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Welcome to the first ever Multirandom Team Tour! This is a just-for-fun tournament where every week, players in team of two will test their chemistry playing against another team :swole:

But how is the tour structured in detail?
It's very simple, in this tournament every round will be best of three in the new amazing tier 2v2 [Gen 8] Multi Random Battle, so first team to get two wins pass to the next round.
While there isn't officially a prize, you can always get the satisfaction of saying your partner "told ya"

General Rules:

  1. For the most part, general tournament rules and regulations apply.
  2. Replays must be both saved and posted for every game played.
  3. All games should be played on Pokemon Showdown!
  4. Matches should all be scheduled by posting on your opponent's Smogon profile ASAP. In the event that you're unable to schedule with/get a response from your opponent, make a post in this thread so that proper action can be taken.
  5. This should go without saying, but no ghosting.
  6. Timer / DC: Players are not required to have the timer on during their games, but in the event that they do, timing out either by way of running out of time or disconnecting and not making it back in time will count as a loss for the player who runs out of time.
  7. For trasparency it's better to use the same nicknames for the entire tour
How do I sign up?

You can join as a team using this format:
"Team name:
Player A:
Player B
Or if you desire you can join as a single and we will provide you a partner, just be careful to write down the timezone for a better schedule
In as solo, [timezone]

The deadline for signups is Sunday, June 20th, 2021!

If you have any futher question pls be free to contact me or pujo on discord or showdown: mammalu#9242
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