Syndicate

#1 - Win all 3 games (261,000). If Garay beats Dominatio, Dovah must lose to Royal or Hoenn Hitmen will still overtake them in bounty.
#2 - Win all 3 games. If Dominatio beats Garay, even Sitonai winning will not be enough for Altruistic Assassins to beat The Syndicate (244,500 vs 261,000).

Slaying Sirfetch'ds cannot win as the winner of Garay vs Dominatio alone would hold more than their total winnable bounty. Behemoth Blades and Cutthroat Corviknights cannot win due to lack of maximum bounty, however these teams can all influence the winner of the tournament with their matches. Or maybe everyone gets banned so the bottom two teams can win?

tl;dr: winner of Garay oak vs Dominatio makes their team very likely to win the tournament, but require teammates to pull through to ensure it. have fun!

(!) Hack (52,000) [AAS] vs Exiline (34,500) [TSD] (!)


(!) Garay oak (153,500) [HHM] vs Dominatio (71,000) [AAS] (!)
(!) Byronthewellwell (57,000) [SSF] vs Ballfire (58,000) (!)
(!) Hugo Barrington (34,000) [AAS] vs SiTuM (25,500) [TSD] (!)
(!) The Dovahneer (35,500) [HHM] vs Royal1604 (13,500) [CCK] (!)
(!) Enzo Gorlami (31,000) [BBD] vs 0kay (20,000) [SSF] (!)

The Strap

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Since we're pretty much guaranteed out of the competition, I just wanted to give some shout outs to the guys on the team (since this is like the only time i'll probably find time to hope on PC). You guys have been great and I couldn't have asked for a better team environment, I'm sorry I wasn't able to show up in the games we needed to win and tactics regarding our chances of winning this tour. Thank you to Nayrz and Minority for hosting this new and exciting tour at the start of the year.
Kebabe I wish i had evidence to show that you had more lines on Sirfetch'ds then in UPL 6 :blobsad:. Aside from that, you were a fantastic player to have and watch, i know you feel bummed out after the last game but you showed everyone that you still had it regardless of the generation. It was a pleasure to have you on the team.
byronthewellwell you started off a bit rocky but man did you turn it around. I'm glad you had a killer year in USM, keep up it man and i hope to see you transition that motivation in SS.
Manaphy Hey man i know you feel bummed out about your performance this tour. I still appreciate your kindness and patience you have. I hope you learned a lot from your games and come back stronger in UPL because i know you have the potential to be great.
Alkione i know you had a lot going irl so i don't blame you for any of that. You are still fire and would love to team with you in every tour possible LOL ♥
0kay I haven't really spoken to you before this tour but I was told a lot about you and now that this tour is coming to an end, I can say that you exceeded past my expectations, from smashing people in ADV and going into SS to continue it? Absolutely great stuff from you and I hope to see you around after the tour.
Goat Heart ♥ I'll be honest, I definitely didn't expect to pick you up so late in the draft as you've shown that you can pull wins from anywhere. It was a pleasure to have you on the team and thanks for getting the wins in SS(USM too)Mr. Togekiss lover (everyone on the team is now a togekiss lover)
Catalystic God, i dont think anyone on the team can get over that game vs got cookies :blobglare:. Aside from that, you were a great asset to the team and you were able to pick up some important wins for us! I hope these games gave something to learn about and i hope to see you perform well in future tours!
ice-master-523 Hey man you were a great guy and asset to the team in terms of prepping and playing. Your debut game ended up in a W on the sheet! I'm glad to have see you do so well in your first teamtour in this tier. I hope you stick around because you definitely have the talent to do well.
Shout outs to the rest of the guys in the chat pojos, rabtard, belvin, Slurmzy gdi. Pleasure to have you guys as well.
Best of luck to the participants in this tour, may the best battler win and one last emote for the Sirfetch'ds :)
As I said in the Discord yesterday, if half the games aren't played by Sunday I will force a deadline. UPL didn't have one and it was fine but folks keep delaying here without any deadline pressure, so....

Deadline is now Friday 28th 23:59 GMT-8. This is a hard deadline and anything beyond that will be given activity decisions.
Since we're officially out of the tour after my loss, I wanted to do some shoutouts UwU.

Exiline Thanks for picking me (relatively early on too) despite having no tour experience or reputation. I'm glad I was able to justify your trust in me. The feedback you gave me after tryouts was quite helpful too.

SiTuM You're the goat man. You pulled a lot of wins with your weird Charizard meme builds and I kinda wish you didn't give up on SS after losing.

Watchog This was a pretty rough run for you, but I totally enjoyed talking to you while it lasted. I hope you liked my teams and wish you all the best for future tours.

TrueNora Thank you for giving me your team and helping me build and test week 6. You're a really good SS player and I'm looking forward to seeing you in tournaments!

Goat Heart ♥ How could I not mention the GOAT himself? Thank you for teaching me so much and encouraging me to sign up. I wish we got to play on the same team. You're a great friend (and toge abuser)!

Shoutout Mysterious M for trusting on me, to The Dovahneer for his superb performance, Aishia for carrying orass hard and stepping up to face hugo in the deathmatch, crucify for doing p well considering he was a complete underdog, Blim for the help, Serga for killing more ppl than anyone else in the tour, to Chill Shadow for being blind and unlucky, and to everyone in general for the fun times we had in call and stuff. Can't forget whoever rooted for me. See y'all in upl!

Also fuck absdaddy


Numquam Vincar
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Congrats to the Hoenn Hitment for winning the tournament. Part of me was rooting for Garay so that we'd have someone who went undefeated and broke the 200,000 bounty mark, which I didn't expect any player to pull off. Other part of me was rooting for Dom because their team had a more consistent performance with better distributed bounty and in my opinion as the tour host deserved the team win.

I’d like to thank iry Cynara Mr.378 Mysterious M Skysolo Exiline for taking on the additional responsibility as captains, for their correspondence, and their understanding even in light of some unfortunate circumstances.

I’d also like to thank all the players, especially some of Uber’s classics such as Kebabe Hack Enzo Gorlami Manaphy March Fires to name a few. I was excited by your interest in this new fresh format and you helped raise the legitimacy and competition in this tournament.

I’d like to thank those who gave feedback when we first started discussing Most Wanted, especially obii. Your initial posts helped gauge the premise and gave some insight into improving from the original rules.

I’d like to thank Nayrz and dream for helping to thresh ideas. A lot of the aspects and metrics for Most Wanted had to sufficiently discussed, tested, and ironed out before they could be implemented for the real deal. Things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly if it wasn’t for our discussions. Most of all I’m thankful that you were open to this idea for a second team tournament in Ubers. A vanilla snake tournament would’ve been a tired and pointless UPL-lite copy and that a WCOP format, aside from its logistically un-enforceable gimmick, would’ve also been just a copy of UPL. After seeing the results I’m even more convinced that this tournament idea has potential and that it’s a unique format for Ubers to own and develop going forward.

Lastly I’d like to thank Nayrz for being my co-host, especially for helping in handling activity cases, correspondence with captains, and helping to check lineups and results. You helped handle some of the more mundane aspects and were part of the reason I was motivated to update standings so quickly and get weeks up fast.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.

Mysterious M

Sic mundus creatus est
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We did it Hitmen! Thanks to Nayrz & Minorty for solid hosting and ggs to everyone. I am glad to have won my first ubers team tour in my first appearance as a manager so i will do some someouts.

Garay oak Not much to be said about you, i think you are legit the best USM player and you keep proving it tour after tour. Not only did you win this tour with an amazing record but you carried most weeks are USM slots with teams. You are the mvp, hope to team up with you in the future.

The Dovahneer One of the most underated players in USM, i am not sure why people did not pick you earlier or in ubers team tours but this will change after MW. I am glad you got to show your worth, and the 6-1 is solid proof. Good builder and good in game i am sure you will have more success to come.

Aishia I only have seen you in ORAS and really wanted to have you in my team. My pick turned out to be great since you were an amazing team chat appearance and builder, tryharding and helping every ORAS slot. Things brought it like that you had to sacrifice in order to protect Garay. Good work once again, it was a pleasure having you.

Serga You are a talented player and you did fine. Was a blast teaming up with you and shittalking you every day, i think if you were not so bored in some prep terms you would be a top 5 oras player. Anyway keep this shit up, you had a solid tour despite a rough start <3

Chill Shadow You did what you had to do. Farm wins in BW, then oras you got lucked! I think highly of you as a player and i always think you will be competent and solid in Ubers once you have been provided the correct teams. Thanks for your performance.

crucify one of my two hidden picks! I did some scouting on you before draft and i was sure you would get some Ws. Due to the unfortunate event of Abs leaving as you carried the burden of SS alone and despite that you brought some solid wins while you had some bad luck too. I think you should stick to ubers and we will be seeing you a lot in the future tournaments. Glad i was the one to give you your first chance to shine.

RCred403 You were my second hidden pick, since i knew you were solid in USM. I think your lack of activity might have been a reason for your not great results but nonetheless i was glad we got to team up.

Last but not least huge s/o Blim who once again was next to me and carried our team with BW and ORAS prep. Ty brother and hope i have you with me in the next tours <3

As a captain i had a great time, i am sorry for my average performance and i had great fun with you guys! See you all in UPL!
Hell yeah we we won!! n_n:heart:

I know it's not an official tournament but I only play and sign up for tours when I know that I will have a good time so I am gonna post some shoutouts.

Damn, I'm gonna miss you guys,

- Mysterious M in the first place for drafting me, Hitmen was the only team I wanted to play for and glad that I did, you're terrific manager and the results can tell, I hope your curse can end soon because you're a good player.

- Garay oak for being the goat ofc the best player in the tour I wouldn't mind taking another bullet for you.

- The Dovahneer amazing performance you really showed them the mysterious D.

- Serga the tru assassin lol I don't think I ever played so many tests games with someone thank you so much for that.

- crucify honestly I don't know crap about SS but you were great and I'm p sure you'll do amazing in UPL.

- Blim thanks for being around and helping us, really loved the team we built, gl in UPL.

- Chill Shadow we didn't win UPL but at least we won this lol, too bad you were mad cursed but it was fun to have you around.

- Man you know who you are and I want to thank you for being such a good friend of mine and for helping me a lot in UPL and now in MW, you're the goat love u.

Dominatio I didn't do s/os in UPL last year but I want to thank you for putting me on the map it meant a lot to me, you're such a class act and a good friend, I hope we can play together in some near future.


Thanks to Minority and Nayrz for hosting and allowing us to have fun, keep up the good work!

Even though oras got a lot of hate in this tour I might say I had fun, it'll always be my home no matter how crappy it becomes as for now I gotta say I've had enough so I am gonna take a break :smug: I don't think I'll play UPL but I hope y'all have a great time, that said this probably is a goodbye.
s/o m for picking me - dumb decision but w/e, aishia for doing my prep for the games I won, blim for the walls of text, garay and dovah for carrying all of us, crucify for being the perfect teammate basically, cs for actually having a decent sense of humor, bratva aclarate las ideas, fuck absdaddy
i feel obligated to do these now

s/o: garay oak for being op usm, giving me some teams and playing insightful test games. would love to team with you in every tour
mm for drafting me and being an overall good team presence even after he dropped out
aishia for the test games we played and having good energy, your sacrifice was not in vain :)
blim for giving me someone to talk about oldgens with (not something i get to do every day) and helping out the other ppl on the team
crucify for carring SS on his back pretty much by himself (team cancer abs :( )
serga for being the 1 man 2 loss cleanup crew, great comeback :)
cs for farming bw wins, too bad bw died before i could go in we couldve prepped together w blim
all my friends from outside of the team who i played tests with, i dont think i wouldve did as well as i did without you guys and your insightful games. you know who you are :)))

overall a great experience for my first smogon team tour, see you guys in UPL!
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happy to see this tour went well!! i hope u guys had fun

i wish i had time to participate but im glad i was able to help out in the early stages in some way. hopefully this'll become a mainstay ubers tournament if community reception was v positive. been p out of touch so im not sure

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