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Mesprit is a very niche Pokemon with its ability to set itself apart from other Psychic types in the tier with its access to both Healing Wish and Stealth Rock. Unlike Uxie, Mesprit has the coverage and power it needs in order to deter Xatu from switching in, letting it set up Stealth Rock without needing Pursuit support. Mesprit also sports decent all-around bulk, letting it be a one-time check to a myriad of foes if needed. However, Mesprit's mediocre Speed leaves it vulnerable to various Pokemon such as Sneasel, Rotom, and Whimscott, limiting its use versus more faster paced teams.
  • Faces competition from some Psychic-types, notably Delphox, but sets itself apart with its access to Healing Wish and Stealth Rock, letting it play more of a supportive role while having an offensive presence.
  • Balanced all-around stats makes its special attacks strong and grants it decent natural bulk, being able to serve as a one-time check to Fighting-types.
  • Mediocre Speed means that Mesprit is outsped by a multitude of offensive Pokemon such as Sneasel, Mismagius, Rotom, and Delphox.
  • Is setup fodder for dangerous Pokemon such as Klinklang, Houndoom, and Delphox.
name: Offensive Support
move 1: Stealth Rock
move 2: Psyshock
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Healing Wish
item: Colbur Berry
ability: Levitate
nature: Modest
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe


Stealth Rock is the most important move in the game and Mesprit is an effective user of the move thanks to its decent Speed and ability to threaten Xatu, unlike other setters such as Steelix. Psychock is Mesprit's best STAB as Psychic does significantly less damage to Cryogonal in particular. Ice Beam is Mesprit's best coverage option for threatening Xatu that attempt to switch in on it setting up Stealth Rock and also hits Pokemon such as Guzzlord. Finally, Healing Wish provides great utility in bringing back a weakened teammate back to full, at the cost of Mesprit's life. U-turn is also an option to ensure Mesprit isn't helpless versus Sneasel and is able to maintain momentum. Signal Beam has its merits for Pokemon such as Sneasel and Malamar.

Set Details

The given EV spread maxmizes Mesprit's offensive capabilities ensuring that it does not remain passive against most teams. A Modest nature is used over Timid for additional damage on certain targets such as Xatu and Whimsicott, notably OHKOing the latter with Ice Beam after Stealth Rock. Timid is also an option to outspeed Adamant Toxicroak and speed tie with Medicham and Gallade. Colbur Berry lets it effectively check Fighting-types such as Hariyama and Hitmonlee, but also has use in being able to escape from Pursuit one time.

Usage Tips

During the early stages of the game, Mesprit's aim should be to get up Stealth Rock as soon as possible. If the opposing team has Xatu, it's best to avoid the use the of Stealth Rock and instead predict its switch in by 2HKOing it with Ice Beam, the key is trying to win the mindgame versus Xatu to ensure Mesprit cripples it significantly and gets up Stealth Rock successfully. When at full HP, Mesprit can also be used to switch into the likes of Hariyama, Passimian, and Hitmonlee, be wary of U-turn in Passimians case, though. If Mesprit is no longer useful or is close to being KOed, it's best to use Healing Wish in order to bring back a teammate to peak condition. In situations where Mesprit is KOed by Pursuit upon switching out, it's also best to use Healing Wish in these cases rather than sacking Mesprit in order to gain some initiative.

Team Options
  • Mesprit is most effective on more offensive teams, so setup sweepers such as Samurott, Klinklang, and Virizion make great teammates, with each one being able to threaten some of Mesprit's checks. All of them are able to take advantage of a Sneasel locked into Pursuit and get an easy set up opportunity
  • Emboar has a positive matchup versus Sneasel and appreciates Healing Wish support bringing it back to full HP after losing HP from Flare Blitz recoil and various Rocky Helmet users such as Garbodor and Xatu.
  • Whimsicott checks most Dark-types and also breaks past Slowbro, which walls Mesprit otherwise.
  • Garbodor forms a nice hazard core with Mesprit and helps alleviate some pressure from Fighting-types such as Hitmonlee and Emboar.
  • Various breakers such as Hitmonlee, Vikavolt, and Calm Mind Delphox appreciate pivot support and are able to threaten various checks to Mesprit.
Other Options
  • A lure set using Z Dazzling Gleam with various coverage options such as Grass Knot and Thunderbolt let it beat coventional checks such as Guzzlord and Slowbro, while also having an easier time dealing with Seismitoad, Rhydon, and Steelix.
  • Choice Specs lets Mesprit act as a wallbreaker, setting itself apart from other breakers with Ice Beam and Grass-type coverage to threaten popular Stealth Rock setters such as Steelix, Piloswine, and Seismitoad. This does come with the risk of being more easily Pursuit trapped by the likes of Sneasel or Houndoom.
  • Choice Scarf can be used for a fast Healing Wish and can revenge kill the likes of Virizion, but it finds itself a hard time being useful to common Pursuit trappers and is fairly slow for a revenge killer.
Checks and Counters

**Dark-types**: Houndoom outspeeds Mesprit and doesn't fear any coverage move Mesprit is able to throw at it, letting it get a free set up opportunity if it switches in on any move, but U-turn. Sneasel can also Pursuit trap Mesprit if its Colbur Berry has been burned prior, but otherwise is a bit shaky because it can't directly switch in due to the threat of being pivoted on with U-turn. Malamar is able to use Mesprit as set up fodder, shrugging off any attack it throws at it besides the rare Signal Beam.

**Set-up Sweepers**: Delphox and Klinklang are able to use Mesprit as set up fodder by virtue of their typing and proceed to significantly threaten the rest of Mesprit's team.

**Ghost-types**: Faster Ghost-types such as Mismagius, Rotom, and Haunter threaten Mesprit with super effective Ghost-type STAB, with Mismagius in particular being able to use Mesprit to set up Nasty Plot or Taunt it to prevent it from setting up Stealth Rock.

**Bug-types**: Scyther and Vikavolt both threaten Mesprit with their respective Bug-type STAB and both are able to maintain momentum versus it with U-turn and Volt Switch, respectively. It is worth noting that Scyther fears being hit by Ice Beam on the switch.
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maybe make a better mention of its role as a stealth rocker in overview. like, massive coverage, ability to hit xatu, strong and relevant stab etc set it apart in a tier of primarily slow and bulky setters.

I honestly kind of like a mention of dgleam in moves over signal. The only relevant thing it hits is Resttalk Malamar, which you 3HKO anyways and is a pretty irrelevant set. signal was better when it hit other psychics for super effective damage, but that isn't true of today's meta's psychics


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