My Gen5 Competitive Team

So I'm a veteran player having trouble figuring out what to run with on my Team for the new Gen5 competitive metagame. Here's my team thus far:


Eelektross (Special Attacker)
Levitate @ Life Orb
Nature: Quiet
~ Thunderbolt
~ Flamethrower
~ Grass Knot
~ U-turn
252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpDef

Galvantula (Special Attacker)
Compoundeyes @ Wide Lens
Nature: Timid
~ Thunder
~ Bug Buzz
~ Energy Ball / Volt Switch
~ Hidden Power (Psychic - playing DS)
4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Speed

Scrafty (Physical Sweeper)
Moxie @ Shell Bell
Nature: Adamant
~ Dragon Dance
~ Drain Punch
~ Crunch
~ Ice Punch
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Speed

Cloyster (Physical Sweeper)
Skill Link @ White Herb
Nature: Jolly
~ Shell Smash (fromShelder Lv56)
~ Icicle Spear *
~ Rock Blast *
~ Razor Shell (fromShelder lv32)
8 HP / 252 Atk / 248 Speed

Jellicent (Physical Tank)
Cursed Body @ Leftovers
Nature: Bold
~ Scald
~ Will-O-Wisp
~ Recover
~ Shadow Ball
248 HP / 216 Def / 44 Speed

Umbreon (Annoying Tank)
@Lum Berry / Air Balloon? (He always gets EQ-ed alot so maybe?)
Nature: Impish Bold
~ Payback
~ Confuse Ray
~ Moonlight / Wish
150 Hp / 100 Atk / 132 Def / 128 SpDef

I was originally thinking Blaziken over Scrafty so atleast the type coverage wasn't too favorable for fighting-types to knock me out but I play more DS than Netbattle/PkOnline and the Dreamworld abilities are harder to get my hands on.

As for Umbreon it is indeed one of my favorites and I've been using this one since Diamond/Pearl despite the "useless"-rating. Works pretty good as my bulky annoyer. However all recommendations are welcome so don't be afraid to tell me if you think he's gotta go.

I usually end up getting out-speeded the majority of the time by opposing sweepers which dosen't give me much to work with. I was considering switching up my style for a similar TrickRoom party with Re-adjusted stats to defend them instead worrying about Speed.

Also I usually obey the No-duplicate Items Clause. I need someone to shine a Solarbeam on what I'm doing wrong.. ideas? >.<
wow i didnt think anyone would try Umbreon this Generation. Its a great stragery and i thought about doing it myself.
Though it having Modest and no attack moves besides Suker Punch. In that case it should have a Defnsive Nature to raise its not so high Defense.
If you do wanna boost your Attack then Adamant is your best Bet.
Also I think you should give Cloyster you a Spec. Defensive Nature since it already has good Denfese.
Also take Galvantula away from Wide Lens. Compound Eyes already gives Thunder 91% Accuracy. Better chances that using a Stone Edge.
I Suggest that you give it Modest
Also giving energy Ball to Galvantula may seem like a good ideal but actually in case of OU Gliscor or Landorus.
I Suggest you you give it Hidden Power Ice instead and Thunder Wave is an useless alternative to Volt Siwcth or Energy BAll.
But never give it Electro Ball as it is based off of Speed. Baton Pass Ninjask is common and makes your Galvantula basically useless.
Holycrap your Right about my Umbreon. I must have misread the Nature chart. Modest is RETARDED on it. >_< I'ma gunna have to rebreed him again. Adamant for attack or Impish/Relaxed for defense. Either would make more sense than Modest.

Cloyster is beastly after I Shell Smash but alot of times it can't take the first hit and gets KOed before the next turn. Even worse if the +2 Speed boast isn't enough to outspeed my opponents. I agree I want it to take more hits and your right. It's usually Sp.Def moves that get used against it the majority of the time so it makes sense. If I can't outspeed them I can atleast stay alive enough to deal some damage. Tho I've read alot of people sticking to Speed I think due to it's insane stat boost from a Shell Smash or two.

Galvantuala is probably the fastest one on my team, but damage is a priority for sweepers same as giving Adamant for Atk. I'll switch it around. As for the moveset, Hidden Power for me is harder to manipulate since I'm not using the Simulator so Psychic seemed alright when I get it vs.Fighting types but I'll check what pops up when I rebreed tho if it could avoid Hidden Power altogether that would be ideal. Thunderwave I like, I was looking for someone to inflict statuses (tho I was looking mainly into sleep) but this might work out nicely. Thunder, Bug Buzz, Energy Ball?, Thunderwave? I don't really have any Grass-moves other than Grass-Knot from Eelektross on my Team. Items wise maybe a Choice Specs would be best?

Any other thoughts or suggestions?
Your team has potential but you need to have Galvantula lead. Also Scafty donsent need Adamant at all when you really think about it. Most would use Psyical Moves on it so i would tell u to give it a Defensive Nature. Now with that being said the reason is becuase Scarfty will eventaully Get enough boost from Dragon Dance to sweep. You have to use prediction, but Set Up and when you feel your two turns away from death you can Drain Punch. Eventually you'll be Bulky, Speedy and Powerful- A Triple Treat. Also most dont realize that you actually dont have Ground Weakness despite your two Electric Types. You should take advantage of this.
Eelektross is usually better off being a physical attacker despite having a more Diverse Sp.Atk set, I'd probalbly give Eelektross this set and see how it works out:
Eelektross (Physical Attacker)
Levitate @ Life Orb
Nature: Jolly
~ Wild Charge
~ Rock Slide
~ Dragon Claw
~ U-turn
252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SpDef

-Try Fixing the Umbreon set also, Impish works nice on it, but your Toxic Stall set seems wierd, Try a Payback Stall set a friend of mine is using, it may make your Umbreon slower in the process, but you may as well try it, being it WILL increase Umbreon's Bulkyness and most likely will not be KO'd unless by a Over-Powering Sp.Atk or a Physical Crit:

Umbreon (Annoying Tank)
Nature: Careful
~ Payback
~ Curse
~ Wish
~ Protect
252 Hp / 252 Sp.Def/ 4 Def
This set works more on trying to stall your opponent out with a 150 Base Power Payback, how is it 150 Base Power you ask, Payback doubles in Power when you are slower than your Opponent, which makes it 100 Base Power, and Stab is 50% Boost so 100+50=150 base power. Wish when you predict death is upon Umbreon, then Protect, and you break you're Opponents Spirit as you set up more Curses. Since curse lowers your Speed, and boosts Atk and Def all by 1 Stage, you shouldn't have too much trouble controling this little Night Pet :)

-Also you don't even have 1 Legend in your team, its a Bold Risk but at least to give you a better fighting chance, I'd say use One Legendary thats in the OU Section or UU (depending on which one you're using). I'd probably say either Mixed Latios, Expert Bely Sp.Atk Latios, or an Offensive Calm Mind Latias.
Curse/payback is an interesting option. Tho I'm curious about the Sp.Defense EVs as opposed to Regular Defense EV considering all the faster Fighting types out there but i guess the HP-EVs & Curse would take care of that.

As for Eelektross, I figured I had enough Physical Attackers on my team but looking over his stats again.. Eelektross's Sp.Atk is lower than his Physical. Ill switch it up and see

Scrafty doesn't HAVE to be adamant but it didnt hurt when it hatched that way. lol A defensive nature wouldnt be too bad but I think i like him doing damage but if the first thing i do is DD anyways then it's worth a shot.

As for legendaries... Really not my thing. :/

Thank you guys! I'ma give it a shot that way in PO and see how it goes :D
This team is great. There isn't too much to change about it.
First, like somebody said before, I would highly recommend curse umbreon. This is the set I normally use:
Umbreon (@Leftovers)
Sassy (+SpD, -Spe)

~Protect/Baton Pass
0 Speed IV's
252 HP/252 Sp.Def/4 Atk/Def

Reasoning: Obviously Curse and Wish for some major damage and defense on Umbreon, Wish to heal if necessary, and Umbreon can either run Protect or Baton Pass. Protect guarantees Umbreon healing, but Umbreon can Baton Pass the Wish to another pokemon, but this has the disadvantage of passing Curse effects, which looks like it won't work on your team. 0 Speed IV's are a MUST on Curse Umbreon, so that it can fully use the power of Payback. The EV spread is exactly the same as the one above, 252 HP/252 SpD as a use of Special Wall, and either 4 Atk/Def for a bit more def or a bit more attack. Sassy nature for more SpD and less Spe.
This Umbreon is a mix of Wall and Phys. Sweeper.
Once again, great team.
Major props for using Eelektross. Tross is a boss. You have many physical attackers on your team. I'd add something that can lay entry hazards and switch your Eelektross set to this:
Nature: Quiet
Item: Expert Belt
EVs: 252 HP/ 252 SpA/ 6 SpD
Moves: Acid Spray/ Thunderbolt/ Flamethrower/ Grass Knot

This guy is awesome in my opinion. Acid Spray cuts the enemy's special defense in half, which forces a lot of switches. If you had hazards, then it would help you rack up residual damage. Eelektross also has great coverage.
I don't understand, why is elektross quiet? If you're thinking of going trickroom then I think you should try it because more than half your team is slow,apart from scrafty and cloyster
Quiet nature is used because Eelektross is not going to outrun anything anyway. And while Trick Room is rare, it is still more beneficial to be prepared for it IMO.
Quiet nature is used because Eelektross is not going to outrun anything anyway. And while Trick Room is rare, it is still more beneficial to be prepared for it IMO.
Then I guess he should try trickroom and change dd to bulk up on scrafty, not sure on ev spread though, I'm guessing max hp max spe def and pick something to replace cloyster

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