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You have a Tapu Fini on your DragMag, this is fundamentally wrong. Your Dragons aside from Cyclizar don’t even have any Dragon type moves that take advantage of Magnezone’s trapping utility.

Are you using Magnezone to enable Cyclizar’s Draco Meteor on your Misty Terrain?
Why u locking the man out of the kitchen :psysad:

Voting for Yes or no my dude Eggy is chad af

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Congratulations to the winner of the DragMag cycle, Yes or no my dude, with their Alolan Exeggcutor + Dragalge Trick Room team!

Built this team with primarily alolan egg in mind. Started with regidrago over dragalge and alolan marowak over cress. Unsurprisingly, the first draft was shit.

After tweaking sets a lot this is the combination I came up with:

:exeggutor-alola: Sashed alolan egg put in a surprising amount of work, due to people underestimating its power and also, sash. It has great coverage and is able to combat offensive threats extremely well
:Magnezone: mag does mag things, traps mons and kills them. Specs is a good power boost that can help with dealing with annoying set up mons
:Dragalge: This mon is slept on. Adaptability with poison dragon and such good coverage makes it insanely hard to switch into, and leads to a lot of prediction wars that place momentum in your favor. It is also decently bulky.
:Hatterene: Does hat things on tr, anti hazards
:Kommo-o: late game sweeper, semi gambit counter
:Cresselia: Again does tr things, difference between this and regular trick room is it is an insanely useful pivot, as nothing else can really switch in to the likes of tusk and lop.

Team is destroyed by volcarona and stall, as well as the blobs. There is room to outplay most other things.

Tested against ladder until I got 5 wins in a row :> probably not the best metric. Tested around 1700s
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