Tournament National Dex Doubles Kickoff Tournament - WON BY NIDO-RUS

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Onenance did not respond to FloristtheBudew's scheduling message; FloristtheBudew is given the win
Kmilo.16 did not respond to Despacito87's scheduling message; Despacito87 is given the win
El_Seco_0 did not respond to Latiasboy's scheduling message; Latiasboy is given the win
hh6oo645 did not respond to Frixel's scheduling message; Frixel is given the win
bhbhbh did not respond to phantomclaw8888's scheduling message; phantomclaw8888 is given the win
Panurome did not respond to Terekusai's scheduling message; Terekusai is given the win
SearPigeon95 did not respond to Spurrific's scheduling message; Spurrific is given the win
MarkAnthony84 did not respond to NeonJolteonWasUsed's scheduling message; NeonJolteonWasUsed is given the win
Primal Latios did not respond to Bananacrazy111's scheduling message; Bananacrazy111 is given the win
hidin did not respond to Farfromani's scheduling message; Farfromani is given the win
Frank The Melmetal did not respond to Elfuseon's scheduling message; Elfuseon is given the win
drdklp did not respond to Grandmas Cookin's scheduling message; Grandmas Cookin is given the win
Astari did not respond to LogIce's scheduling message; LogIce is given the win
RobDog747 missed scheduled time; Zerotti is given the win
Astral Spectrier missed scheduled time; glimmerrdust is given the win
Gangsta Spongebob was given the win by moonlee7777
Penter was given the win by Ado!
Memoric was given the win by Hollow Soul
Miyoko was given the win by Fangame10
JRL was given the win by Watercelly
Cao Jie was given the win by sk1191212
Iceberg77 was given the win by MZB
Nowno vs Nezloe; no public scheduling attempts were made until Nezloe messaged Nowno on Saturday. While this is a halfhearted scheduling attempt, the activity call goes into Nezloe's favor because Nowno hasn't logged on since before the round went up. This is a formal warning for Nezloe to schedule better in the future; if you're late with scheduling again you will be removed from the tournament.

HighLordGrim vs KiControlMaster23; no public scheduling attempts were made. HighLordGrim wins the coinflip.
Kanzeon23 vs SuckyLucky; no public scheduling attempts were made. Kanzeon23 wins the coinflip.
eragon11145 vs TheSilv; no public scheduling attempts were made until Sunday. This is grounds for a coinflip, which TheSilv won.
epic17x vs MackDad456; no public scheduling attempts were made. epic17x wins the coinflip.
Velcroc vs Kingtechwizard2; no public scheduling attempts were made. Velcroc wins the coinflip.
Aquiio vs TheElectricGiga; neither player logged on since the round went up. AquiIo wins the coinflip.
Tipsy gzz vs omar emad; neither played logged on since the round went up. omar emad wins the coinflip.

ratpacker dropped from the tournament
Teals dropped from the tournament

1-0 bracket

txitxas vs Runoisch
HighLordGrim** vs Latiasboy
vs Zerotti
Bless vs Terekusai
bage1 vs Concept Everything
Velcroc* vs Iceberg77
Miyoko* vs NinjaSnapple
vs Grandmas Cookin
Nido-Rus vs Frixel
epic17x** vs Lechen
Gangsta Spongebob
vs FloristtheBudew*
zee vs Oriol Plaza
Akaru Kokuyo vs Farfromani
Turtwigthe1 vs TheSilv*
Kanzeon23** vs phantomclaw8888
Despacito87 vs tyo
McBruh vs AIRedzone
YoBuddy vs Feyy
vs Nezloe**
vs NeonJolteonWasUsed
vs JRL
qsns vs Elfuseon
Memoric vs Bananacrazy111*
omar emad** vs smudgerox
Cao Jie vs Orangex

0-1 bracket
vs Onenance*
Watercelly* vs MackDad456*
SuckyLucky* vs xqiht
vs Spcplayzz
Fluore vs jonas
TheElectricGiga** vs Voltix
Primal Latios** vs Kmilo.16**
vs Astral Spectrier❤*
Fairy Juice Jay vs Ado!*
hidin** vs Kleut
Kingtechwizard2* vs hh6oo645*
vs Elsquidwardo85
vs bhbhbh**
Cracked3 vs anique*
Panurome** vs Tipsy gzz**
shadowmaster6789 vs El_Seco_0**
Hollow Soul**
vs Mr.Bossaru
vs Frank The Melmetal**
KeanuGrindingArc vs Crispy Baguette
sir jelloton vs big pichu
drdklp** vs Fangame10*
Astari** vs KiControlMaster23**
vs sk1191212**
** vs Ace98121212

Players with an asterisk next to their name have lost an activity call earlier in the tournament.

DEADLINE: Monday May 29, 12am GMT+2
Reminder that replays are mandatory!

A reminder on the rules and structure of the tournament:

This tournament's swiss period will go on for 7 weeks, after which we will have a single elimination top cut with all players with a x-2 or better record! This means that if you lose a game you are not out of the tournament yet!
We also do not have elimination, as to promote metagame development of the tier. However, you will be removed from the bracket if you lose two activity calls or ask to drop.
Games are to be played in a legal NatDex DOU format. New bans in the middle of a week will only apply to that next week. These announcements will be included in the respective round posts.

Make sure to join the NatDex DOU Discord!

/challenge gen9doublesou @@@ Standard Natdex, Evasion Abilities Clause, !Min Source Gen, -Arceus,-Calyrex-Ice,-Calyrex-Shadow,-Dialga,-Eternatus,-Giratina,-Groudon,-Ho-Oh,-Kyogre,-Kyurem-White,-Lugia,-Lunala,-Magearna,-Mewtwo,-Necrozma-Dawn Wings,-Necrozma-Dusk Mane,-Palkia,-Rayquaza,-Reshiram,-Shedinja,-Solgaleo,-Xerneas,-Yveltal,-Zacian,-Zamazenta-Crowned,-Zekrom,-Power Construct, -Gengarite, -Swagger, -Melmetal, +Annihilape,+Flutter Mane,+Tatsugiri,+Shadow Tag
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