Resource National Dex C&C Reservation Thread (READ THE OP BEFORE POSTING)

Well i posted my dirge and mscizor analised and they are under quality control, and i wanted to see if i can do one or two more, what mons are still up for grabs?

you're limited to only two; when those are uploaded to the dex, you can reserve more. -:mewtwo-mega-y:
Can we take mons for whom analyses has has been written but make a different set?
Ex: Writing an analyses for Specs raging bolt (It is a viable set)
If yes then I would like to write an analyses for Scarf Darkrai.

Edit: meant it other way round

scarf darkrai is not something we're considering writing at the moment; if you're passionate about this you can hit up a mod and we can discuss it among ourselves from there -:magearna:
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