My Fakemon

What should Skadet’s Hidden Ability Be?

  • No Guard

  • Wonder Guard

  • Shadow Shield

  • Other (Comment answer below)

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Hello! Welcome to My Fakemon! Feel free to give me feedback on the Fakemon, and I’ll be hosting Polls here (I like polls a lot) for the hidden abilities.
So let the art begin!
Untitled 3.png
Skadet- Pure Ghost Type Skadet is constantly being trained in mountains by its evolution, (Art in progress) Captergeist. Ability: Weak Armor, Cursed Body. Hidden: Poll in Progress.


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Hi there! Unfortunately, I'll be locking your thread, as it breaks the following Smeargle's Studio Rule:
The thread needs to include at least three artworks: Those artworks can depict the same subject as long as they're not the exact same image. In the case of written works and poems, the thread must include at least three different works or works that together exceed 1000 words. If you don't have enough to create your own thread, there are several mega threads where people can post and share their work:
Rate My Art /// General Sprites and Banners /// Writing Thread /// Music Thread
Once you make a couple more pieces, feel free to shoot me a DM and I can unlock this for ya! In the meantime, might I interest you in our Fakemon Thread? :o Let me know if you have any questions!
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