My Spring Regionals VGC Team (help would be appreciated)

I'm hoping to participate in VGC regionals this weekend, and figured I could use a bit of help before I finalize my team.

My current team was inspired mainly from videos, and things that I have seen work well against me on PO as I haven't haven't played much since 5th gen's release and never really played doubles. As such, please excuse me if the team seems bland and filled with common sets.

Here is my team as it looks right now:


Breloom @ Toxic Orb
Poison Heal
4 HP/252 ATK/252 SPE
Seed Bomb
Mach Punch

I use breloom mainly to shut down trick room, as quite a few of my pokemon don't fare very well in it. I don't lose instantly if trick room is set-up, but it definitely doesn't help me. Spore is great for stopping slower threats which I'm not always prepared to deal with instantly, making breloom very helpful. I originally tried using smeargle in this spot for more utility, but found that it didn't pose a large enough threat and that I couldn't dish out enough damage with it. A trip to the RMT archives also helped out a bit (thanks muffinhead).

Hitmontop@Life Orb
240 HP/252 ATK/ 12 SPE
Fake Out
Wide Guard
Mach Punch
Sucker Punch

Hitmontop is just amazing. Fake out helps me get an early advantage, usually to put an opponent to sleep with breloom . Wide guard saves lives consistently stopping otherwise fatal spread attacks at any point in the game. I run the speed solely to outspeed other hitmontop as I need to be able to fake out first vs. trick room, and it never hurts against other teams. Mach Punch and Sucker Punch round out the moveset, giving nice priority coverage to finish off my opponent's team members.

Thundurus@Yache Berry
4 HP/252 SP.A/252 SPE
Thunder Wave
Hidden Power [Flying]

I personally love prankster thunder wave. It negates tailwind, swift swim, and chlorophyll to put my team back on even ground, despite me not having any speed bonuses. Though Thundurus tends not to attack itself when I use it, thunderbolt and Hidden Power can clear up a lot of troublesome enemies like politoed, ludicolo, and hitmontop that I want out of the game as fast as possible.

Terrakion @ Focus Sash
4 HP/252 ATK/252 SPE
Quick Guard
Rock Slide
Close Combat

Terakion is usually partnered with Thundurus in this team. Quick Guard stops Fake Out so that I can get out my first thunder wave. Terrakion serves to start clearing the field once Thundurus has begun disrupting the other team. Terrakion has very useful STAB moves, which allow it to threaten most leads, as close combat will get rid of .

Garchomp@Choice Scarf
Sand Veil
4 HP/252 ATK/252 SPE
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide

Garchomp usually serves as a clean-up for the team. I use choice scarf rather than Yache to get pokemon such as latios that usually outspeed and beat it. The moveset allows for pretty standard coverage, though Crunch was chosen over Fire Blast because I can't find a single time when I would use fire blast, while crunch can get rid of cresselia, jellicent and similar pokemon that have been left at the end occasionally in my games.

Scizor@Occa Berry
252 HP/252 ATK/ 4 SPE
Bullet Punch
Bug Bite

In case it's not obvious, I like priority. Bullet Punch, like other priority moves, is great for dealing with pokemon that barely survived that I don't want to give a second chance to attack. Scizor also deals with Cresselia, Reuniclus, Ice Shard users (when my team doesn't use Hitmontop/Breloom) that either stop Garchomp in its tracks or make it get locked in to a less desirable move. Basically, Scizor lets me get the most out of Garchomp by clearing out its threats and getting rid of anything that Garchomp couldn't by itself.

Team Choice:

I take Scizor and Garchomp as my second two pokemon most matches (garchomp is usually removed when I feel the opponent can set-up trick room despite my efforts to stop it, whle scizor is removed if I don't really see any use for bug bite and Bullet punch). Against tail wind, rain, sun, and most goodstuffs teams I'll lead with Thundurus and Terrakion/Hitmontop (depending on if Wide Guard or Quick Guard seems more useful to lead with). My goal here is to paralyze as many pokemon as possible to neutralize their speed, letting my faster pokemon sweep away.

Against Sand, I usually lead Breloom and Hitmontop, though I will occasionally use Terrakion over hitmontop. This lets me get a quick spore on one of their pokemon more often then not, and usually clear one quickly with mach punch (and occasionally another attack).

Against Trick Room, I also lead with Breloom and Hitmontop. My number 1 goal in this case is to use fake-out to guarantee Breloom can spore their trick room user. This will usually put me ahead, and if I can keep trick room off the field, I can usually win. If trick room comes out, I have 3 pokemon with priority that I try to abuse to keep myself in the game.
this looks exactly like my old team and it seems pretty good, but I think there could be a few changes. For one, hitmontop with intimidate harms this because 5 out of 6 of your team's pokemon are physical attackers.

First, hitmontop might want intimidate, technician is good but even then you won't have enough power to take down anything like chople tyranitar and other hitmontops with intimidate could pose a threat. Possibly switch something (wide guard maybe) for close combat as well becuase hitmontop has trouble hurting opposing garchomp,scizors,etc. otherwise.

breloom might want jolly nature and a scarf so you can be sure to go first and spore the opponent in case they're faster than your ally or tie for speed (ex: opposing terrakion could tie for speed and go first against yours.). If so I would put protect on garchomp, crunch can hurt them but it can't really OHKO jellicent, cresselia or anything and you could be in a bad position if they have, for example, opposing garchomp or metagross but instead of earthquake or dragon claw you're stuck using crunch.
I agree of what garchompzilla is saying. Jolly scarf breloom is better the the breloom you have. I would say yache garchomp is a good choice and run protect on him.

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As an option instead of the Scarf on Breloom, you might want to move the Focus Sash to it. I used a team with Breloom in the past, and it'd get knocked down to the sash at least every other game, often before getting off its first attack.

Three Ice weaknesses is also kinda bad, especially since both of your counters to the bulky Waters that often carry Ice moves are weak to it. Replacing Garchomp with a special attacker to reduce your Intimidate weakness at the same time might be a good idea.
Again I agree with voodoo, sash does seem to be a little better then scarf. For the replacement of garchomp, how about chandelure or rotom-w.

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