Projects National Dex DOU Teambuilding Competition!!!!! (Week Eighteen: Lando I)

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Next up, Deoxys-S/Deoxys-A!

If life comes there to grain from grass,
And flowers like ours of toil and pain;
Has passion to beat bar,
Win space from cleaving brain;
The mystic link attain,
Whereby star holds on star.

-- Meditation under Stars, George Meredith

Despite being unranked, Deoxys-S managed to show tournament success this week Glimmer vs JRL in Derby. Deoxys-A, on the other hand, has shown incredible offensive pressure in prior metagames. Both of these mons attempt to take advantage of their high speed, but can they hold their own in the current metagame? Admittedly, this is definitely a weaker Pokemon, but it's one that I'd be interested in seeing people turn their attention to since I'm curious if this is a case of disregarded potential, or if this was simply the right mon in the right place.

You can choose either Deoxys-S or Deoxys-A.

Teambuilding ends on Monday, August 21st, 2:00 AM UTC.


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:deoxys-speed: :kangaskhan-mega: :tornadus: :walking-wake: :flutter-mane: :chi-yu:

Deo-S Sun HO w/ MKang

Inspired by the recent development of Deo-S in XY, I thought this would be fun to build.

Deo-S EVs are enough to OHKO standard Marshadow, with HP dump. If there's no Marshadow, you can safely setup rocks/spikes and sack. It's manual sun so you'll have to play Tornadus carefully. Mane is somewhat fat, lives marsh sneak after tera + rocks most of the time. Modest specs , SpA boost in sun, but can optionally be changed to timid/modest max max if you're feeling brave. Tera Electric Chi to beat some of the stuff that gives the rest of the team trouble like Fini/ other rain guys and to not hard lose to Volcanion because holy shit.


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Deo-S Pao Physical Offense

I was also inspired by the XY developments but took a much more modern approach.

Deoxys-Speed outspeeds Scarf Urshifu-RS with maximum SpA as to deal the most damage before going out. To benefit from the Stealth Rock and Spikes, the team is packed with strong attackers that appreciate the Focus Sash breaking aspect of Deoxys-Speed's near guaranteed Stealth Rock. Mega Salamence is EVd to OHKO the DOU Dex Flutter Mane (which is one of the fattest Flutter Mane sets) all the time. Urshifu-RS helps versus Incineroar and Landorus-T which can be annoying with Intimidate and also benefits from Sword of Ruin. It is EVd to outspeed Max Speed Adamant Zygarde. Kingambit helps versus Flutter Mane and is Tera Fairy for Iron Hands because lol bitch mon

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Congrats to glimmer for winning the teambuilding competition this week! We're in the kitchen cooking up another teambuilding competition for next week, so be sure to show up!

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Next up, Kyurem-Black!

"I have not heard before of Ragnarok," said Gangler; "what hast thou to tell me about it?"

"There are many very notable circumstances concerning it," replied Har, "which I can inform thee of. In the first place will come the winter, called Fimbul-winter, during which snow will fall from the four corners of the world; the frosts will be very severe, the wind piercing, the weather tempestuous, and the sun impart no gladness. Three such winters shall pass away without being tempered by a single summer. Three other similar winters follow, during which war and discord will spread over the whole globe. Brethren for the sake of mere gain shall kill each other, and no one shall spare either his parents or his children"

--The Younger Eddas, Sturleson

Kyurem-Black has been strangely underrated for a long time, but with the rise of Zygarde and the banning of two of the most powerful Steel types, Kyurem-Black can leverage its immense Attack stat alongside new tools like Loaded Dice and Clear Amulet to ameliorate its weaknesses. Kyurem-Black has the potential to be an immense powerhouse that many teams have difficulty dealing with. Is it time for this icy dragon to rise from the depths, conquering all in its path? Or is this truly something that only maintains the illusion of strength? This is something that people have been disagreeing on so I'm excited to see how you tap this Pokemon's potential!

Deadline for teambuilding is on Wednesday, September 5th, 2am UTC

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