Non-official National Dex - Mega Metagross Suspect Voting

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Banned deucer.

List of eligible voters for the Mega Metagross Suspect Test:

If you do not see your name on the list and did achieve reqs, please send me a PM. Please wait a couple of hours for permissions to be send out before sending a PM asking for them please.

If you have PR Mods, remember to delete your post after voting otherwise it will show up.

Please use the following format when voting:

Mega Metagross: Ban
Mega Metagross: Do Not Ban
If your name is on the list but you‘re unable to post here, please contact me.

Voting will be open until Sunday, May 24rth @ 11:59:59 PM EST. A 60% majority will be required for Mega Metagross to be banned.
Not open for further replies.

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