Music. Your favorite genre? Band? Song?


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I personally prefer Electrocore. A form of Hardcore music fused with electronica or techno. I do enjoy my synth breakdowns. :]

Favorite band... I could never decide on just one. My list, however, consists of: A day to Remember, Asking Alexandria, A bullet for pretty boy, Of mice & men, the devil wears prada, and sky eats airplane.

My current favorite song is "2nd Sucks" By A day to remember.

What are YOUR favorites?
AC/Dc, Maetloaf, Eagles, its all good.

Current favourite is Let Me Put My Love Into You by AC/DC. Other notables are Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf, Desperado by the Eagles, Hells Bells by AC/Dc.
FINALLY a general music topic. I'm into pretty much anything though, except maybe country. I consider myself a fanboy to three groups/artists;

1) The Clash
2) Iron Maiden
3) Raekwon/Ghostface Killah

As I type this I am listening to Can's Mago Tago album. Very underappreciated band.
I like most things except for country, deathcore, pop songs, alternative rock, and mainstream rap/r&b like lil wayne/eminem etc.

I'm quite partial to hip hop and jazz though.
I like most types of music except for country. I really, really hate country. And Justin Beiber, because he just sucks. I have no idea why some people actually like him. God. But my favorite genre is actually classical, which may be partially due to the fact that I play piano, flute, and clarinet pretty seriously, so I'm exposed to it all the time.

My favorite composers are Chopin and Debussy. Brahms, Beethoven, and Liszt are up there, too. My favorite piece of all time has to be Debussy's Arabesque, although Chopin's Nocturne Op. 27 no.2 is also beautiful in my opinion.
My Favorite band has GOT to be the Gorillaz. I love the messages in their songs, their mellow tunes as well as the sweet beat of the bass guitar. My favorite songs from them are dare, feel good inc, on melancholy hill, empire ants, and stylo.
i think genre is a pretty poor way of classifying music when it comes down to it -- okay i was going to write just why i thought that, but then i decided against it for now. what's the point i guess.

so to completely turn around! i guess genre is a good way of looking at music from afar -- as a broad categorization, it's easy to sort out what sort of music one might be interested in (e.g., 'alt rock,' just an example!) from the chaff (e.g., say 'dance-punk,' again just an example!). so things like 'noise(-____)' i like, um, other stuff too....

what i'm liking currently is a lot of noisy, sloppy, dynamic, guitar-driven stuff w/ boy/girl vocals! i've always liked that sort of thing, and lately i've found a few new bands that really hit it str8 on! gun outfit, grooms (formerly the muggabears), (and of course the sonic youths).

as a brutally simple response to the op's question i'll just say noise-rock, hehe.

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I truly love music so much, listen to my tunes every day. My favorite genres are rock and rap. My favorite artists would have to be (in no order)

-Kid Cudi
-Alter Bridge
-Motion City Soundtrack
-Kanye West
I like pretty much all music except for really obnoxious (IMO!) screamo/deathcore/whatever the fuck you call it music. Basically as long as I can make out what the lead singer is trying to say without having to google it because it is masked by various grunting sounds and shitty overly-heavy guitar playing, I'll give it a shot. I'm not a huge fan of country, but some of their songs (like Josh Turner - Firecracker). I used to be a huge metal head, but only relegated to metal genres such as NWOBHM and Glam Metal, but I also did "classic metal" like Ozzy and Black Sabbath and the like. I like classic rock and roll a lot too but I don't listen to it a lot anymore, I think its because I burned myself out over the years and a lot of them aren't still making music (and if they are it isn't the same as their old stuff). I am really into hip hop now, specifically hyphy music (more). I'm not sure why, the lyrics aren't particularly entertaining, well Mac Dre is usually, but the beat and just the general concept they stand for of being crazy and having a good time is something I can connect to. I also like more down-to-earth hip hop like Andre Nickatina, mostly because his music actually means something as far as lyrical content goes. HOWEVER, my current favorite artist is probably dead prez, thanks to Makiri for showing me them. I'm not sure why but just the combination of their beat and their lyrics I just really dig. Some of their songs. I can't really quantify my favorite artist/song/genre because I like music as a whole. If its got a good message or a decent beat, I'm likely to listen to it. I also change what I like pretty often so it becomes even harder to say what I like. But to list off some of my favorites:

dead prez
Lil Wayne
Andre Nickatina
Motley Crue
Iron Maiden
Mac Dre
Kid Cudi
Progressive metal is my favourite genre I think. If it's not that it's old school progressive rock. Deciding between the two is a tough ordeal. As for a favourite band, it's too hard to pick just one. A year or so ago it'd easily have been Tool or OOMPH!, but now I just can't choose even a top 5. Favourite song... It varies too much to be certain.
band:crush 40
song:headstrong by trapt
genre: rock/metal
least favortie:
rapper: justin bieber(if he counts as one)
song: baby by justin bieber aka justin bidoof
I like to think I like a wide range of music but it predominately l
eans punk. Like, I'm not a huge Clash fan but they are responsible for like 90% of the bands I like. My favorite band is definitely Streetlight Manifesto. Tomas Kalnoky is my hero. His lyrics are the best I've ever heard. Just below them is a multi-way tie between Brand New, Thrice, and Jimmy Eat World. Oh, and Sage Francis when I pretend Li(f)e doesn't exist. And Anti-Flag when I pretend their last two albums were good.

favorite genre: metal
favorite band: streetlight manifesto
favorite song: walking away

everything in the op sucks
You must be that fan Tomas is always talking about who doesn't like "this kind of music" at all but loves Streetlight.
I like just about everything...not into jazz though, and I don't like most rap. I'm cool with Eminem and Beastie Boys though. According to my MP3 I like rock/pop the most, but I'm into a lot of punk stuff too. For those who like rap/techno/rock but don't like cuss words Family Force 5 is a good band.

I've also gotten into Hollywood Undead lately.

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Oh comedy music really does it for me . . . I always need a laugh

Avenu Q . . . yes

songs from the Abridged Series . . . glorious

I also love music from a Hawaii local comedian, Frank Delima "You gotta eat a SPAM Musubi!" "Save the Opihi," "Caucasions are Strange People" (lol haoles anonymous), "Glen Miyashiro," "Crack Seed Store," etc. etc.
Ska! Japan is amazing at it, with Ore Ska Band and the Tokyo Paradise Ska Orchestra. I also love Streetlight Manifesto and Big D and the Kids Table.

I adore Metal too, Killswitch Engage and Ill Nino are two of my favorites.

I hit emo, mostly in the form of Emery and Funeral for a Friend.

Anything Sarah Slean is most fantastic.


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I'm a filthy indie pop whore. That being said, I've been gravitating more toward general hip-hop / electronic mashups, indie rock, punk, and nu rave.

Indie pop: Postal Service will have this genre down forever, but I'm happy to listen to Plushgun, Matt and Kim, Savoir Adore, and Passion Pit. Other bands on my list are Late of the Pier, Death Cab for Cutie, Klaxons, and the like.
I hate country and western, pop, RNB, electronic/techno, most rap and pretty much anything in the public vein at the time. I used to like rock pretty much exclusively but now I've moved into more folk, indie, and other genres under the blues and roots banner.

As for favourite band/song, it is dificult to say, as it depends on my mood.

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