My first - that's right - FIRST - Competetive Team

Hey, all. I've recently finished a MixTier standard team of mine, ( That's also my FIRST Competetive battling team. ) and I want to see what y'all think.

Please, try to be helpful.
No comments like... : "Z0mg wtf nub lulz0rcakes specs salamanence ownz LOl Garchump fur OU ageen l0l d41ry qU33nz0rz"
This team has been tested on Shoddy, but it can do better. Halp plz.


Terro the Aerodactyl @ F-Sash
Rock Head ( Damnit! )
252 Atk | 252 Speed | 6 HP
-Ice Fang
-Rock Slide

~Standard Aero lead, yeah. Taunts, SR's, Rock slides 'till it dies... You get the picture.

Tweety the Swellow @ Flame Orb
Jolly ( ho ho ho! )
252 Atk | 252 Spe | 6 HP
-Brave Bird
~Standard Swellow... Lol. This thing has helped me loads in the past, killin' dem Gengars and stuff. Facade to take a cheap advantage over Guts, Brave Bird to hit them other dudes, and U-Turn to get the hell away from Bronzong and the like. Yeah.

Teara the Floatzel @Lum Berry / Leftovers
Swift Swim
252 Def | 252 Speed | 6 Atk
-Bulk Up
~Standar- Oh wait! This has Crunch! :O Crunch over taunt in this set, since I got Aero, also can suprise some people who have seen me Bulking Up, expecting the Standard Set. Bulk Up, TRY to sweep, then Baton Pass! Yeah!

Eleck the Electivire @ Life Orb
Motor Drive ( Duh. )
252 Atk, 252 Spe, 6 HP
Ice Punch
Cross Chop
~Ugh, why can't this thing get CC? ( The other one. ._. ) Anyway, this is the thing that I mainly BP to. Since Floatzel is basically asking for a T-Bolt, I bulk up, the opponent switches into something like Jolteon, I BP to Eleck here, and get the speed boost as well. This thing is a monster if this strategy is utilized correctly.

Luna the Cresselia @ Leftovers
Levitate. What?
252 Def, 200 HP, 56 SpD
Sleep Talk
Ice Beam
~This is the UT Cresselia I got all those months ago, before I even thought of competetive battling. When I just got into it, I saw it was Calm, and I hadn't ruined it yet, so I EV trained it, and gave it this moveset ( need I remind you was very hard. ._. ). This is the standard ST Cress ( Except I switch the Def EV's and the HP EV's around. ), who has done pretty well so far.

Milkshakes the Jynx ( LOL ) @ Leftovers
252 SpA | 252 Spe | 6 HP
Calm Mind
Lovely Kiss
Ice Beam
~:O The wrath of Luna Jynx! I know that many of you see that Jynx can be replaced easily, which is understandable. I may replace it, because it's only made useful if it's faster then the Pokemon it's facing, which is rarely the case. I switch in to something like Skarmory ( If used correctly, Skarmory can't handle Jynx, unless it has good 'ole Whirlwind! xD ), then the opponent switches into... Azelf or something, I LK it, sub on the switch, and start CMing. Basic idea here.

Constructive criticism, pleeeasse....

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