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Welcome to the second edition of Most Wanted, an all-Ubers team tournament where team captains draft players to assassinate others and amass huge sums of bounty for the glory of Ubers supremacy. This is a unique tournament that features a snake draft, flexible tier pools, a bounty system, and tournament assassinations. The winning team will be crowned when their total bounty surpasses a legendary amount or remain the highest team standing after seven weeks. As a player you have one mission: take out your rivals and become Uber's Most Wanted.

The tiers that will be featured this year are:

- SS
- BW

How the Tournament Works:

- Sign up with 3 tiers of your choosing SS / USM / ORAS / BW2 / DPP / ADV.
- These tiers are LOCKED all tournament. Choose wisely what you want to offer to a team. You cannot play any other tiers.
- High activity is a requirement to play in this tournament because you can only be benched once every 2 weeks.
- Draft occurs via a snake method. Player value (starting bounty) is based on draft position. Drafted earlier = higher bounty.
- Captains and players decide what tier they play each week (only 1).
- Your opponent will be someone in the same tier that week with a similar bounty to you.
- If you win, you take 50% of your opponents bounty. Vice versa if you lose.
- Upon a third loss you are assassinated. When assassinated, your final opponent takes all your remaining bounty.
- Work with your team to get the total bounty across all members before week 7 ends. That number is 275,000.
- Teams can nominate an assassin to freely pick any opponent in their tier when they reach a certain number of total wins.
- Additional progress toward assassin status is earned via wins in "cold" tiers, or by sweeping a week.


• The first team to achieve 275,000 bounty by the end of a given week is the winner
• If two teams manage to achieve 275,000 bounty by the end of the same week, the team that exceeds by a higher margin is the winner
• If no team achieves 275,000 bounty by the end of Week 7, the team with the highest bounty upon the conclusion of Week 7 is the winner

Team Formation:

• Teams will be formed though a snake draft
• Draft order is randomly assigned


• Bounty is held by each player and a team’s bounty is equal to the sum of all its player’s bounties
• A player’s initial bounty is determined by draft position
• All captains have an initial bounty of 25,000

Team & Player Quantities:

• There will be exactly six (6) teams
• Each team will have exactly eleven (11) players
• The total number of initial players will therefore be sixty-six (66)

Tier Support & Registration

• All battles will be best of one
• At signup, players will register for exactly three (3) of the supported tiers
• Captains may not submit lineups with more than three (3) players in a given tier per week
• Players may freely change tiers every week, but may only play tiers that they registered for at signup
• The tier or tiers that receive the lowest number of matchups in a given week will be declared “cold” for the following week. Players who win a match in a “cold” tier will earn a two (2) game progression for their team’s assassin status


• A team may bench no more than one (1) player per week
• A player may not be benched for consecutive weeks, or forcibly benched due to lack of matchups for consecutive weeks
• Players who must be benched due to lack of a matchup do not count as a team’s bench and receive no penalty
• Activity losses are treated the same as normal losses
• Players in a "dead game" will not lose bounty, but will lose a life. A player killed by a dead game will have their bounty split between the highest valued players that are not on their team
• Players who "no show" or similarly become inactive will be considered illegal benches and will have their bounty split between the highest valued players that are not on their team


• Weekly matchups are determined by a player’s bounty at the start of the week
• Players in a given tier are sorted by bounty and matched against their closest neighbor from top to bottom
• Two or more players with equally close neighbors will be randomly determined
• Two players will not be paired against each other in consecutive weeks
• In the event that an odd number of players register for a tier, the lowest bounty player must select another tier in which they are registered. If no alternate tier with an odd number of entrants is available, said player must be benched that week

Assassin Status:

• Assassin Status is held by teams, and can only be achieved upon a team’s twentieth (20th), twenty-eighth (28th), and thirty-sixth (36th) win, and is effective the following week
• A team that has achieved Assassin Status may select one of their players to challenge any player within the tier they play that week
• This status is optional and does not have to be taken advantage of by the potential assassin
• A win in a “cold” tier counts as two (2) wins toward assassin status
• Additionally, a team which sweeps a week (lossless) will earn an additional three (3) wins toward assassin status

Bounty Transfer and Player Lives:

• The winning player takes 50% of their opponent’s bounty
• Bounty will not be split into denominations lower than 500, rounded up
• The minimum bounty transaction is 1,000
• Players start with three (3) lives
• A life is lost for every game a player loses
• Players that lose their third life are eliminated for the remainder of the tournament
• When a player eliminates another player, they receive 100% of their remaining bounty

Trades and Administration:

• Trades will not occur under any circumstances
• Captains may replace those designated as "team cancer" prior to the posting of Week 1 with any player remaining from the draft pool
• These replaced players will be set at the same initial bounty as the removed "team cancer"

To be considered at auction, you will need to post with the following format:

Registered Tiers (Pick Exactly Three):
Tournament Avatar (Use image from here, or use your PS custom):

We ask for your name for organization reasons and for the auction. Remember, the three tiers you register for are locked for the tournament. Do not post a metagame that is not one of the featured tiers. We ask for users to select a personal tournament avatar to represent them should them become top bounties in a given week, these are unique to each player. Signups that fail to specify exactly three tiers and an avatar will have their selections randomized.

An example sign-up:

Name: Fireburn
Registered Tiers (Pick Exactly Three): SS / USM / ADV
Tournament Avatar (Use image from here, or use your PS custom):

Getting Picked:

Once team captains have been decided, the next step is to go advertise yourself to teams to increase the chance of getting bought in the auction. The best way to do this is to go onto their individual Discord servers and follow whatever process they have for tryouts.

In case it wasn't clear already, Discord activity is heavily encouraged for those wishing to participate in this tournament. Discord activity is important not only for sign-ups but also for spectating the auction and working with your team during the tournament itself.

Although it may not raise your chances of getting picked, you are more than welcome to come discuss the tournament on the Ubers Discord.

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