MyPokemonBase: A Big Pokemon team database (Alpha)

The "MyPokemonBase" project is a project that i started a pair of days ago, and is something i was planning for a loong time...

Test Link:

¿What is it?

The main objetive of MyPokemonBase is to create and manage different versions of some teams, publish them in a public repository with its issues and strengths, note this is not a TeamBuilder, it does receive Importables, and lets you add some extra info about the team, create different versions of them and share them.

Completed Functionalities:

+ Upload a team like
+ Add team Threats and Strengths
+ Fork teams
+ Extract importables

Paste your importable Here:

Write team details:

Click Next and Share it <3:

You can see your team anytime:

What is not done:
+ Team editing with password
+ A Domain Name for the service
+ Team Index
+ Tier Index
+ Comments
+ Pokemon Guides
+ Pokemon Damage Calcs
+ Etc...


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Just a heads up; although this is really trivial, Pokemon with a different name on /details won't have a proper image in Threats/Strengths (Basculin-Blue-Striped, Nidoran-F, etc.). Same goes for variants in importing the team (Vivillon-Monsoon, Pokestar Black Belt-Op, etc.) (Though that's expected since it'll take anything, unlike Threats/Strengths)

This is pretty cool. Keep up the good work.

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when i click on the magearna icon i get a 404 error
when i go to look at my teams i get a 404 error as well;

v interesting otherwise, keep up the good work;

might be a silly question but who can see and edit my team?
they need the password to even see it correct?

if you can make this a desktop app, where the user can literally store their team+add notes and have the same functionality as the website
that'd be quite nice too; keep it up!
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