My Gen 8 Trade List. Caps/Fossils/Mints/Apri Balls/BP Items. Wanting Apri Mons

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Items for trade. Willing to negotiate but Apriballs 1x1 aside from Dream which I request 2.

2 Friend Ball
1 Fast Ball
2 Heavy Ball
2 Lure Ball
3 Love Ball
1 Dream Ball
1 Level Ball

2x Adamant
2x Sassy
1 Timid
1 Careful
1 Naughty
1 Calm

BP Items on Hand: (Current BP - )
1 Leftovers
1 Throatspray
3 Focus Sash
1 Terrain Extender
1 Black Sludge
2 Assault Vest
1 Ability Capsule
2 Choice Scarf
1 Expert Belt
2 Life Orb

Currently looking for the following Apriball Pokemon/Offers made:

Careful Overcoat Vullaby in any kind of Apri Ball
Adamant Guts Timburr with Defog & Mach Punch in any kind of Apri Ball
Moon Ball Adamant HA Mincinno
Heavy Ball Brave Rhyhorn with 0 Spe
Adamant Duskull in any Apri Ball
Bold Frillish (Female Preferred) in Moon Ball with Strength Sap
Bold Gossifleur in Friend Ball with Leech Seed
Careful Heavy Ball Rolycoly
Jolly any ball Skorupi
Timid Love Ball Ralts (Female preferred)
Adamant Net Ball Wimpod with Aqua Jet
Bold any ball G-Koffing with Pain Split

Leave a message here or PM me. We can discuss details

Note: Some items are spread between 2 games. My main game is now Sword but a lot of stuff is on Shield, so I'd trade from Shield and then from Sword.

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Simple questions and requests do not need their own individual thread(s). Our Simple Questions/Requests thread is the appropriate place to ask for these kinds of things. You can access it simply by clicking here. Good luck!

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