Myzozoa's Short-form Walrus (sign-ups end march 20th)


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Hello and welcome to my 3rd and shortest Walrus. By now, you know what a Walrus is: a game where you submit songs according to set categories and then I judge each song, assigning a score out of 10. I’ll announce beforehand the time I'll reveal each category, and play them live in the Walrus discord channel. The winner is whoever has the most points at the end.

This time around there are only 6 categories. My last Walrus took me 9 months just to grade 80% of it, so I've shortened it up this time around.

Your deadline to submit is March 20th, with a grace period before reveals to be determined. I aim to rapidly reveal at the end of march and knock this out by early April.

Now to the categories, most of these are reprisals of categories I've done in the past, but with a couple new ones and one I couldn't complete in my last walrus:

1. ~I'm an emo rapper~/ ~an emo rapper~ with my autotune and my emotions, I rap~~~~~~~
This is one I didn't get to do in my last walrus, because I didn't think of it until too late and when I tried to add it on top of everything else in that walrus I didn't have the time to grade it. Look at the examples, including the ye interview if you have time, I've given here and try to find an emo hip-hop/rap song, this is somewhat open to interpretation, but as the your judge I may ask you to resubmit if your song feels too far off. Autotune should probably be involved but not a requirement.


2. Pronouns Ruin Everything
The return of the most difficult category in my first walrus:
For this one you need to find a love or heartbreak song with lyrics that do not gender the lover/person being spoken about/to or the person singing. Be creative. I have to note that, imo, strongly masculine or feminine names in the lyrics, is not the best look for this category, even if the lyrics dont binary gender anyone.

3. 'Whats with the name?' The Halsey Frangipane category.
Ok for this category you gotta submit a song by someone with a top top irl/artist name, there will be 2 points possible, in addition to the usual 10, which will be awarded according to how fitting the song is to the artist's name. Amy Winehouse is banned, you may not submit her. You may submit metal but you will probably get a very low score out of 10 for the song, so be warned. Feel free to write a brief statement explaining your submit.

Halsey Frangipane- Without me
Obviously Halsey Frangipane is a top gay person's name, with the first name ending in the 'y' sound and the whole last name just being dedicated to referencing a type of pastry filling. Bonus: Halsey is also a main street in Portland which is where a lot of gay ppl like me live. This is a song that is clearly about her heartbreak and trauma in a relationship with some girl she was putting on a pedestal. So her name is queer af and this song is queer af so its fitting.

obv your submission doesn't have to be the gayest name+song you can find, the point is that the artist name and the song are somehow connected even if it's tenuous like the example.

4. It’s A Live
You can submit anything, but it must be live, in concert. No examples should be needed.

5. Well Covered- Punk Edition
You have 2 options for submissions:

a) submit a cover of a punk song by a 'non-punk' artist (ill be pretty generous, i consider post-punk and ska to be 'not punk' for this cats purpose, so you have a lot of room), songs that sample punk songs are also totally valid for this cat and highly sought by your judge.

b) submit a cover of a 'non-punk' song by a punk rock artist

example of a:

nirvana- should i stay or should i go

example of b:

Blondie-Out-in the street, originally performed by the Shangri-Las

6. Rihanna: This Is What You Came For
Submit a rihanna or ft rihanna or a pop song you feel evokes rihanna-tude or a cover of a rihanna song even. You may not submit the examples or any other version of Umbrella for that matter.


And that's it, just 6 submits needed.

sign-up by posting itt, the deadline for signups is March 20th, and I will start revealing right away so have at least your first 3 tracks submitted by then.


1. Isa
2. KnightsofCydonia
3. TCR
4. LordQuas (non smogon)
5. ampharos
6. asek
7. shubaka
8. rodan
9. robert alfons
10. trc
11. energy
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to find better ways to say what nobody says
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signups deadline is tomorrow. please hmu in dm or discord for inquiries about categories and any questions or concerns u have
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to find better ways to say what nobody says
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first reveal in 2 hours at noon pdt

i will still take submits from anyone up until the 2nd reveal, since there are only 9 of u who actually made it in for the deadline and its hella lame

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