Tournament Mystery Box Random Battles Tournament [$300 Prize Pool]: Round 3 [Losers Only]

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hosted by Pave Low and sundays, approved by Rage

Welcome to our Mystery Box Random Battles Tournament!


B12P6 [Gen 6] Battle Factory
Challenge code: /challenge gen6battlefactory @@@ maxteamsize=12, pickedteamsize=6
B12P6 [Gen 7] Battle Factory
Challenge code: /challenge gen7battlefactory @@@ maxteamsize=12, pickedteamsize=6
B12P6 [Gen 8] Battle Factory
Challenge code: /challenge gen8battlefactory @@@ maxteamsize=12, pickedteamsize=6

Loser's Bracket

lkapkd1 vs BlackKnight_Gawain
TheBoyWithTheBugz vs Dragon246
R1C3M4N vs ewisko
WhoDatMan vs Mr.Bossaru
luna107 vs Some Thug
coral fan vs Saturno
Milkshook vs Ramzi65
Yes or no my dude vs paolode99
livid washed vs Ashleemaster
halaman95 vs SpaceSpeakers
Bka Onon vs juandaechelon
Go greeninja vs Pranay
Shade1x vs Live1sh
giove97 vs Dark Shion
shadowmaster6789 vs trace
Axily vs memedose46
Akuu vs OreoSpeedruns
Spcplayzz vs snorlax142857
SOM/05 vs Ash3r
freezai vs yokoisop
HolaSoyBalto vs ShckSheep
Zoyotte vs Swiffix
BiancaMonsoon vs acornvgc
MTB vs Dorron
Nowh vs Captain Funk
drakloak vs MudkipHugger4
Celever vs Alexander IV
EmperorAry vs Drifting
Xerzack987 vs EMRYS_X
shadowtime2000 vs RoFnA
blce vs Vonols
pugonison vs Kinzo Ketchum
JuampiATM vs HSOWA
waytoopetty vs Haxorus1428
UnzipsCrogre vs Irpachuza
Dearest Deerling vs AmineFifty
xxTermanato69 vs Zygarde12
zenoxVT vs Gyarikkuho
CronusVGC vs platinumCheesecake
Infinite Misery vs Shadows4
frostyicelad vs pulsar512b
Curtyx vs berry
Comedier vs articoo
Cr1ptic vs Queza
Wubben vs Sificon
eu vs Aqua Jet
Kerthwack vs Dpg7000
Ferenia vs Xiri
seroo vs Muralik29
Faaagamer vs JustFranco
JeoZ vs Javi
Ciro napoli vs lukxray
Tinkerdogg91 vs RSB
realaccountami? vs clean
Frixel vs Brijesh121
MustardNischal vs Fant'sy Beast
Staraptor vs hunternoooob
Hycrox vs ParmesanBruh
gorex vs KeanuGrindingArc
Fc vs ajhockeystar
Miss Novelist vs Phantom0rion
YamiTheYin vs pratik2007
BrainDamageHaver vs Kuhrrohsion
Cyril tbh vs bye

Rules and instructions
  • Read and use the challenge codes for better understanding of the rules and to prevent mess-ups (if mentioned)​
  • Tournament Battles are to be played on either Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours.​
  • Follow all applicable Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, including but not limited to rules against ghosting, timer/disconnect clauses and activity calls.​
  • You must upload and post replays when claiming wins.
  • The person winning 2 battles proceeds to the next round​
Deadline is Sunday, August 20th 11:59 PM GMT-4. Extensions, if necessary, will be granted for 2 days and no more. Have fun!
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