Mugen (side project request)

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Well, I played BATCAP for a rather small while, and I like it (good job cartoons)

My very first thoughts were what were the controls, the second thing I thought was that kitsunoh kinda sucked (at least to me) even though he looks the coolest

Getting to the point, The third thing was that this game is EXTREMELY similar to mugen.

Mugen is a 2d fighting game that is very similar to BATCAP, the only main difference is that in mugen, you can add chars/stages (that, and the battle selection screen thing is kinda different) you can do that because you can make chars and stages, so I wanted to make a Cascavian (my fave char of yours, if I make him I might move on to skulloton or someone else) char, but theres one big problem:


I can make them and all, it's just I can't make sprites. (I suck at spriting)Thats where you come in, if I can get all of the sprites, I can put them together and make cascavian, so the question is, will you give me the sprites so that I can make Cascavian?

Also, it doesn't have to be cartoons, I just need the sprites.

SIDENOTE:chars is a common abbreviation for characters, at least for mugen players.
1. kitsunohs are all female? (o.0)
2. thanks, i will pm him
3. making a mugen char is hard, its not that small >.<
4. ok then, any moderator who wants to can shut down this thread, it will no longer be needed
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