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Welcome to the National Dex forum! This forum is used to discuss all things National Dex, an unofficial metagame based on the principle of every Pokemon, moves and items from Generation 8 National Dex being allowed in Generation 9! For a full guide on all the mechanics of National Dex, please check out this thread (gen8 thread, an updated gen9 version is coming soon). This subforum of National Dex focuses on the National Dex OU metagame, which is a parallel of an OU metagame.

National Dex Discord Link

Forum Rules

  • The first rule is also the easiest to follow: stay respectful with other users. Do not insult people and don't be rude with them! You are free to disagree with anyone, but keep it civil.
  • Before posting a new thread, please ask for moderator approval first (see the list of staff below). Mods reserve the right to close any thread that is not approved. For instance, don't make a new thread just to ask a question, but use the Simple Question, Simple Answers thread instead. Additionally, use the search feature to help you find existing topics. Do not make duplicate threads.
  • Do not post your in-game team here, or ask for help to improve your team. The Rate My Team section is the place to do this, which can be found here. Make sure to read their rules before posting there.
  • All posts should be based on actual in-game information. Please do not post speculation or your suggestions for fantasy Pokémon and refrain from theorymoning moves that you think a Pokémon should get. .
  • No discussion of ROMs is allowed. However, discussion based on importing the game is entirely allowed and welcome.
  • In threads discussing the metagame, do not assume any particular Pokémon are banned. Additionally, do not suggest that certain Pokémon should be banned, or that they will probably be banned. Finally, do not post predictions on which Pokémon will be banned. Likewise, don't suggest that certain Pokémon should be unbanned.
  • Non-competitive topics should be posted in Orange Islands. Orange Islands is the in-game subforum for discussion related to in-game aspects of Pokémon SV. For instace don't discuss about Pokémon you have bred / traded / trained in cartridge. The OU subforum houses discussion related to competitive play only.

General Posting Guidelines
- Don't double post. There's an edit button for a reason. If you need to delete one of your posts, the delete button is an option after selecting edit.

- Make the effort for your posts to be grammatically correct and coherent. We understand that not everyone speaks English as their first language, and we're willing to give some leeway here, but if English is your first language you really have no excuse to be making incoherent posts. Bad formatting not only makes your posts unpleasant to read, but they also lessen the positive impact of the points you're trying to make.

- Don't put your opinion in hide tags. This isn't really infract-worthy but if you're going to write a paragraph of your thoughts and opinion, make it visible. Hide tags have their place, but hiding your opinions in hide tags is apt to make people not read them at all. There is enough censorship on the internet already, don't censor yourself here.

- Avoid excessive quoting. It's obnoxious, especially when you quote three paragraphs to answer with a one-liner. Please don't do that.

- Don't reply to a quote by putting bold text inside the quote box. This is exceedingly difficult to properly respond to. If you feel the need to break up a quote, you can do so by editing the quote tags. For example:

[ QUOTE=User's Name]
Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

(The spaces in the tags shouldn't be there, this is just to show you the format)
Would become:

[ QUOTE=User's Name]
Paragraph 1


Paragraph 2

-Do not insult or flame other users in your posts. Correcting users when they say something that's clearly wrong is fine. Insulting them or saying they are stupid/retarded is an automatic 2 point infraction, no exceptions for anyone, badged users included.

Current National Dex Forum Staff Members
As a rule of thumb, remember that the application of each and every rule is subject to moderator discretion. If you have questions about the rules, their interpretation, or anything else related to the National Dex forum, then feel free to contact one of the OverUsed forum moderators above via private message.

Current National Council Members

National Dex is led by a Tier Leader and a council of experienced players. The current council consists of :

Metagame discussion

Viability Rankings - Kyo
  • A topic where the community, lead by a council, attempts to rank every "viable" Pokémon in National Dex. Excellent resource for getting a feel for how the various National Dex Pokémon fit into the metagame.
Metagame Discussion - R8
  • A thread dedicated to discussing all aspects of the current metagame.
Simple Questions, Simple Answers - Solaros & Lunaris
  • A place to ask simple questions that do not require a thread of their own to answer. This is the only place where so called "one liners" are tolerated.
Personal Viability Rankings Thread - astralydia
  • A thread dedicated to players wanting to share what they think the Viability Rankings should look like.


Sample Teams - (Coming soon)
  • A thread where sample teams are collected and posted to help newer users get acclimated to the metagame.
Set Compendium - hidingflames
  • A thread aiming to list most set options for every viable Pokemon in the metagame.
Speed Tiers - R8
  • A listing of the speed of every common set used in National Dex.
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Hello all! Small little announcement but there will be a change in staff structure going forward, where astralydia and myself will be the leaders of National Dex itself, while astralydia will be the only Tier Leader of National Dex OU.

What this means in practice? All it really changes is that I will no longer be on the council or tier leader of Natdex OU but I will still Lead the section itself in an administrator role, alongside Lydia. If you have any questions you're free to pm me but yea that's the gist of it
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