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banner by emillight | Format (stolen) from OU Good Cores Thread
A strong core is one of the single most valuable things to form when creating a new team. Cores are typically made up of a group of Pokémon that, when used together, work excellently toward accomplishing a specific goal, and any good player uses them, intentionally or not. The majority of cores have varying characteristics that allow them to triumph in different areas, and depending on your team, cores can be built to succeed offensively or defensively. An offensive core is a group of Pokémon that are both focused towards and designed to enable the team to break through most other team styles while being balanced for general play. A defensive core is a group of Pokémon chosen to give a team a solid set of resistances and the ability to switch into many of the common and threatening attacks in the metagame, allowing it to stick around long enough to win the match. Overall, cores function as a fantastic base or starting point for a wide range of teams and they are commonly used while teambuilding to achieve a specific goal.
:corviknight:Posting Guidelines
  • Any person can post a core in this thread. The cores are broken down into four categories: offensive cores, balanced cores, defensive cores, and weather cores. When posting your core, please make sure to state which one of these categories your core falls under.
  • Although the way your core works may be obvious to you, this may not be the case for others. As such, when posting a core, please make sure to explain how the core operates and any other details you think are important to include. The explanations don't have to be essays; as long as your post has some substance and conveys the main idea behind the core, it's all good. Here are some things you may like to include when explaining your core:
    • Offensive Core: Should your core be an offensive one, such as Clefable + Dragapult, you could explain how those two Pokemon work together to break down their similar checks and any other synergistic traits. You could also mention any weaknesses the core has and any partners you believe work well with the core.
      • Here is a good example of what we look for taken from the ORAS iteration.
    • Defensive Core: Should your core be defensive, such as Seismitoad + Corviknight, you could explain their typing synergy allows them to cover problematic Pokemon for one another, or any other synergistic attributes you feel are relevant. You could also mention any weaknesses the core has and any partners you believe work well with the core.
      • Here is a good example of what we look for taken from the ORAS iteration.
  • This goes without saying, but do make sure your post includes the sets your core is using. In addition, please try to include an explanation of any EV spreads deviating from the standard 252 / 252. Replays are also very helpful and highly encouraged when posting cores.
  • Please do not post a core that has more than 3 Pokemon because cores bigger than this can restrict building immensely.
  • Please be respectful of the cores people post in this thread. If someone posts a core that you think is ineffective or just plain bad, there is no need to jump at their throats. With that said, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged - simply be nice!
:darmanitan-galar:Core Selection Process
  • I will carefully monitor the cores posted in this thread. When the time comes, I will look at the posted cores and decide which ones will be featured in the archive.
  • While the selection of good cores can often be subjective, I will take into consideration a variety of aspects before deciding which cores are featured in the archive. This includes quality of explanation, effectiveness of the core in the current metagame, and so on. I will carefully discuss everything and seek feedback from others to ensure the selected cores are of high quality.
  • When I decide which cores will be featured in the archive, I will try to announce them and provide brief explanations behind why certain cores were selected and why certain cores weren't. This feedback can potentially help give people a clearer picture of what we are looking for.
  • If a core is originally rejected from the archive, I can definitely provide some tips on how a set or spread can be tweaked so the core meets the standards we look for.
  • Just like with anyone else who posts a core, please feel free to bring up any concerns you might have with our posts and/or the cores we select! However, please be sure to be polite, and if it is a simple question/concern, we'd prefer it being directed to us in a PM.
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Offensive Cores

Balanced / Defensive Cores
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I played a bit of this metagame but on the ladder I've had some really cool cores that shredded a lot of teams. I'm not gonna list any dynamax mons as they're getting yeeted soon anyway.

:genesect: + :dugtrio:

Heatran and Toxapex are some of the most consistent answers to Genesect so it seemed quite fitting to have Dugtrio as partner. So you either die from U-turn or get U-turned and then trapped. The amount of times I've swept with a Scarf Genesect is absurd.

:aegislash: + :hydreigon:

This is a no brainer, both have the best defensive synergy you could ask for. Doesn't matter what set you use, the fact these 2 can switch into the others checks is really good.

:scizor-mega: + :zygarde:

This was a old core from SM but they once again prove to be a excellent combo. Curse Scizor is a great check to a lot of physical attackers, however it has trouble with Toxapex and Heatran. Scizor can help lure them in and you can double switch to let Zygarde in safely. The Zygarde is up to you tbh but CB is great for forcing damage on something I guess.

:heatran: + :tapu bulu:

If you played SM you will know what I'm talking about with this one.

:tyranitar: + :excadrill:

I really don't need to explain this one.

:ditto: + :toxapex:

Toxapex is best partner that Ditto could dream of. Absorbs T-spikes and regenerate any chip so Ditto can just stall out more passive teams by simply existing.
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I'll get some things going in here and put in some cores that have been working well for me so far.

:Kartana: and :Blastoise-Mega:

If you're looking for a good offensive core on screens than look no further. We all know that Mega Blastoise is an incredibly potent cleaner and wallbreaker for these hyper offense teams, but it struggles against certain walls such as Chansey and Tapu Fini. Kartana scares the living daylights out of both of them and can chip Magearna which can usually take a hit from Blastoise if its healthy. Blastoise can also switch in to Fire type attacks aimed at Kart and proceed to Smash it up. These two have great synergy and should definitely be considered for any screen team right now if you ask me.

:Heatran: and :Tangrowth:

A lot like BuluTran although this has some merit as well as Tangrowth is arguably the best BandVish counter in the tier right now. This is another standby from SM that still works well here.

:Torkoal: and :Venusaur:

Might be worth adding as a core for Sun teams which have some degree of viability right now in my opinion. No big deal if this one isn't added though I'm fully aware that sun is pretty fringe. Still very threatening though thanks to buffs to Venusaur.
:Hatterene: + :Charizard-Mega Y:/:Charizard-Mega X:

Similar to the Volcarona + Hatterene core, the Zard twins HATE Stealth Rock and Toxapex, both of which are dealt with by Hatterene, thanks to its access to Magic Bounce and Calm Mind. In return, they can bop Heatran with Focus Blast and Earthquake respectively. Defog support is still needed obviously, since Hatterene's Magic Bounce isn't enough to prevent Rocks, so stuff like Scarf Kartana(who completes a Steel/Fairy/Dragon core if you use Zard X) pairs well.

:Dragapult: + :Greninja-Ash:

EBelt variants of Dragapult appreciate Ash-Gren laying down Spikes to wear down Toxapex, allowing it to hit Pex harder with Tbolt to pressure it while also hitting bulky grasses like Bulu and Ferrothorn with Fire Blast/Flamethrower, which can help facilitate a sweep in the late game.

:Tapu Bulu: + :Toxapex:

Physically defensive variants of Bulu wall Vish (248HP/180Def/80 SpD with Impish avoids 2HKO from Ash-Gren's Specs Hydro Pump after Stealth Rock), meaning Pex can more comfortably run specially defensive sets to better wall Ash-Gren, Volcarona, etc. while Grassy Terrain lets Pex wall other mons it normally couldn't deal with too well with more ease, such as Scarf Landorus-Therian, Scarf Darm-G, Zard-X with Earthquake, and so on. A mon that can switch into Mega Metagross, as well as Lele and Mega Alakazam is recommended as this Bulu variant can't pivot into them.
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:sm/Zygarde: + :sm/metagross-mega:
This is a pretty potent offensive core I've seen and used quite a bit and it's even better now with Dugtrio no longer threatening to revenge kill Metagross whenever it comes in. This core works by having Zygarde lure in and Toxic pokemon that check both itself and Metagross, such as Physically Defensive Tangrowth and Slowbro. Once Poisoned, both can be beaten down by Choice Band Zygarde + Mega Metagross and eventually lose out.

:sm/tangrowth: + :sm/tapu fini:
A really solid defensive core that utilises Physically defensive Tangrowth in order to check Pokemon such as Zygarde and Mega Metagross, whilst Tapu Fini provides it with Misty Terrain to prevent it from being Poisoned by the former. Tapu Fini also provides a great check to common threats such as Ash Greninja, Mega Blastoise, and Galarian Darmanitan which Tang can struggle to deal with, the former 2 especially so when it's lacking an Assault Vest. The Tapu Fini spread maximises its Special bulk whilst allowing it to outspeed non-Scarf Dracovish in order to avoid the boosted Fishious Rend damage

:sm/genesect: + :sm/tyranitar mega:
A strong offensive core that utilises Genesect + a Heatran abuser, in this case, Mega Tyranitar. Pretty simple, Genesect does its thing and can U-turn out on Heatran and bring in Tyranitar which can wall Heatran and threaten it out with Earthquake, opening up opportunities to set Stealth Rock or get chip damage with Pursuit so it is easier for Genesect to overwhelm later in the battle.
:Genesect: + :Darmanitan-galar:
Despite Dugtrio's ban, this core remains effective due to both mons having extreme kill pressure and U-Turn spam.

:Tangrowth: + :Mantine:
This is effectively the same as the TanFini core, sacrificing status immunity for reliable recovery, more reliable hazard removal, and a ground immunity.

:Ferrothorn: + :Reuniclus: + :Toxapex:
A strong balance core and wincon that relies on hazard stacking to abuse Double Dance Reuniclus. An attacker who terrifies dark types is basically absolutely required for this core to work. Credit to Guardsweeper where its due.

:Seismitoad: + :heatran: + :tapu-bulu:
Your typical FWG balance core. Grassy Terrain helps provide increased recovery to both Tran and Seis, so running Protect on both of them is pretty much a must.

:slowbro-mega: + :Tangrowth: + :Toxapex:
Cancerous Regenerator Spam. Constantly switch into attacks and slowly make your opponent die with Toxic Spikes. Tornadus-Therian is a good teammate for obvious reasons, and the usual Heatran and Ferro is never bad either.

:Grimmsnarl: + :Blastoise-mega:
Pretty basic. Send in Grimmsnarl. Use Reflect. Use Light Screen. Use Thunder Wave. Send in Blastoise and GG.

:hydreigon: + :scizor-mega:
A lot of the stuff that threatens Hydreigon, Mega Scizor quite handedly takes care of. Hydreigon also is a good switch-in to shit that scares Scizor like Blacephalon and Rotom-Fire.

:hydreigon: + :aegislash:
An even better variation of the previous core. Its basically the same, but Aegislash breaks through shit with SubToxic that Hydreigon is unable to once he expends his Darkinium Z.
This is one of my favorite cores right now. Spikes make wearing down and pressuring Genesect's checks much easier, and Ferrothorn's also able to remove the items from Pokemon like Heatran very consistently.

Slowbro + Heatran's a very solid core. They sport some excellent synergy, being able to deal with a lot of eachother's checks. Slowbro can take care of Pokemon such as Zygarde and Mega Lopunny, while Heatran can take advantage of Pokemon such as Tangrowth and Aegislash which Slowbro tends to bait in.

Shoutouts to Chazm for coming up with Electrium Z Dragapult. This is a really cool core that revolves around luring Pokemon such as Tapu Fini with Dragapult for Galarian Darmanitan. Beyond that, Dragapult can also take advantage of Pokemon like Slowbro pretty well.
Only got 2 but I think they're good enough for this resource.

:sm/heatran: + :ss/dracovish:

I really like this core. The most annoying thing about using Dracovish is dealing with its Checks and Counters. Its always pressured in some way or another to pick a move. Grassium Heatran is here to help by luring Slowbro, Gastrodon, Seismitoad. With them out of the way, Dracovish and nuke Defensive teams quite easily.

:sm/tangrowth: + :sm/chansey:

Seems to be a very popular defensive backbone for a lot of offensives right now. Tangrowth checks Zygarde, Dracovish, Mega Metagross. While Chansey patches up Tang's low SpD quite nicely.

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1/26/20 Update

The following cores have been added to the list
  • Aegislash + Hydreigon (Sagisolar)
  • Mega Scizor + Zygarde (Sagisolar)
  • Heatran + Tapu Bulu (Sagisolar)
  • Tyranitar + Excadrill (Sagisolar)
  • Ditto + Toxapex (Sagisolar)
  • Dracovish + Heatran (Sagisolar)
  • Chansey + Tangrowth (Sagisolar)
  • Kartana + Mega Blastoise (SputnikGT)
  • Heatran + Tapu Bulu (SputnikGT)
  • Tapu Bulu + Toxapex (KirbCena)
  • Zygarde + Mega Metagross (Jho)
  • Tangrowth + Tapu Fini (Jho)
  • Tangrowth + Mantine (The Amazonian Rainforest)
  • Hydreigon + Mega Scizor (The Amazonian Rainforest)
  • Ferrothorn + Genesect (Jordy)
  • Slowbro + Heatran (Jordy)
  • Dragapult + Galarian Darmanitan (Jordy)
  • Mega Lopunny + Ash Greninja (Solaros & Lunaris)
The following cores have been removed from the list
  • Tapu Koko + Galarian Darmanitan
  • Mega Latias + Toxapex
In the future, these will coincide with VR updates. Also, all cores have sets now, you’re welcome. These posts will also be linked in the third post of the thread.
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Welp, I'm posting here again
:sm/kyurem: + :sm/toxapex:

I'm kinda surprised this hasn't been brought up yet. This is a core from last gen that I've found to be pretty decent in the current meta. Kyurem's newfound access to Freeze Dry allows it to pressure defensive teams, especially opposing Pex, more consistently, as well as now being able to threaten virtually every WG core out there. However, it struggles against certain mons like Volcarona and can't reliably PP stall and beat Chansey on its own. This is where Pex comes in, walling Kyurem's offensive checks while setting Tspikes for its defensive answers. Honestly something that should see more usage. Pex spread is a placeholder, while the Kyurem spread lets you create 101 HP Subs that survive Seismic Toss while avoiding the OHKO from Zard Y Fire Blast.

:sm/tangrowth: + :sm/slowbro:

One of, if not the best, Regenerator core rn. Both mons stack the ability to check Zygarde and Megagross to relieve pressure off of each other. Tang also deals with stuff like Ash Greninja for Bro thanks to AV, while Bro protects Tang from Vish and Darm-G. A defogger like Torn-T to remove hazards is definitely recommended as these two hate being poisoned by TSpikes and worn down by chip.

:sm/Lopunny-mega: +:sm/hydreigon:

Hydreigon takes advantage of common defensive stops to Lopunny, namely bulky Psychics like Slowbro as well as stuff like Phys. Def. Tangrowth. It can also lure and kill Pex with Z-Earth Power, allowing Lopunny to clean up afterwards. A Fairy switchin like Ferrothorn (who also gives this core great support in Spikes) would make an obvious partner.
:sm/blastoise-mega: + :ss/hydreigon:

Ok Z-Belch isn't required for this core but its fun killing Fini 100% of the time. Anyway since Hydreigon shares the same checks as Mega Blastoise it can help it overwhelm Tapu Fini and Clefable for Stoise to sweep easily.

:ss/excadrill: + :sm/greninja: + :sm/zygarde:

This might be a bit too specific but this is Toxic Spikes + SubProtect Zygarde. Basically the idea is to toxic Tangrowth and Slowbro and then letting Zygarde stall them out with ease. I was destroyed by this core here and it was seen again the finals here.

:ss/clefable: + :ss/ferrothorn:

This is a amazing Hazard stacking core for bulkier teams. Mostly because they both annoy the defoggers in the tier pretty well. Knock Off on Ferrothorn can put Heatran and Aegislash on a timer for the amount of times they can come in on Clefable. I find it funny that the banner has this core at the forefront and its not in the Resource.

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3/13/20 Update

The following cores have been added to the list
  • Kyurem + Toxapex (KirbCena)
  • Tangrowth + Slowbro (KirbCena)
  • Mega Lopunny + Hydreigon (KirbCena)
  • Mega Blastoise + Hydreigon (Sagisolar)
  • Clefable + Ferrothorn (Sagisolar)
The following cores have been removed from the list
  • Volcarona + Hatterene
  • Heatran + Tapu Bulu
  • Tapu Bulu + Toxapex
  • Mega Metagross + Zygarde (3/19/20)
  • Serperior + Zygarde (3/19/20)
  • Mega Scizor + Zygarde (3/19/20)
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:sm/metagross-mega: + :sm/garchomp:

The recent Zygarde ban has allowed Garchomp to return back to the forefront as one of the tier's premier Stealth Rock setters. This particular core features the Dragonium variant, which is especially lethal in this case because it blasts through checks that Chomp and Metagross share. +2 Z-Outrage is a guaranteed OHKO on Slowbro, while Phys. Def Tangrowth is OHKOed after minimal chip damage. Garchomp running Stealth Rock also frees a slot on Metagross. The two have some decent defensive synergy too, with Chomp absorbing Fire-type moves for Meta, while Meta can absorb weaker Ice and Fairy moves aimed at Chomp. Magnezone is a great partner, removing Corviknight as well as Kartana and Ferrothorn, making this core's ability to wallbreak much better. Make sure you have a good stallbreaker too, as these two don't exactly have the best matchup against it.

:sm/Tapu-Fini: + :sm/Scizor-mega:

Decent defensive core for those Balance/BO teams. Mega Scizor and Tapu Fini are the best checks in the tier to Mega Metagross and Mega Blastoise respectively and they just so happen to pair rather well together. Scizor pivots into other mons that Fini wants nothing to do with like Kartana and DD Pult, while Fini pivots into a lot of what Scizor hates, namely Ash-Gren, Volcarona, Heatran, etc. Fini also Defogs away hazards that can otherwise put Scizor in range of being removed, while Scizor's slow U-turn gives Fini an opportunity to switchin without taking damage, furthering her longevity.

:sm/Rotom-Heat: + :ss/Dracovish:

The core list could use some Heattom cores since it's such a great wallbreaker, so I'll share one I've tried a bit. Basically, Rotom-Heat boosts up with Nasty Plot and removes all the bulky waters and grasses that stand in Vish's way, like Slowbro, Alomomola, and Tangrowth, while also pivoting it into favorable situations where it safely fire off Fishious Rends without taking a lot of damage. In return, Vish forces out stuff that tends to annoy Rotom, namely bulky Grounds. Definitely a bit of a funky core, but it's surprisingly effective at dealing with bulkier teams.


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One of my favourite pairings. Mega Metagross really appreciates something that can switch into Ash-Gren pretty easily while also chipping down its checks with its STAB or Nature's Madness, also works amazingly considering how Misty Terrain allows Megagross to unleash its STABs more freely without worrying about Scald burns from things like Slowbro and Toxapex.


Ik this is weird to add given that the suspect is almost over, but idk why this wasn't added before. It's pretty simple. Since Mega Blastoise lacks good checks besides a few Pokemon and really no counters whatsoever, Mew works so well with it, its ability to set up hazards for its checks mean that Blastoise's checks become more and more worn down to the point where they cannot be considered checks to it anymore, Fini especially is a block for Blastoise and Spikes support completely wears it down.

(Oof, The core list doesn't have Zard X. I'll fix that) Zard X can handle most bulky mons out there, like Toxapex, Tangrowth, and Ferrothorn, it's also one of the best Dragon Dancers out there, but it has trouble dealing with stealth rocks and most entry hazards, but Zapdos is able to deal entry hazards using defog and is a great switch in, if an opponent uses EQ on Zard X, Zapdos' Volt Switch is able to put in chip damage and switch out to Zard X which can finish it off, this core is a bit problematic with Rock-Type attacks, but Tang and Ferrothorn are a solid choices for the core when taking damage. Overall, it's a solid offensive core


(This is some nasty stuff right here) Darm-G is one of the best offensive mons in the meta right now and Grimmsnarl makes great partner for it, this offensive core can deal with Mega Metagross, Mega Zard X, Ash-Gren, and Dragapult, with Grimmsnarl's Thunder Wave support and with that Darm-G can wall break most offensive mons. Grimmsnarl can also use screens and weaken damage from opposing Pokemon. This core is an offensive nightmare and is a pretty solid core
:ss/mew: + :ss/bisharp:

This core is the reason Spikes HO has been the most consistent play-style of that archetype. Mew go spike spike and Bisharp go knock knock.

:sm/charizard-mega-y: + :sm/victini:

Fire spam is legit lol. Victini can very easily blow right past Slowbro and Toxapex when in sun making it impossible to wall without some serious sturdy reists like Mega Slowbro. Due to Victini being able nuke the bulkier checks, Mega Charizard Y can comfortably fire off attackers at frailer pokemon. Should note Victini can also lure in the other weather setters with U-turn or even kill them with Bolt Strike and Brick Break.

Also I personally don't think that C ranked Pokemon should be in the archive since they are either only put on teams in rare situations or being built around.

These mons form a potent offensive core. DD Ghostium Dragapult+Specs Hoopa can weaken each others checks..Clef never enjoys eating a Specs Psyshock coming from Hoopa's massive 700+ Sp Atk stat,meaning that it will think twice about switching in. Hoopa is also specially bulky enough to not care about anything Specs Greninja wants to do and OHKO it back with a Specs Tbolt or Focus Blast. Hoopa can also switch into the annoying bulky waters that might be able to tank a hit from Drag and burn it with scald. In return, Drag scares out fast physical mons like Garchomp that Hoopa would rather not deal with.


Excellent type synergy. Greninja tends to invite in mons like Ferrothorn, Fini and Pex which Manectrics excellent Electric/Fire/Ice coverage throttles. Pre Mega evolution, Manectric offers an electric immunity which gren greatly appreciates. These two mons combined offer an excellent anti rain matchup(if Gren is scarf), because repeated chip U turns from Gren will be enough to weaken Swampert into range of another teammate, annihiliating the team's only electric immunity.


Volcanion has a 4x resistance to ice and fire and a water immunity so it can switch into many attacks that would outright OHKO Lando like G-Darms Icicle Crash or CB Crawdaunt's Crabhammer or Dracovish's Fishous Rend. With a great SP Atk stat, it also isn't passive unlike the other water immunity/resists people use like Seismitoad, Pex, Slowbro or Tang. Lando offers a ground and electric immunity as well as a rock neutrality. meaning it can switch into mons like Excadrill and opposing Landorus.


Obvious one here. Scizor mauls Clefable and other fairies who love switching into it. Hydreigon loves coming in on fire types like Heatran so it can throw off one of its powerful Specs or Nasty Plot boosted attacks. Scizor also provides a fighting neutrality and a bug resistance. Both of these mons have reliable recovery so they can continue to switch in on each others threats. Overall a great offensive core.

Landorus-T & Alomomola Defensive Core
Lando+Mola has been a core I've used a lot lately to great success. Lando provides utility in Rocks+Defog for the team, while Mola can Wish to Lando and other members. Lando eats Electric type moves, and beats Thunder Punch Mega Metagross. Lando able to switch into many physical threats, chipping them, then doubling back to Mola to wish back and repeat the process, while chipping the threats. Mola resists Water and Ice moves that Lando hates.
:ss/metagross-mega: + :ss/greninja-ash:
This is probably the most common and effective offensive core in the current metagame as the two of them together have very few checks and are incredibly difficult to play around. Mega Metagross takes advantage of Pokemon like Tapu Fini which check Ash Greninja, where as Ash Greninja easily takes on Pokemon such as Slowbro, Hippowdon, and Corviknight which check Mega Metagross. An incredibly potent core most commonly paired with Darmanitan-G to further pressure the bulky Water-types.

:ss/Hippowdon: + :ss/Toxapex:
In a hunt to find ways to check both Metagross and Ash Greninja this core works out pretty well as Specially Defensive Toxapex with Baneful Bunker can take on Ash Greninja well enough, and Rocky Helmet Hippowdon can easily take on Metagross without any well-timed Attack raises. Toxapex also offers additional Darmanitan-G counterplay as it can pivot in to any attack and then act accordingly on the following turn - a trait which is very much appreciated for teams featuring Hippowdon.
Alomomola and AV Tangrowth has fantastic synergy. Alomomola absorbs the Ice and Fire type attacks that Tangrowth dreads, and in return, Tangrowth eats Grass and Electric type attacks. In addition to their complementary typings, their access to Regenerator gives them longevity. Alomomola in particular can heal both itself and it's teammates thanks to Wish.

Mega Lopunny gaining U turn made it one of the best megas period. As opponents switch into a bulky Mon that can easily take on Lop, lopunny's new U turn can simply pivot out into Kyurem which can abuse it's checks like alomaloma, tangrowth etc. Meanwhile due to kyurem's poor offensive MU and mainly as a wallbreakers it appreciates lops blistering speed to threaten other offensive Pokémon that threaten Kyurem.
Submitting as an offensive core

A balanced FWG core with Specially Defensive Heatran, Physically Defensive Toxapex, and Choice optionally a Band Rillaboom.

Heatran and Toxapex already are a good defensive core as is, but Rillaboom is great as it provides offensive with Grassy Terrain boosted Wood hammer and Grassy Glide, and defensive support by providing 1/8th recovery and reducing Earthquake’s damage.
Rillaboom @ Choice Band
Ability: Grassy Surge
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Wood Hammer
- Grassy Glide
- Knock Off
- U-turn

Heatran @ Leftovers
Ability: Flash Fire
EVs: 252 HP / 136 SpD / 120 Spe
Calm Nature
- Lava Plume
- Toxic
- Earth Power/Stealth Rock
- Protect

Toxapex @ Black Sludge
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Toxic
- Recover
- Scald
- Haze
Pretty standard EVs and movesets.
120 Speed on Heatran ensures that it will outspeed neutral nature Magnezone.
These types compliment each other well.
Toxapex has Rillaboom to fall back on against Ground (Earthquake being reduced by Grassy Terrain too) and Electric moves, and has Heatran to combat Psychic types.
Heatran has Rillaboom for Ground types as well, where Rillaboom can give Heatran 1/8th of its HP back each turn, Toxapex can handle the Fighting types, and both Rillaboom and Toxapex can deal with the Water types.
Rillaboom benefits from both of Heatran and Pex as they both resist/immune to Fire, Bug, Ice, Poison and Heatran resists Flying.
If your team doesn’t have hazards already, you can use Heatran to be your hazard setter.

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