my first RMT

Incase you missed it, this is my first RMT. i mostly picked some of my favorites from other teams and tried to make them fit with each other, so here it is.

Infernape "work it"@ life orb
hasty; 252 spe, 144 S.att, 112 att
-close combat
-fire blast
-grass knot
-HP [Ice]

this is my favorite lead EVER. it covers most leads the only ones i really fear are azelf, gyra, and gengar. im not even sure why i picked this ev spread, i made it a while ago and never stopped. i cant remember what they were supposed to do, i think it had to do with ohko'n hippo but i still come up short.

Metagross "make it" @ choice band
adamant;252 hp, 236 att, 12 def, 8 spe
-bullet punch
-thunder punch
-meteor mash

this guy picks off the weakend pokemon with bullet punch and can take a hit or two without any worry. he can switch into cress pretty easily and fiers a meteor mash for some good damage. t-punch over explosion cause i like to remain sturdy and i hate having to rely on explosion.

cresselia "do it" @ leftovers
modest; 20 hp, 252 def, 236 S.att
-thunder wave
-ice beam
-charge beam

she kills what im weak to and helps the team with thunder wave and reflect, the bolt-beam combonation helps take down gyra and mence who after a few DD's would rip my team apart.

gengar "makes us" @ choice scarf
timid; 252 spe, 252 S.att, 4hp
-shadow ball
-thunder bolt
-destiny bond

my favorite kind of gengar. its fun to cone in on gyra and either take the waterfall or have him DD and sive it a t-bolt in its face. i dont really use destiny bond that much so i wouldn't mind giving it up although i has saved my ass every once in a while.

blissey "harder, better" @ leftovers
bold; 240 hp, 252 def, 16 spe; natural cure
-thunder wave
-sismic toss

i havent really used her in a while and it was nice to bring her back. t-wave is for all around suport and sismic toss for damage. wish is to pass to cress and meta mostly but could be used for other things as well. protect is to stall though i could change it out for something else.

gliscor "faster, stronger" @ leftovers
impish; 252 hp, 252 def, 4att; sand veil
-stealth rock
-ice fang

this is my physics major. stealth rock help pick off with pory-z and roost is for recovery. earthquake and ice fang for damage.

all critisism is accepted, but please make it constructive.
What I mainly dislike here is the PZ. You can pretty much bump Gengar up to Choice Scarf status, keeping the same moveset if you like, but I'd remove PZ. If we keep everything else, Infernape, Gengar, Metagross, Gliscor, Blissey, we're going to be a little fucked by Gyarados and Salamence to say the least. I'm going to go as far as saying SpecsLucario and Mixed ones, as well as other Infernapes will be troublesome. Closest thing to countering all of these?

Try a Cresselia! You can support the team with Thunder Waves (Helps Metagross), Reflects (Helps everyone) and help take on the task of killing Garchomp. I'd propose Ice Beam and Charge Beam on it, so you can make it a set with the 4 moves, and try Wish on Blissey as the recovery means, or just use Sleep Talk with the two attack moves (obviously along with Rest).
i would lead with gar and have infernape as a lategame cleaner (used those exact sets on my old team and they were quite succesful)

on nape i like fire blast for the sure kill on celebi.
also i like naive on nape for luke es heh
@ aero- ill try that on gar and although ive never been lucky with cress, ill try it this time. if i go with t-wave, reflect, ice beam, and charge beam im guessing the blissy moveset would be t-wave, sismic toss, wish, and protect?toxic?

@ gorm- ill try fire blast on nape and use naive.

thanks both of you

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