Music. Your favorite genre? Band? Song?


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my favorite genre varies. in the past year its changed from progressive rock, to different subgenres of metal, and to hip hop. right now im in a hip hop sort of kick. this kind of extends to band as well. if this was a year ago, id have said dream theater with little to no questions asked, and while i still like them sometimes, theyve come way down from the top. id say a band like opeth or king crimson is closer to that #1 spot than any another band. favorite song, looking thru my top plays i have to remember "watermelon in easter hay", quite possibly the best guitar solo of all time.
Over the years (more like year tbh but whatever) I've grown quite fond of death metal and have begun growing out of the massive amount of thrash that populated my iTunes a few months ago. Metal has fast become my favourite genre of music, and even though I mentioned growing out of some of my thrash, thrash and death metal are still probably my favourite genres. I also like some late 70's/80's harddcore, like Bad Brains, Discharge, Minor Threat, etc. I've struggled to get into most forms of electronic music, however I do quite like The Cure's Pornography and a few albums by Depeche Mode, along with one rap group, Non Phixion, if hip hop counts as electronic music. I also like some folk rock type music like Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, etc, occasionally too.

So for a summary of that:

Favourite genre: death metal (Autopsy, Death, Morbid Angel, early Cryptopsy, etc)
Favourite band: Nevermore
Favourite song: Jane Doe - Converge.
ive got pretty unrefined taste and narrow scope but at least i'm aware of that... rough areas of interest are indie rock, alternative rock, electropop, and classical (primarily violin pieces since that's what i play). stylistically i like stuff with melodic instrumental themes (guitar/percussion/keyboard)... which is super vague, but i don't really like songs that are "abstract" with some guy singing along to random interspersed chords. i find that almost all the songs i like have some always-present but changing melody in the background.

most of the artists that i frequently listen to only satisfy that condition because i haven't bothered to expose myself to all the thousands of bands out there, so it feels kind of like a half-truth to label them as my "favorites". but there are definitely some of those that i like more than the others, so i guess i can kind of call those my "preferred" bands? arcade fire, rilo kiley, stars, muse, keane, yeah yeah yeahs, goo goo dolls, metric!

edit: actually that is a pretty interesting question - how do most of you expand your music horizons? friends, stuff like, pandora, etc? any other methods?
edit: actually that is a pretty interesting question - how do most of you expand your music horizons? friends, stuff like, pandora, etc? any other methods?
To be honest, Youtube does it perfectly for me. Most of my music taste comes from there and their related vids always span out to my favour. It's kinda like reading a Wiki article, and you just keep linking to other articles and so forth...
Music is one of my two big hobbies (pokemon is the other) so I'm always looking for some good music. I think the best way to "expand your musical horizons" is just to try anything you come across. If you're trying to get into a completely new genre then try one of the famous albums in the genre before jumping into a random obscure band. I pretty much generically disliked "indie" until I listen to NMH's amazing "in the aeroplane over the sea". That doesn't mean I like everything famous though; I still can't dig arcade fire :/

Oh if any of smogon's indie experts could name some bands that sound like neutral milk hotel, it would be much appreciated.

Random artist I'm digging shout out; if you like prog at all and haven't heard Can's "Mago Tago" and "Ege Bamyasi" albums you owe it to yourself to listen to them. Check out the song "paperhouse" on YouTube if you want a sample.
my music taste is very varied (probably my lastfm shows this the most clearly) that I listen to everything from prog rock/prog metal to indie, classical, new age, post-rock, sludge, hardcore, IDM, alt rock, grunge, etc., and even some guilty pleasure hard rock and pop bands/artists

lately I've been starting to get even more into indie and post-rock, and intend to explore those genres in-depthly

before this, my favourite genres were probably prog rock (only newer prog rock though) / prog metal, with bands like Porcupine Tree, Pain Of Salvation, Marillion, Opeth and maudlin of the Well

favourite song right now: Cursive - Art Is Hard
overall favourite song: Anathema - Dreaming Light
i like good music. that's my only requirement for listening to something, if it sounds good to me. whether it be metal, or country, or electronic, or rap, or pop...whatever. if it's good, i dig it.

my favorite genre is doom metal.

my favorite band is Virgin Black.

if i had to pick a favorite song, it would probably be Darling, Didn't We Kill You? by Ulver, as it's been by far the most influential thing to my own personal forays into sound engineering.
before this, my favourite genres were probably prog rock (only newer prog rock though) / prog metal, with bands like Porcupine Tree, Pain Of Salvation, Marillion, Opeth and maudlin of the Well
I've always wanted to get into Porcupine Tree, but I never knew where to start. Do you have any recommendations for a good "beginner" Porcupine Tree album?

Also, I still hoping to find some indie groups that sound like Neutral Milk Hotel, if anyone would like to help me with that.
I'd personally start with In Absentia, Deadwing or Fear Of a Blank Planet

And there isn't anything that captures the raw emotion as well as In the Aeroplane Over the Sea , but you should listen to Andrew Jackson Jihad and The Rural Alberta Advantage (sounds like a poppier NMH imo)
I like rock, metal, country and some rap.

My favorite kinds of rock are grunge, progressive and southern rock. Thrash and groove metal are my favorite metals. I prefer old country music over new country.

I don't really have a favorite band, just a bunch that I really like. Among these are Alice In Chains, Ted Nugent, Soundgarden, Rush, Megadeth, Lamb of God (and, of course, Pantera), Johnny Cash and the Beastie Boys.

My favorite song right now is Sea of Sorrow by Alice in Chains.


Banned deucer.
edit: actually that is a pretty interesting question - how do most of you expand your music horizons? friends, stuff like, pandora, etc? any other methods?
i usually go on 4chan's /mu/ board and go on sharethreads and then go to rym and see if they are really worth downloading. you can pickup a lot of diverse music on there of lots of genres and varying tastes


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rym -> create custom chart with genre of interest -> dl shit i don't have. also occasionally, i'll find a good blog with other relevant shit on it and dl stuff from there. force yourself out of your musical "comfort zone" by listening to stuff you are completely unfamiliar with.
Genres: Most punk, some metal and rock.

Bands (no particular order here): Blink 182, Sum 41, Red jumpsuit apparatus, Bullet for my valentine.

I Cba to do songs.
I listen to almost anything, but my preference is metal. Favorite band is Dream Theater, and my favorite song is "The Glass Prison".
as far as finding new music, i'm constantly on the prowl, as i have a music journal to update.

these days i use a combination of various music-centered messageboards, but mostly notifications on the amount of awesome music out there that i don't even know exists is staggering...
I like basically long as it;s not Country, gospel, and stuff like that. I tend to lean to Dubstep, Rap, Kid Cudi, System of Down, and similar artists and bands. My current favorite song is Disco Pogo.

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I like a fair few genres. I would say that I like good music. Things that I don't like include anything too heavy to make out the words, autotuned bullshit and pointless lyrics. I heard Kanye's new album was really good, so I listened to Runaway and skipped a bit of it. I was incredibly disappointed when the first lyric I heard was "I sent this girl a picture of my dick".

I like a lot of alternative rock, including Muse, Rush and the RHCP. I like good rap, though the only example I've found is Eminem. I enjoy Thrash, such as Metallica (but I dislike Megadeth). Older Rock/Metal is good also, such as AC/DC and Iron Maiden. I even like Big Band and Classical, like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Handel.

Favourite songs are Hysteria, Road Trippin', Fade To Black, Without Me, Thunderstruck and Fear Of The Dark.

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