My Pokemon VGC Rain/Trickroom comp

Still trying to improve on it could use suggestions! :)

Slowbro @ leftovers Sassy Nature
-Slack Off
-Rain dance
-Trick Room

My main rain dance set up, with slack off to sustain and scald for stab. I also run him with trick room because the team needed two in case Reunculis got dropped turn one.

Amphorose @ Amphoroseite Modest Nature
~Mold Breaker~
-Rain dance
-Dragon pulse
-Power Gem

My mega, Build the team around him. He has incredible Satk but loses speed when he mega evolves so I decided he would do well in trickroom with Health/Satk EV's and with Rain dance he gets 100% accuracy STAB Thunder.

Reunculis @ Sitrus Berry Modest Nature
~Over Coat~
-Trick Room
-Shadow Ball
-Pain split

Main trick room set up. Has stab Psyshock for the STAB. I chose this over Psychic because with 3/4 team mates with Satk moves, I needed something to take down Special walls.

Toxicroak @ Black Sludge Brave Nature
~Dry Skin~
-Draining Punch
-Poison Jab
-Sucker Punch
(252Health/252Atk EVs)

Dry skin ability in rain + Black Sludge + Drain punch = 3 Sustain abilitys. Priority Dark takes out Psychic users, Poison Jab for fairy types.

So basically I have my Physical wall, Special wall, Physical Sweeper, Special Sweeper. I have been thinking about swapping Reunculis out for Bronzong since the rain with weaken his only real weakness and will give me a little more coverage defensively since I am running 2 Phychic users atm.
Manual rain is decent but you could make good use of Politoed since he makes setting up rain much easier.

I would also suggest using Meowstic since he is both a good rain setter and TR setter, as well as being unaffected by TR since he has Prankster.

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