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jesus the previous thread page has like five times the image-to-post ratio than on any other page :V seriously! seven arts on one page! The older ones have like. two. Either I'm drawing more or people post less these days :V *shakes cane*

Anyways, sorry to dissapoint, RitterCat :< now I will go beat up the CAP IRCer that told me it was cute when I showed it to him.

ANYWAYS have another quick arts

gah Painter still kicking my ass :V thus this thing is rather quick and messy
MORE MESSY SPEEDPAINTY CRAP and this time it's not even as pretty as the last one :I what have you heartless bastards got against scared Charmanders ANYWAYS

request from #cap :V make more requests you lot so I don't have to stoop to this nonsense when my inspiration fails me

more arts :V another flarephoenix request- the two Rock/Flying prehistoric pokemon with names starting with 'A' dukeing it out. I think it rather turned out better than the last one. Specially the background- I am pleased with the colors I wrangled out for it.
I looked through your art, and it is amazing! I seriously can't crit anything of it, partly because I suck at drawing/painting/whatever. The ballon groudon made me think of sandshrew though:P
Wow! I truly have to say you're art is amazing! Honestly, it is.

A reliable source told me that you, indeed, want requests?

Surely you've seen this beast before? You're style has shown me you like dynamice poses and attacking power. Could we see you create a Sazandora using Dark Pulse? Based on the epicness of you're Kingdra, do you tink you could do this? o_O I bet you can.



tits McGee (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
TheMutant! I love your art. I would love if you drew an Octillery, and maybe it could be on paper so that you could give it to me at the seattle regional? aaa, it'd be a great ice breaker too. :toast:
You have epic art! The Groudon and Kingdra are especially good because they accentuate the characteristics of the piece (Groudon is SO funny, Kingdra is solemn, and EPIC). Luvdisc'd! ^_^


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post 151 is the most beautiful piece i have seen in smeargle's studio in all my time here

i mean this without any hyperbole

well done, seriously, that is a brilliant piece of art

edit: since you're asking for requests, an azelf, please? in one of your incredibly atmospheric bgs/scenarios, w/e!
Too good.

In other news I have an entirely selfish request that is far too much work for me to ask.
Let me know if you're starving for a huge request, otherwise ignore sentences 2 and 3.
Could I kindly and quite-completely-ever-so-sweetly ask you to draw me an EPIC Petilil? As in, something soulful and/or just kind of...not shallow cutesy-cute? I know you don't do shallowly-cutesy anyway, but if you have any spare time...

Man, I wish your art got the love it deserved! Everything is so good. Charmander makes for a great "in dire need" Pokemon.

You've seem to have gotten quite a few requests, so I dunno if your offer is still open but I'd love to see an Absol in your style, and if his lack of color contrasted a colorful background, that'd be great! Just a suggestion of course.
Mequesting an awesome mighteyena!

I really love the aero and aerchops one since it looks like a raeal fight to the death, well like in the original pokemon movie when charizard battled charizard. It looks awesome
As I looked through this thread, my jaw slowly slid down.

When you're feeling like drawing something silly, I'd love to see a Dewott riding a Scolipede waving one of its shell blades in the air like crazy.
Dawww guys. I was pretty shocked to see my thread on the front page again without my intervention via the posting of new arts, and more shocked still to see so many positive comments in a short period. Made my morning. n.n

Charmander makes for a great "in dire need" Pokemon.
Doesn't it? Haha. It's small, cute, and comes with its own personal dramatic lighting source!


I was originally going to wait till after the MAC poll was done to put this in my thread, but then I saw it doesn't stop till the end of this month so screw that. :P

In addition! I don't like these two pictures enough to post them visually, so just have some links.


I was originally going to enter these in the front page contest, but chickened out at the last minute like a loser. (These two weren't turning out very well in any case). The third one, however, got salvaged and you'll probably see it in one of the articles in the next issue of The Smog, so keep an eye out!

Thanks for all the requests- I have a nice pool now to draw from. :3 I'll see about getting on some of those once I'm done with my assignments for The Smog.
Oh my, I would have definitely voted for those if they were available on the front page submissions. I particularly adore the Hydreigon!

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