Multifaction Recruitment Mafia - Night 13 (Deadline: 17/01 10:00pm GMT/5:00pm EST)


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To all the gays in this game:

The wording of apricity's initial message to 7 straight users indicates an intent to hard collab, specifically where he suggests that they work together like they have the same wincon.

If any of these people got recruited to another faction at some point (inevitable, considering that there were so many of them, and that info roles would circulate their roles among other factions), then up to that point, they would have spent the game sabotaging the game for their final faction. That's not playing to win.

That group of 8 would obviously influence others as well, extending the impact of hard collab. to the entire group of 15+ straights that he speaks of.

This is unhealthy, uncompetitive play that, while mods may not consider illegal, is definitely ruining other gays' experience, including your own.

The straight faction is not going to recruit you. They'll pick from that lot of 15. This is a suggestion that you therefore target the people that apricity has been so kind as to share with the rest of us:

DLE, rssp, Matieu, UncleSam, Yeti, Paperblade, Jalmont, broil, Gmax, Laurel, Ehmcee, Blazade

P.S. The gays would love to have you. Reach out to Lady Salamence and Drookez.
(i did not write the above, but mostly agree with it personally)
fascinating isnt ehmcee bi


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Vote count as of post 546:

LonelyNess (17): Pidge, Lrr, Celever, ariariadne, CaffeineBoost, Yeti, bluedoom, joey, Blazade, UncleSam, skippergamez, Ailura, HydrogenHydreigon, Bass, ChaosNinjaGaming, rssp1
Martin (1): billymills
billymills (1): Ditto
ImaginaryNeon (1): iamveryhappy

Hammer will occur if there is a clear supermajority, so take note!
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