SV OU My Obligatory OU Once a Gen Trick Room Team (1500 peak)

It seems like it's that time of the generation again, wherein I post the result of my OU Trick Room experimentations and see how the style faired in the generational shift. I've loved TR for 5 generations now, as the speed-shifting hit and run playstyle enables underprepared for meta threats. While Trick Room is usually seen as a niche play style in singles, it also is my favorite playstyle, as the dopamine rush of one shotting everything in the meta with powerful breakers never ceases to be satisfying.

Last gen TR did see some decently consistent use in Singles OU, however many staples, including Melmetal, Marowak, and Porygon2 have been gutted from the dex in the generational shift. Does Trick Room remain relevant is this generation with so many bulky behemoths running the show, like Donodozo, Skeleridge, Clodsire, Garganacl, Ting-Lu and Greak Tusk? Actually, yes! I have found that TR remains a potent anti-meta strat that matches up well against the ever present hazard stack centric meta, and can brutalize HO, Psyspam, Stall, and Balance, when built correctly.

Let's take a look at what I've come up with!

The team at a glance:



Let's go through the team members and the building process!

Witchy Sensation (Hatterene) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Magic Bounce
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
Quiet Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Psychic
- Dazzling Gleam
- Trick Room
- Healing Wish

I began building with the only TR staple to survive the generational shift, Hatterene. Thankfully, Sash Hat is a phenomenal lead in this meta, effortlessly denying hazard stacking leads like Glimmora, Garchomp, Ting-Lu and Spikes Meowscarada, and battering all manner of team styles with its two potent STABs, and maintaining momentum against Steel types with Healing Wish, while also healing a breaker. Steel is chosen as its Tera type, as this allows it to survive multi-hit moves in a pinch, such as Bullet Seed, Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, and Population bomb, but frankly I've never used my Tera on it as Tera is better saved for one of the breakers. Still, it’s a good option to have in the back against a Breloom or Baxcalibur.

Moscow Mitch (Torkoal) (M) @ Choice Specs
Ability: Drought
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
Quiet Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Eruption
- Earth Power
- Solar Beam
- Flamethrower

Next I needed a powerful and slow breaker to couple with Hatterene, and one that appreciated Hat inviting Steel-type switch ins. immediately, I came to Specs Torkoal. All meme's aside, this thing HITS. LIKE. A. TRUCK. It is, in my eyes, the best reason to use Trick Room in Gen 9.

At 20 base speed, Torkoal is the fastest mon in the meta. Eruption is a move that hits with 150 BP when Torkoal is at full health. Specs + Eruption + Sun + Tera Fire 1HKOs every offensive mon in the meta, minus Multiscale Dragonite and Walking Wake, both of whom are 2HKOed. You read that correctly - offensive Multiscale Dragonite and the quad resist WW are NOT Torkoal switch ins. :o

What of defensive answers? Welp, every defensive RESISTED answer in the meta, minus fire immune mons, Pelliper, the rare Tyranitar and also rare Sp. Def Blissey are either 1HKOed or 2HKoed. This list ofwalls Torkoal effortlessly plows through includes Clodsire, Skeleridge, Dondozo, Slowking, Rotom-W, Garchomp, Ting-Lu and Garganacl. Against any team lacking one of its rare counters, Trick Room, into Healing Wish, into Eruption, will likely claim 2-3 KOs, putting the opponent and an almost immediate disadvantage.

The other moves in Torkoal kit are an afterthought, but all useful. Flamethrower is usefull for when Torkoal is chipped below 75% as a secondary and more reliable STAB. Solar Beam allows it to hit water types and Garganacl, without using its Tera. Earth Power is another option for hitting Garganacl, as well as chipping Tyranitar and fire immune mons like Ceruledge and Arcanine.


Mr. Burns (Ursaring) (M) @ Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
Tera Type: Normal
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Brave Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Facade
- Close Combat
- Night Slash
- Swords Dance

Continuing with my offensive core, I needed something to complement the few mons Torkoal struggled against. A physical breaker seemed practical here, and one that would be unbothered by the rampant Unaware mons running the tier. Further still, I wanted something that would not be choice locked, as the team would become Protect and double switch fodder, and thus a Choice Banded attacker became a non-option. A Protosynthesis breaker could work, but I decided not to go this route as without Heat Rock, Torkoal's sun could not be relied up on for consistent breaking, and Booster Energy would only permit a one time breaking session, unappealing for the Trick Room style hit and run tactics. This breaker would need to be more self-sufficient and sustainable, by virtue of maintaining its boost.

Ultimately, I resolved to use a Guts mon to take advantage of the added power, in order to circumvent both Unaware and Protect, and to help break apart Stall. When I think Guts, I think Facade, the move that gets boosted to 140BP by virtue of status, on top of the Guts booth of 50%. The tier is still overwhelmed by defensive behemoths, so to break them quickly I resolved to use Tera Normal Ursaring. A STAB Tera Normal Facade 2HKO's even the mighty Max Def Dondozo. Close Combat allows the bear to nail Steel types and Garganacl. Finally, to alleviate Ghost switch ins, Night Slash 2HKOs both Skeledirge and Gholdengo, while also having a handy hightened crit chance.

Ursaring's Normal typing provides a handy Ghost immunity, and its bulk is sufficient to live one Make It Rain from Gholdengo.

(And yes, once Ursaluna is released, it will fully surpass its pre-evolution in terms of offensive presence and bulk on Trick Room teams. I think the use of either CC or Fire Punch will still be advisable along side Headlong Rush, as to not be walled by Orthworm and Corviknight.)

Kirkland Pikachu (Mimikyu) (M) @ Red Card
Ability: Disguise
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Def
Brave Nature
IVs: 0 Spe
- Play Rough
- Shadow Claw
- Trick Room
- Curse

Next I needed a mon who could set up Trick Room mid game, once Hatterene's sash was broken, as well as provide an answer to set up mons and Trick Room's natural enemy - Substitute. What's more, with Booster Energy mons and my own sun boosting Protosynthesis, I needed a mon that could set up against even those. For this near impossible role, there is only one option to make Trick Room viable in this obscenely powerful generation - Red Card Mimiyku.

Red Card forces out any mon who hits Mimi, resulting in any turns the opponent spent setting up or using Substitute as wasted effort. This role compression and Mimiyku's own great STAB combo as a solid option against Offense. Fairy is chosen as its Tera type, as Tera Fairy is a solid option against more frail offensive teams.

Lastly, Curse is used as a momentum grabber after Disguise has been broken, to get a breaker in, as well as being way to help chip defensive walls.


Dressed to Chill (Slowking) (M) @ Eject Button
Ability: Regenerator
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Grass Knot
- Future Sight
- Trick Room
- Chilly Reception

Next, I found I needed a more reliable way to get Ursaring's Flame Orb activated, that didn't involve risky hard switches directly into Ursa, or the suicidal sacrifice of either Hatterene or Mimikyu. Rain teams were also still a thorn in Torkoal's shell, and the threat of Walking Wake could not be ignored either. And as overpowered as Torkoal and Ursaring are, they still might need a little help to break sash mons and certain defensive mons. Finally, Mimikyu for all its positive traits cannot be a check to multi-hit set up sweepers, namely Breloom, Cloyster and Baxcalibur. For the answer to all these challenges, Defensive Slowking earned its slot on the team.

Future Sight provides a handy way to checkmate certain plays, and help break sash-mons, which is especially useful against Psyspam, as well as help ease prediction for your breakers. Chilly Reception lets Slowking pivot after setting Trick Room or Future Sight, while also changing the weather which is essential in aiding the Rain-mu. Grass Knot is a handy attacking move, that lets Slowking chunk Greak Tusk, Dondozo, and Gargancl, giving the breakers a bit more wiggle room. Tera Grass maintains the essential Water resist for the Rain MU, while also boosting Grass Knot, and also grants Slowking a Spore immunity. Tera Grass also enables Slowking to resist Great Tusk's Ground STAB, as well as Grass and Electric attacks.

Eject Button is a very handy innovation, letting Slowking hard switch once into mons like Goldengo's Make It Rain, Corviknight (who cannot U-Turn out on an Eject Button) and get Ursaring or Torkoal in for free. Once the EB is spent, Slowking fears Knock Off less as well.


Plot Armor (Armarouge) @ Safety Goggles
Ability: Flash Fire
Tera Type: Dark
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
Quiet Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Armor Cannon
- Energy Ball
- Dark Pulse
- Trick Room

From this point, the team was looking pretty solid and performed quite well, but still had some issues. It struggled against Spore-users, namely Breloom, who threatened all my existing Trick Room setters with Bullet Seed, unless committing to Tera Hat or King, which is rarely the optimal play, better conserving Tera for one of the two breakers. Bullet Seed could hit through Hat’s Sash and Mimi’s Disguise, and could alternatively Spore Torkoal and force out Ursa with its Fighting STABs. While having Torkoal, Hatterene and Grass Tera on Slowing was a valuable option against Spore, I felt as though I could not overprepare enough for Spore.

My own Sun boosting opposing fire moves proved a problem as well, especially in the case of both Skeledirge and Ceruledge, both of whom could hit Slowking super effectively, and the later of whom was even immune to Torkoals Choice locked Fire Attacks. Opposing Ghosts could also double switch dance around Ursaring, which would result in my Trick Room turns being stalled out and waste my offensive momentum. I resolved that a Dark type with a Fire immunity would greatly benefit both Torkoal and Ursaring. Ultimately, Safety Googles Armarouge offered everything the team need, as it neutralizes Breloom's Spore and STABs, while also bringing a Fire immunity to tank some powerful hits aimed at my team. By giving it Tera Dark, it easy beat Skeledirge and Ceruledge, 1V1, as Flash Fire also blocks the secondary effects of both Torch Song and Bitter Blade. Finally Armarouge's powerful Armor Cannon boosted by sun allows it to break in its own right, while Energy Ball helps keep up the pressure on Garganacl, Dondozo and Rotom W.

It also bears saying that Armor’s defensive typing and ability are very useful in handling certain offensive meta threats, most notably Volcorona and Iron Valiant. Its Dark Tera typing is very handy at tanking would be super effective hits from mons like Gholdengo, Dragapult, Roaring Moon and Kingsgambit. This, in turn, takes a lot of pressure off Mimikyu to be an emergency check to these threats.

Piloting this team is fairly easy.

Take a peak at your team preview and decide what your better breaker is for the match up, Torkoal or Ursaring. Torkoal is generally used more, but not against Pelliper, Tyranitar, any team with possible Fire immunity or a with Blissey.

Generally Hatterene is your lead, especially against any team that looks like it will utilize a hazard lead. The only exceptions to leading with Hatterene are things that can beat it through Sash like Fake Out Tinkaton or multi-hitters like Breloom, Baxcalibur or Moushold. You could opt to Tera Steel against any of these, but Armarouge is a good lead against Breloom and Tinkaton, Slowking against Baxcalibur and Tinkaton, and Mimikyu against Moushold.

Generally you want to attack the opponent's hazard setters with Hatterene, which include mons like Glimmora, Garchomp, and Ting-Lu. Do not let them get hazards up early game. Allowing hazards to go up mid-game is more excusable, once you've broken through their defensive core and are in a position to win the game.

Do not use Ursaring against a team with Glimmora either, as we have no counterplay to Toxic Spikes, which will severely limit our own team's bulk.

Set Trick Room with your lead. If Hat's down to its sash, and Torkoal is your go-to breaker, use Healing Wish to get Torkoal in, and immediately Tera Fire to break through any resist and start racking up your KOs.

When your first round of Trick Room is over, Torkoal has to liberty to trade a hit to earn yet another KO if needed, as Healing Wish will bring it back to full, letting it spam more Eruptions. This offensive loop alone let’s Torkoal easily 6-0 most teams lacking some kind of counterplay to it.

Use Ursaring to absorb obvious status plays, as well as Ghost attacks.

If Ursaring is your prefered breaker, hard switching in Slowking will activate Eject Button on hit, in which case you can bring in Ursaring in one motion while activating its Fire Orb without wasting a turn. Generally you can switch Slowking to hard switch into Steel types Hatterene is facing, including both Corviknight and Gholdengo (who may hesitate to use Shadow Ball, as you have a Ghost immunity).

Break with Torkoal and Ursaring early game. Use your Tera liberally early game if you need to break through a defensive threat, like Skeledirge, Clodsire, Garganacl or Dragonoite in the case of Torkoal, or full stall teams in the case of Ursaring. Conserve it if it needs to be utilized later, like in the case of the Ceruledge match up by Tera'ing Armorouge.

Be careful not to accidentally Healing Wish Slowking unnecessarily. Its Regenerator will often heal it back to full despite hard switches with Eject Button.

Slowking can be used to throw out Future Sights and set up Trick Room as needed, as Regenerator allows it some longevity. Don't hesitate to sack it if it needed. Future Sight is very handy against Psyspam, breaking the sashes of mons like opposing Armarouge, Polteageist, and the notable Cloyster, who can break through Mimikyu’s Disguise without being phased.

Do not be afraid to burn Eject Button on a threat Slowking is tasked with handling, like Walking Wake or Pelliper, activating Ursaring's Flame Orb, and then immediately switching Slowking back in to set TR, if needed.

Armarouge's Dark Tera lets it set up Trick Room against Ghost and Dark moves. Where as Hatterene and Slowking struggle in this regard. Use your Tera on Armarouge as needed.

Mimikyu is best brought in mid-game to late game when Trick Room is down, and especially against mons that have spend time setting up boosting moves or behind Substitutes. This is the ideal time to spend your Red Card and seize the momentum. With Disguise, it is guaranteed a TR set up against any offensive mon that can't break it in one hit through Disguise or against a Taunt user.

A cheeky, high risk play can be to hard switch Mimikyu into a Psychic resist when you have set up Future Sight, forcing out the resist with Red Card. This forced phazing can result in something else taking the Future Sight, providing handy chip or an unexpected KO. Alternatively, outside Trick Room, you can use the Red Card to attack a threat BEHIND the one Mimikyu is facing (although its generally more advantageous to set up Trick Room first).

Inside Trick Room, Mimi's Ghost-type Curse is only to be used after Red Card is spent, as using it before Red Card and then taking a hit will make the Cursed mon switch out. Curse is a great option when Mimi is weakened, and it needs to sacrifice itself to get a breaker in, or facing a defensive mon it cannot damage adequately with its STABs, like Dondozo, Garganacl or Corviknight. Curse can also outplay Sucker Punch.

Mimikyu can be an unexpected good cleaner late game against Offensive teams lacking bulk, as Fairy + Ghost offer solid coverage in this meta, nailing meta regulars like Gholdengo, Dragapult, Dragonite, Roaring Moon, Iron Valliant, Great Tusk, Greninja, Breloom, Meowskarada, Skeledirge, for SE damage. In the event, you Tera Mimikyu into Fairy because you need to use it offensively, note that Curse’s function changes to give Mimi +1 to Attack and Defense, while making it +1 Speed under Trick Room.

Taunt users are the biggest threats to this team once Hatterene is fainted, as they stop Trick Room from being set up. However, this meta has very few Taunt users, the most notable ones being Grimmsnarl and more rarely on Roaring Moon. Armarouge can be Tera’s into Dark to become immune to Grim’s Prankster Taunts. Taunt Roaring Moon and Hydregion are the greatest threats to this team, as it also benefits from our sun, however, Hat and Mimikyu both have a naturally good mu’s to the Dark Dragons. Red Card Mimikyu’s can hard switch on them to force them out on a predicted hit, and then Trick Room after it is forced out. If they Tera to a different typing to counter Mimikyu (like Steel), the best option is Tera Armarouge into Dark to resist Crunch and become neutral to EQ, and proceed to hit it with Armor Cannon.

Armarouge is a great TR setter and late game cleaner in its own right. As Fire + Grass + Dark provides great coverage against the meta, excluding the aforementioned non-Tera’d Roaring Moon and Hydreigon.

Unfortunately I haven't saved many replays.

An early version of the team, pre-Slowking, which showcases Torkoal and Ursaring breaking, and Mimikyu keeping momentum. It utilized Eject Pack on Armor, to get Ursaring's burn to activate. It became apparent this team auto-lost to the Rain-mu and struggled with Spore Breloom which is why pivot Slowking needed to be added later, and Armor got Goggles.

Thanks for reading!


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Something to consider might be to try out Indeedee-f to set up psychic terrain and trick room, and giving Armarouge expanding force. Just a thought tho, and don't want to disrupt your team structure.
Wow, this is a really well made RMT! I've wanted to experiment with trick room, but I haven't really had the chance. The only suggestion I would make at first glance is trying iron hands over ursaring, as he has a lot of the same traits without the reliance on flame orb and guts. However, he might have a harder time breaking through some walls, namely skeledirge if you aren't running earthquake, and his mortal enemy, great tusk. Anyways, I'll try this team out right now!
Something to consider might be to try out Indeedee-f to set up psychic terrain and trick room, and giving Armarouge expanding force. Just a thought tho, and don't want to disrupt your team structure.
Hey, thanks for replying!

Using Indedee to set TR and Terrain while also denying priority sounds like a good idea at first, but the issue with Indedee is that it has non-existent bulk, even when fully invested. It also can’t effectively run a sash as that would disallow the use of Terrain Extender, as well as allowing hazards to go up uncontested, which would destroy the team’s inherent bulk and make Torkoal far less efficient as a breaker.

Wow, this is a really well made RMT! I've wanted to experiment with trick room, but I haven't really had the chance. The only suggestion I would make at first glance is trying iron hands over ursaring, as he has a lot of the same traits without the reliance on flame orb and guts. However, he might have a harder time breaking through some walls, namely skeledirge if you aren't running earthquake, and his mortal enemy, great tusk. Anyways, I'll try this team out right now!
Thank you as well for replying!

Oh yes, I considered Iron Hands. Unfortunately, having a physical breaker that is hard stopped by the most common mon in the meta is a big no no, especially since this team already can struggle with Tusks. That’s also the same reason I opted to not use Kingsgambit.

Ursaring a few other advantages over these two juggernauts, flexibility.

First, it doesn’t care about status, namely burns, which is super helpful on a physical breaker.

Next, Iron Hand’s breaking power often comes from a combination of Booster Energy and Swords Dance, while Kingsgambit’s power comes from Supreme Overlord and SD. Unfortunately Swords Dance doesn’t help either break Unaware mons.

This issue with Booster Energy is that it is a one and done item, after Hands gets forced out after TR runs out, its role as a breaker becomes much more limited.

Supreme Overlord does not have this same issue, but Gambit is also less able to break early game when you have more of your squad alive.

That’s why I feel Guts is the best ability for this build. It’s sustainable and its power is immediate, even against Unaware walls. Combine that with Tera Normal Facade being an absolute nuke and not even the mighty Dondozo or Greak Tusk will get in your way.

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