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Carvahna@Life Orb
Ability: Speed Boost
EVs: 196Atk/36Def/36SDef/236Spe
Ivs: 0HP
Adamant Nature
Aqua Jet

Carvahna makes a great late game sweeper and I find some people misuse him as a lead sweeper.
It is the second part of my dual offensive core with Corphish as Carvahna just picks off the weakness checks and counters that were weakened. IVès are to hit 19 HP which is important to be able to only take one damage from life orb. 19 Life Orb attack in LC is fairly high but still not insane that it makes walls fall down but weakened one it very well can. I use the two Stab moves and I run aqua jet to out pace and KO weakened Fletchlings and protect has obvious reason to boost my speed.

Ability: Adaptability
Level: 5
EVs: 196Atk/156Def/156Spe
Adamant Nature
Aqua Jet
Knock Off (Wish he got STAB)
Swords Dance

Corphish hits like a Truck that has a gun attached to it named adaptability at plus two most of Corphish walls come down bar Crogunk. +2 196+ Atk Adaptability Corphish Crabhammer vs. 0 HP / 188+ Def Eviolite Ferroseed: 10-12 (50 - 60%) -- guaranteed 2HKO this is one of the main counter to Corphish and Carvahna and for it to do a whopping 11 damage is insane. This is a underrated threat in LC I really wish it got stab knock off but, if it got that it would be easily a A- rank Poke. Knock Off helps take those eviolites and Berry juices from Caravhns threats and Crabhammer hits like a Truck see above calc and Aqua Jet is Prority also the speed is to outpace Max speed adamant Tirtouga and take away Berry Juice and Swords Dance boost your attack to a huge 36.

Fletchling@Berry Juice
Ability: Gale Wings
Level: 5
EVs: 156HP/196Atk/12Def/36SAtk/56SDef/20Spe
Brave Nature
Swords Dance

You may of noticed my weird ev spread It gives me the right evs to take other faster Itemless fletchlings and get a swords dance up then KO with my acrobatics. 196+ Atk Fletchling Acrobatics (110 BP) vs. 156 HP / 12 Def Fletchling: 16-21 (69.5 - 91.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO sure I will be left with 2 HP but then most teams get sweep by Fletchling you may wonder why I run Overheat it is to Ohko Pawniard(On the Switch) and Ferroseed 36 SpA Fletchling Overheat vs. 0 HP / 36 SpD Pawniard: 20-24 (95.2 - 114.2%) -- 56.3% chance to OHKO and ferroseed 36 SpA Fletchling Overheat vs. 0 HP / 228 SpD Eviolite Ferroseed: 20-24 (100 - 120%) -- guaranteed OHKO both of which harm my team and it also hits grass and fighting super effective.

Ability: Regenerator
Level: 5
EVS: 124HP/160Def/160SDef
IVs: 30Def/20SAtk/30SDef/30Spe
Bold Nature
Clear Smog
Giga Drain
Hidden Power[Fighting]

Foongus is my Bulky pivot and pairs up with Mienfoo to make a regenerator core and can take an acro from itemless fletchling and Psychic from Abra. 196+ Atk Fletchling Acrobatics (110 BP) vs. 124 HP / 160+ Def Eviolite Foongus: 18-24 (72 - 96%) -- guaranteed 2HKO and 236 SpA Abra Psychic vs. 124 HP / 160 SpD Eviolite Foongus: 18-24 (72 - 96%) -- guaranteed 2HKO. I run HP Fighting as a Pawniard lure as itemless Fletchling is good itemless foongus not so much. Giga Drain is to get some HP back while clear smog is great to remove Shell Smashers and Spore is self explained.

Ability: Regenerator
Level: 5
EVs: 156HP/156Atk/36Def/36SDef/76
Adamant Nature
High Jump Kick
Fake Out
Knock Off

I like slow u-turns Mienfoo complete the regenerator core and life is set. I run this spread to have 14 speed and 23/12/12 bulk as well as retaining an offensive presence HJK let's me beat other mienfoos. Fake Out you know is free damage why not. Knock Off for missy and U-turn just to get the slow switch into Caravhna and Corphish.

Dwebble@Berry Juice
Ability: Sturdy
Level: 5
EVs: 156Atk/76SDef/236Spe
Jolly Nature
Stealth Rock
Knock Off
Rock Blast

Dwebble gives me Sash breaker I mean hazards. It supports this team very nicely as well as providing a switching to Fletchling if Berry Juice has not been activated. Rock Blast is to break other Dweeble and speed evs are because Speedy Hazards is essential to advoid taunts.

Corporal Levi

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RZL :o
As I think you'd know by now, you're fairly weak to Fletchling; if it comes in on any of Carvanha, Mienfoo, or Foongus after a Volt Switch, something usually dies, especially since your own Fletchling is brave. Chinchou and Croagunk both pose as threats to your team, with only one switch-in to either, and everything else usually losing.
With all of these in mind, I would like to suggest replacing Corphish with either Tirtouga or Omanyte as a Shell Smash sweeper, as big of a fan I am of Corphish myself. Both are able to hit Chinchou with a boosted Ground-type attack after Shell Smash, while being able to switch into Fletchling a few times; I trust that you can decide on the individual sets, since Tirtouga in particular is fairly versatile in its item/ability/move choice. Fake Out on Mienfoo is generally for Shell Smash Tirtouga to break Sturdy, but you already have Clear Smog Foongus for that, so Acrobatics would probably be the better option to help deal with Croagunk, which will usually opt for the Knock Off on Mienfoo, only to be hit by a powerful super-effective attack.
This is, of course, still an overall nice team. Hope to see you soon n.n
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tyvm Levi I think I might replace Corphish with Omanyte not fully decided I'm waiting for someone to get back to me (coughrowancoughcough) as he is gone for the weekend.


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yo since you asked, I shall rate.

Levi pointed out you are very weak to birds - Doduo, offensive archen, taillow and fletchling all tear through your team with relative ease. Corphish-->Omanyte/Tirtouga or even Binacle are possibilities. If you decide to go down this route, run Destiny Bond on vanha so that can be your wallbreaker.
Or, you could replace Carvanha with Omanyte or Tirtouga, since Corphish wallbreaks and then you just have an alternative late game sweeper with much better resistances.
As levi said, an EQ/Epower from these will take out Croagunk which your offensive core can't deal with. Zen Headbutt Carvanha could be an idea to hit Croagunk on the switch.

My main suggestion though is Onix>Dwebble. This will give you a good lead with Rock Blast, Stealth Rock and SturdyJuice still, alongside a reasonably fast Taunt to beat opposing Dwebble leads. Onix is reasonbaly bulky on the physical side so will have much more use later on in the match as well to beat birds.
You have no way of dealing with opposing hazards so Taunt Onix would probably be very valuable.

Alongside Onix, you could use Taunt>Fake Out on Mienfoo. 2 Taunt users would make it very difficult for the opponent to abuse hazards so much.

Chinchou weakness isn't too much of an issue, as it can only switch into fletchling who just u-turns. Onix can actually help, making it less likely to voltswitch, alongside a 17 speed Earthquake.

Sorry if this post is a bit jumbled, I was just trying to throw some ideas out for you to try. Hope I could help and get in touch if you want any of this post clarifying
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Hey nice team

It seems to me that this team is built around Carvahna and therefore, I don't like the idea of removing it for a bird counter. However birds are a threat to your team so I do agree with Corkscrews suggestion of using Onix>Dwebble I will give you the actual set just in case your unsure also it helps you with things like Magnemite and Chinchou spammin Volt Switch. Going with Omanyte>Corphish is certainly an option but I kinda have an obsession over Corphish haha so yeah. If you decide to keep it though I think Superpower>Swords Dance is a good change. iirc only 16% of Corphish last month ran Superpower so you can often catch Ferroseed and Porygon by suprise, which both wall Carvahna. Superpower nets the 2HKO on both these Pokemon which is amazing.

Archen>Dwebble could also be used on this team because it removes hazards which can be a problem to your team and it also gives you a reliable Fletchling counter but the problem with Archen is it makes your team more weak to things like Magnemite and Chinchou. Still worth trying imo since Overheat Fletchling can lure in and beat non Sturdy Juice Magnemites. Be sure to run Earthqauke on Archen though so it can hit Chou and Mag supereffectively. Stealth Rock / Defog / Rock Slide / Earthquake I don't think Acrobatics is needed with Foongus providing a switch in to Fighting-types and you having Fletchling too. On the other hand Rock Slide lets you beat down birds and Earthquake helps vs Magnemite and Chinchou in some cases, and also prevents them from switching in safely.

*if you stay with Corphish go Superpower>Swords Dance
*Experiment with Archen and Onix>Dwebble

Archen @ Berry Juice | Defeatist
Jolly | 76 HP / 156 Def / 76 Sp Def / 196 Spe
Stealth Rock / Defog / Rock Slide / Earthquake

Onix @ Berry Juice | Sturdy
Jolly | 76 Hp / 236 Atk / 196 Spe

Stealth Rock / Rock Blast / Earthquake / Taunt

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