Tournament MSPL: Week 2


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hosted by Kinzo GeniusFromHoenn , approved by Rage
MSPL Week 2

art by Bka Onon
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 1st edition of MSPL. Otherwise known as Mystic Society Premiere League. This is a team tournament born through the interest of the people present in the community of The Mystic Society. The team tournament consists of 8 qualified teams ,each having atleast 10 players, clashing in the pool of various tiers throughout smogon. Out of these 8 teams, 4 will qualify for play offs after 7 weeks of round robin. The champion of MSPL will arise in play offs. Lets hope this tournament occurs in succession and enjoy yourselves!

Tournament rules:

  • Follow all rules listed here.
  • Schedule via Smogon VMs. It's easier for me to make decisions for activity calls when I can actually see what went down with scheduling.If you are unable to schedule with your opponent, please let your managers know ASAP so they can communicate that to me or the other team's managers for a potential substitute.
  • Substitutions may be made after a week has started. When making a substitution, please tag myself, the managers of the opposing team, and all of the players affected by the substitute to ensure that everyone is made aware. Players who have already played in the week or were subbed out in the same week cannot be subbed back in.
  • If a match remains incomplete by the time of the deadline, it will be subject to an activity call.
  • Replays are mandatory. Not only are they useful for confirming wins, they contribute to usage stats and allow the people who couldn't watch the games live to watch them later.
  • Managers: Please send me your lineups in the same format that I used to post pairings. It makes it much easier to post future rounds more quickly.
thank you MCX

:rowlet: Robin Hood Rowlets (7) VS (1) Malicious Mega Lucarios :Lucario-Mega:
SV Random Battles Bo3: RoFnA vs Piyush25
SV Ubers: USN vs Taka
SV Slam Bo3: feen vs justdrew
National Dex OU: adem vs hi.naming is hard
National Dex Slam Bo3: Uta The Clown vs Oblivion Wing
Old Gens OU Bo3: Fragments vs Enzonana.
SV 1v1 Bo5: Close vs Liimpy
:snom: Snow Point City Snoms (3) VS (5) Esburrado Espeons :espeon:
SV Random Battles Bo3: Sylveesnom vs MultiAmmiratore
SV OU: fran17 vs Ferenia
SV Ubers: JojenReed vs fatBatman
SV Slam Bo3: Beraldo vs fish anemometer
National Dex OU: Kayzn vs Adriyun
National Dex Slam Bo3: Swagata Mitra vs s7a
Old Gens OU Bo3: Drud vs pkcc
SV 1v1 Bo5: stravench vs gorilaa
:skeledirge: MOLD-FLINGA DIRGE-SINGAS (4) VS (4) Pokerich Clique :venusaur:
SV Random Battles Bo3: byulharang vs peap
SV OU: KeldeoCrowned vs Alpha1013
SV Ubers: Icemaster vs Skyiew
SV Slam Bo3: temp vs Slip
National Dex OU: Razorgliscor vs Soul king0
National Dex Slam Bo3: Velcroc vs Runo
Old Gens OU BO3: Micaiah vs dex
SV 1v1 Bo5: realaccountami? vs crucify
:melmetal: Maveric Melmetals (4) VS (4) Brotherly Umbreons :umbreon:
SV Random Battles Bo3: Kanha Greninja vs dunoks
SV OU: TDR vs Beleth
SV Ubers: Ashbala vs yovan33321
SV Slam Bo3: TGA vs TyCarter
National Dex OU: Bka Onon vs hidin
National Dex Slam Bo3: Concept Everything vs db
Old Gens OU Bo3: Ravenna vs awyp
SV 1v1 Bo5: Miyoko vs bern
/challenge gen9nationaldexru @@@ -Absol-Mega, -Aggron-Mega, -Arcanine-Hisui, -Azumarill, -Basculegion-F, -Beedrill-Mega, -Blissey, -Breloom, -Conkeldurr, -Crobat, -Cyclizar, -Donphan, -Empoleon, -Florges, -Gligar, -Goodra-Hisui, -Grimmsnarl, -Lokix, -Mandibuzz, -Manectric-Mega, -Metagross, -Mienshao, -Nidoking, -Pecharunt, -Primarina, -Rotom-Heat, -Sandy Shocks, -Sceptile-Mega, -Seismitoad, -Sharpedo-Mega, -Slowking, -Swampert, -Sylveon, -Tangrowth, -Tapu Bulu, -Tinkaton, -Togekiss, -Torkoal, -Tyranitar, -Volcanion, -Weezing-Galar, -Zeraora, -Arctozolt, -Thundurus, -Chandelure, -Diggersby, -Durant, -Flamigo, -Infernape, -Iron Jugulis, -Lycanroc-Dusk, -Necrozma, -Ogerpon, -Polteageist, -Scolipede, -Slither Wing, -Staraptor, -Zarude, -Zygarde-10%, +Heat Rock

Deadline for matches is 10:30 AM GMT+5.5 8TH APRIL 2024
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