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Welcome to National Dex Rarelyused! Here you may discuss all things Nat Dex RU, from thoughts on the Meta to theorymonning! Every Pokemon under the 4.52% cutoff in the National Dex Underused that is not banned to RUBL is allowed in the tier.

What people considered to be unthinkable, for even those that regularly played this tier has actually happened, a new generation bringing forth a huge amount of mons with many of the OU and UU staples stepping into the tier, it's going to be one hell of a ride. Join us in our Discord Server and be ready!

Council: Gangsta Spongebob (Tier Leader)


Posting Rules

  1. Stay on topic; make sure whatever you post has some relation to the Nat Dex RU Metagame.
  2. Avoid responding solely with jokes or one-liners; make sure to have some substance in your posts. Jokes and one-liners are fine in a post; just make sure you add something to the discussion as well.
  3. Simple questions, such as "How good is Mega Houndoom?" are allowed, but we highly recommend looking at our resources and asking the Discord before asking them here (But since this is the opening, I will allow it for a bit, just more controlled)
  4. Absolutely no shittalking or toxicity, posts attacking anyone will be deleted and possibly met with an infraction.

National Dex RU Banlist

Note that many of these Pokemon may have risen to higher tiers since their ban

  • :aerodactyl-mega: Aerodactyl-Mega
  • :alakazam: Alakazam
  • :altaria-mega: Altaria-Mega
  • :bisharp: Bisharp
  • :cresselia: Cresselia:
  • :deoxys-defense: Deoxys-Defense
  • :dondozo: Dondozo
  • :gallade-mega: Gallade-Mega
  • :gardevoir-mega: Gardevoir-Mega
  • :gengar: Gengar
  • :gyarados: Gyarados
  • :hawlucha: Hawlucha
  • :heracross-mega: Heracross-Mega
  • :iron hands: Iron Hands
  • :iron leaves: Iron Leaves
  • :jirachi: Jirachi
  • :keldeo: Keldeo
  • :keldeo-resolute: Keldeo-Resolute
  • :kyurem: Kyurem
  • :latias: Latias
  • :latias-mega: Latias-Mega
  • :latios: Latios
  • :latios-mega: Latios-Mega
  • :manaphy: Manaphy
  • :mew: Mew
  • :moltres-galar: Moltres-Galar
  • :porygon-z: Porygon-Z
  • :polteageist: Polteageist
  • :salamence: Salamence
  • :terrakion: Terrakion
  • :victini: Victini
  • :xurkitree: Xurkitree
  • :zapdos-galar: Zapdos-Galar
  • :light clay: Light Clay
  • Drizzle

Viability Rankings-

4/1/23 - :espathra: :mawile-mega: Espathra and Mawile-Mega have been quickbanned from UU, thus affecting RU

1/2/23 - National Dex RU Leaves Alpha Stage

9/2/23 - :politoed:(:damp rock:) :manaphy: :polteageist: :xurkitree: Drizzle, Manaphy, Polteageist and Xurkitree have been banned from National Dex RU

28/2/23 - :dondozo: :iron hands: :kyurem: :gardevoir-mega: :victini: Dondozo, Iron Hands, Kyurem, Gardevoir-Mega and Victini have been banned from National Dex RU

1/3/23 - National Dex RU Leaves Beta Stage

11/3/23 - :Jirachi: :Gallade-mega: :gyarados: :latios: :latios-mega: :salamence: :porygon-z: :light clay: Jirachi, Gallade-Mega, Gyarados, Latios, Latios-Mega, Salamence, Porygon-Z and Light Clay have been banned from National Dex RU

3/4/23 - :hawlucha: :mew: :moltres-galar: :latias: :latias-mega: :zapdos-galar::heat rock: Hawlucha, Mew, Moltres-Galar, Latias, Latias-Mega, Zapdos-Galar and Heat Rock have been banned from National Dex RU

7/5/23 - :alakazam: :gengar: :heracross-mega: :keldeo: :terrakion:Alakazam, Gengar, Heracross-Mega, Keldeo and Terrakion have been banned from Nat Dex RU

17/6/23 - :aerodactyl-mega: :bisharp: :deoxys-defense: :iron leaves:
Mega Aerodactyl, Bisharp, Deoxys-Defense, and Iron Leaves have been banned from Nat Dex RU

11/7/23 - :ninetales: (:heat rock:)
Drought has been quickbanned from Nat Dex UU, thus affecting RU

31/7/23 - :altaria-mega: :cresselia: :heat rock:
Mega Altaria and Cresselia have been banned from Nat Dex RU, while Heat Rock has been unbanned.
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NatDex RU Viability Rankings!

Pokemon will be ranked in descending order; there is no divide in viability inbetween ranks. There is no differentiation in offensive and defensive Pokemon. Toxapex may be A+ for its defensive utility, while Hydreigon may be A+ for its capabilities as a wallbreaker.


:avalugg-hisui: Avalugg-Hisui
:basculegion: Basculegion
:basculegion-f: Basculegion-F
:braviary-hisui: Braviary-Hisui
:blissey: Blissey
:cyclizar: Cyclizar
:decidueye-hisui: Decidueye-Hisui
:electrode-hisui: Electrode-Hisui
:enamorus-therian: Enamorus-Therian
:houndstone: Houndstone
:lilligant-hisui: Lilligant-Hisui
:nihilego: Nihilego
:overqwil: Overqwil
:tangrowth: Tangrowth
:typhlosion-hisui: Typholosion-Hisui
:torkoal: Torkoal
:wyrdeer: Wyrdeer

Top of the top. Rulers of the metagame. These Pokemon fit on most playstyles and need minimal support to function, if any at all.


There is still a lot of debate about who can be considered the best mon in the metagame, but none has a unanimous support as of yet.

Meta defining, but not to the extent of the Pokemon in S Rank. These Pokemon need minimal support to function.




Solid Pokemon, but they don't shape the meta like S and A Rank. They have a defined role which is often applicable and usually quite valuable. These Pokemon always need some support to bring out the best in them.




Niche Pokemon that have little to no effect on the metagame, being rarely applicable, highly specific or simply not that valuable in the current meta. Using these Pokemon requires you to focus most of the team on supporting it. Oftentimes when a Pokemon only fits on one specific archetype, they'll reside in this tier.


:Scream Tail:Scream Tail

Any questions about the VR are more than welcome, and we'd be glad to answer all of them.
This also means that VR nominations are available. Please refer to the below rules that have been gracefully stolen from NDOU.

There are some guidelines to keep in mind before posting here. We want to foster intelligent discussion, not unfounded arguments. Please keep these things in mind:
  • Posts like "I think X Pokemon should be in Y Rank" will be deleted; make sure to back your opinion with facts and an actual analysis of the metagame.
  • Adding onto the above, I would simply like to point out that, while usage stats may be used to support your argument, they should not be the basis of your argument. Saying something along the lines of "X Pokemon is not used often, so it should drop" or "X Pokemon is used very often, but it isn't ranked very high, it should rise" are not valid arguments.
  • You shouldn't merely state the obvious things either. We know that Galarian Darmanitan has access to a very strong STAB Icicle Crash combined with good coverage options. We are far more interested in knowing what meta trends may favor Galarian Darmanitan.
  • Replays are mandatory to support a nomination if a Pokemon is Unranked.
  • This is not the place for personal attacks. Not everyone agrees on the viability of Pokemon, and that is no reason to attack them. Any posts that do attack users will be swiftly deleted and met with an infraction.
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None of these mons are healthy, none of these mons are holy, and I'm sure as hell that none of these mons should be down here. Some of these mons are sleeper threats, some of these threats are already fucking wide-awake. Hell, there are mons here that aren't even on this list that are super fucking broken. What the fuck was NDUU ladder smoking to drop Mawile-Mega, Kommo-o, Weavile, Blaziken, Rillaboom, etc to RU, BUT KEEP SWELLOW OF ALL MONS IN UU!?!? This tier is going to be a wild one for the first month and I don't even know if I'm gonna enjoy the ride.

Good luck and enjoy Hell everyone!
Nightmare Blunt Rotation
None of these mons are healthy, none of these mons are holy, and I'm sure as hell that none of these mons should be down here. Some of these mons are sleeper threats, some of these threats are already fucking wide-awake. Hell, there are mons here that aren't even on this list that are super fucking broken. What the fuck was NDUU ladder smoking to drop Mawile-Mega, Kommo-o, Weavile, Blaziken, Rillaboom, etc to RU, BUT KEEP SWELLOW OF ALL MONS IN UU!?!? This tier is going to be a wild one for the first month and I don't even know if I'm gonna enjoy the ride.

Good luck and enjoy Hell everyone!
"Man, the first month of NatDex UU wasn't very fun" we all said, before the usage statistics turned RU into whatever the hell this is.
My reaction to this information

Kyurem @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Pressure
Tera Type: Ice
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Freeze-Dry
- Roost
- Earth Power
- Dragon Dance
Kyurem was banned from OU last gen, and for good reason! This guy being in Natdex RU is just stupid, with most of its counters being gone, this guy is a threat with a Freeze Dry + Earth Power combination which cant be resisted and hurts badly most of the tier. The ability to boost its speed makes this guy one of the best late game sweepers in the tier, being capable of enduring any hit and doing big damage with its combination of moves.

We may have been saved from Greninja's tongue, but we still have 30 mons to go to make this tier healthy, at this point Zamazenta could drop and no one would be surprised, so much power creep.

Regidrago @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Dragon's Maw
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Dragon Energy
- Dragon Pulse
- Tera Blast
- Earth Power
With Tera not being banned in Natdex OU for some reason, this little Jaw is full of steroids in form of terastelization, with the addition of a good steel move and earth power to hit grounds, being able to click Dragon Energy or Dragon Pulse is easy and effortless.

In these moments, I ask myself, didnt Natdex OU expect this? They have a whole tera ice Regieleki going on in their tier and yet still decided to not ban terastelization? This is dumb.
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| 91 | Donphan | 1.82222% | 1466 | 1.733% | 1232 | 1.897% |

While we've got mountains of insanity, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this historic occurrence?

On other news, enjoy playing our totally fair and balanced tier. Expect to see many bans when we leave Alpha.
Swellow is in NDUU while ESPATHRA AND KYUREM are in this tier. This boutta be a repeat of NDUU Alpha. I will say it wont be as powerful as Alpha NDUU, but it will be very strong. I am looking forward to trying out a few Pokemon in this tier. Im at class rn so I'll probably edit this comment, but I do wanna try out Mega Hera and Mega Gardevoir to see how good they are here.
with all of the tier drops i think its getting pretty confusing so im going to make a list of mons that dropped from last gen, hopefully i dont miss any lol:
:kommo-o: kommo o
:kyurem: kyurem
:mawile-mega: mega mawile
:rillaboom: rillaboom
:serperior: serperior
:slowbro: slowbro
:victini: victini
:weavile: weavile

:Aerodactyl-Mega: mega aerodactyl
:alakazam: alakazam
:blacephalon: blacephalon
:blaziken: blaziken
:gallade-mega: mega gallade
:gardevoir-mega: mega gardevoir
:gengar: gengar
:hawlucha: hawlucha
:heracross-mega: mega heracross
:hoopa-unbound: hoopa unbound
:jirachi: jirachi
:latias: latias
:latias-mega: mega latias
:latios: latios
:latios-mega: mega latios
:mew: mew
:moltres-galar: galarian moltres
:porygon-z: porygon z
:sableye-mega: mega sableye
:slowbro-mega: mega slowbro
:thundurus: thundurus
:thundurus-therian: thundurus therian
:zapdos-galar: galarian zapdos

:altaria-mega: mega altaria
:amoonguss: amoonguss
:beedrill-mega: the bee
:breloom: breloom
:chandelure: chandelure
:donphan: the don
:hippowdon: hippowdon
:hydreigon: hydreigon
:infernape: infernape
:krookodile: krookodile
:mamoswine: mamoswine
:mandibuzz: mandibuzz
:mienshao: mienshao
:moltres: moltres
:nidoking: nidoking
:nihilego: nihilego
:pidgeot-mega: mega pidgeot
:rotom-heat: rotom heat
:salamence: salamence
:scizor: scizor
:slowking: slowking
:swampert: swampert
:zeraora: zeraora
:absol-mega: mega absol
:aggron-mega: mega aggron
:azumarill: azumarill
:bisharp: bisharp
:conkeldurr: conkeldurr
:deoxys-defense: deoxys-d
:diggersby: diggersby
:dracozolt: dracozolt
:durant: durant
:haxorus: haxorus
:heracross: heracross
:keldeo: keldeo
:lycanroc-dusk: lycanroc-d
:necrozma: necrozma
:polteageist: polteageist
:primarina: primarina
:reuniclus: reuniclus
:scolipede: scolipede
:sharpedo-mega: mega sharpedo
:slowbro-galar: slowbro-galar
:staraptor: staraptor
:tapu bulu: tapu bulu
:terrakion: terrakion
:tornadus: tornadus
:venomoth: venomoth

and also the mons that have left us

:cresselia: cresselia
:ditto: ditto
:gastrodon: gastrodon
:swellow: swellow (why)
:porygon2: porygon2
in all this leaves us with 79 new mons, and also the gen 9 mons including garg, dondozo, espathra, and orthworm.
Im looking forward to the new meta, hopefully people will want to play this even though this is disgusting LOL, if you ever want matches or teams just ping me.
honestly? the latis, mega mawile, former ubers kyurem and blaziken, and weavile are complete shit. down to nu you go, your times have passed.
however, i'm glad that swellow and porygon2 aren't around to ruin what is otherwise the epitome of stability and fairness. was pissed when the former swept my OU teams w/ boomburst (my pb in the NU ladder was 1100 elo but with a 100% win rate, so i must be good!) and the latter statusing and recovering off any damage i dealt to it.

can't wait to see how the meta shakes out, and whether or not people can find uses for the aforementioned, but it looks like it'll be a tough endeavor.


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It's getting closer to the end of the month and I'm a bit bored lately, so let's put all my time and energy into my third most favorite tier by making a VR Tierlist. The mon list should cover every viable mon but there's also 40+ shitmons thrown in there since they're sorta viable ig? But realistically you'd rarely use them unless it's really specific or you're memeing. Have fun with it :)

:sv/gardevoir-mega:The Tiermaker :sv/Weavile:

Ok here's mine to start off. Idt there's any awful takes, but I'm not super sold on Mega Slowbro or Volcanion so that's why they're B for now. I've also heard talk of Iron Hands being really good but someone might have to explain this to me. It's fine but not a top threat in my opinion. Every mon in S - A+ tiers are broken in some form. Hydrei to S tier might be a stretch but I stand by it. Mon is super broken.
my-image (6).png
National Dex RU is about as chaotic as one can expect with all the drops from UU. However, I anticipate the metagame to get even more chaotic with shifts from UU and incoming bans. I haven't played too many games of National Dex RU compared to OU and UU (where I had >100 games by the end of the first month), but I have played enough to gain an overview of the metagame.

National Dex RU is National Dex UU++. The beats are the same, but a few notes are changed. National Dex UU lacks the uber walls of Clefable, Ting-Lu and Gliscor nor do we have the pink blobs Chansey and Blissey who made a debut in SV RU. However, we do have alternatives such as Mega Aggron, Mega Steelix (a slightly better Lati check), Mega Altaria, Dondozo, Garganacl, Iron Hands, Slowbro, Slowking and Mandibuzz. Nonetheless, a lot of things have more reliable answers in the tiers above (such as Latis having TTar in UU) and building RU is a tightrope at the moment.

I'll give a brief rundown of the significant playstyles - not in order since all 4 are pretty close:
1) Hyper Offense

This might just be me but I haven't had the drive to build hyper offence. I have Mew and Azelf sitting in my builder doing nothing and I have had inconsistent results with the aurora veil teams I have made. I will say that hyper offence is viable with better suicide leads than the last gen (like Mew, Azelf and Scolipede), and an abundance of scary threats that appreciate the support like Z-Victini. But right now, I prefer bulkier teams. A nice segway into...

2) Bulky Offense

Most confident building with this archetype. Defensive Steels are non-negotiable. Outside of having a scarf Lati@s or Scizor, HO can't fit reliable checks to dragons. Bulky Offense can. Likewise, priority and opposing Weather are the best bets for HO against rain. Bulky Offence can fit more reliable checks like Amoonguss, Quag/Seis/Volcanion, Mega Slowbro etc. With the combination of offensive and defensive tools available, Bulky Offence seems to stand out. Not to mention, insane threats such as Regidrago, Hydreigon and non-scarf Latios all appreciate the support from a sturdy backbone.

3) Balance
In NDUU, Balance was very hard to justify. However, RU has a better time with it since things like Hippowdon, Mega Latias, Mega Altaria, and the 3 amigos (:slowbro: :slowking: :slowbro-galar:) are all a lot easier to slot in this tier. It also helps that something like Hydreigon and Lati@s provide nice one-off defensive utilities.

4) Stall
Suprisingly, Stall is pretty scary to face. Bar Clefable and the Steel/Flyings, we have an all-star cast here, with particular emphasis on Garganacl and Dondozo. Aside from the big two, a lot more tools have been that give stall a buff. In fact, of all the archetypes here, Stall has the easiest time fitting dragon checks (able to slot spdef raichi easier than balance or Offense with spare change for a fairy), ghost/psychic checks (e.g. Umbreon and Mandibuzz) and rain checks (pretty much all of the defensive ones).

Other playstyles
Seems redundant since a lot of the dragon types here already break through steel types relatively easily. It also misses Magnezone very dearly since it can manage the steels here better and has the bulk to pivot in and out.

Trick Room
Losing its best setters and a significant pool of offensive mons to abuse it, making it marginally worse compared to OU and UU. However, it still has access to Stakataka which can snowball pretty easily.

Psychic Spam
Seems potent but you need to keep an eye out in the builder since these teams stack multiple weaknesses to Hydreigon and Weavile.

Ghost Spam
Pretty much Blacephalon + Polteageist or Gengar + Polteageist since most teams are packing good measure checks to ghosts and psychics. That's the main combination that beats ghost-type checks.

Weather varies quite a bit.
Clear best. Expect prep for it with 1-2 checks on every single team.

Significantly less prep but you have access to impeccable breakers such as Victini, Mega Houndoom and Blaziken. You also have access to Protosynthesis mons such as Sandy Shocks and the nice Slither Wing. Chlorophyll users are lacking outside of Shiftry, Scovillain and Victreebel.

Could utilise an offensive variant with Dracozolt to go brr. But I prefer more balanced builds since Dracozolt teams have to manoeuvre around all sorts of threats like Rillaboom and Rain. However, with a more balanced or Bulky Offensive build you have the luxury of an extra team slot for something like Mandibuzz or Mega Latias, Garganacl or even something like CB Terrak.

Seems the weakest disregarding Veil. Cetitan seems fishy and arctozolt's speed tier is nowhere near as significant as it was last gen (pretty much any reasonable scarfer beats it). Instead, I think the way to good is to exploit the defensive capability of the 1.5x boost with threats such as Kyurem, Baxcalibur, Cloyster, Mamoswine and the odd weavile. I have also been considering flat-out balance since Mega Abomasnow has the potential to live crazy hits like Choice Banded Close Combat from Terrakion.

252 Atk Choice Band Terrakion Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Abomasnow-Mega in Snow: 272-324 (70.8 - 84.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

When building in National Dex RU you have to keep a few major things in mind. It can be easy to get lost in this metagame but dividing the metagame into nice bite-sized chunks is a way to help make sense of all the chaos that is unfolding. What I mean by "dynamics" are the common interactions you are likely to see in this tier. For instance, Dark types are solid offensive checks to psychics and you'll see a lot of dark types pivoting into psychics and psychics types adapting to it. Likewise, Pursuit on something like Aerodactyl-Mega picks off frail/weakened ghosts and psychics.

Right now, National Dex RU has 4 main interactions you need to be aware of: Ghosts/Psychics, Dragons, Rain and Darks - and their respective checks and counters. I'll explore this by looking at the main offensive threats in the metagame right now.

Psychics and Ghosts
:alakazam: :gallade-mega: :gardevoir-mega: :hoopa-unbound: :Jirachi: (:mewnium-z:) :latias: :latias-mega: :latios: :latios-mega: :mew: :victini::necrozma:

:blacephalon: :gengar: :polteageist:

Take a good look at that list again. Every single one of these pokemon has been banned from National Dex RU in the last generation. A good majority weren't allowed in RU because they were banned in UU. And here we are one generation later. Thanks to Terastalisation, a lot of these Pokemon can overwhelm their supposed checks. Tera Fighting Poltergeists overpower Dark and Normal types. Tera Fire Blacephalon can punch through even the mighty Assault Vest Muk-Alola. The strong Psychic and Ghost types we have right now are a big reason for the broken-check-broken dynamic we have in the current metagame. Jirachi, for example, checks many psychic types but runs a scary Normalium-Z set. Weavile is another prominent check that itself is too much for the tier to contain.

In a broken-check-broken metagame, offence is the best defence. Super effective sucker punches and first impressions, strong neutral priority like Scizor's Bullet Punch and Rillaboom's Grassy Glide. However, Indeedee cancels this and is a common polteageist and psychic spam associate. Faster pokemon like Weavile and Mega Aerodactyl can outspeed and win the 1v1. However, a certain few are faster thanks to speed boosting (Blacephalon and Polteageist) and screens may disrupt this strategy. Fast pursuit trappers might also get stuffed by colbur berry but not a lot of Pokemon can afford to run it right now.

Defensively, you've got bulky dark types and steels for a few key psychic types. We have no splashable normal-type special wall like Blissey, Chansey or even Porygon-2 outside of bar Mega Audino and Snorlax. Jirachi is perhaps the least exploitable of all steel types with Tinkaton being a close second. Incidentally, Tinkaton might struggle with a few calcs since it is also the resident Band Weavile answer. The rest are either exploitable or one-time switch-ins. We have a handful of bulky dark types with the best of the bunch being Mandibuzz and Muk-Alola. The issue with the other bulky dark types is their specificity. Incineroar and Umbreon are niche, Guzzlord and Wo-Chien even more so.

Bulky Steels:
:aggron-mega: :bronzong: :empoleon: :jirachi: :registeel: :metagross: :scizor: :steelix-mega: :tinkaton: :klefki: | :stakataka: :escavalier: (if sciz rises)
Bulky Dark Types:
:mandibuzz: :incineroar: :umbreon::muk-alola: :guzzlord: :bisharp: :sableye-mega: :wo-chien:
Revenge Killers:

Pursuit: :absol-mega: :aerodactyl-mega: :beedrill-mega: :krookodile: :metagross: :muk-alola: :scizor: :weavile: :bisharp: | :escavalier:

Priority: :scizor: :bisharp: :absol-mega: :metagross: :weavile: :rillaboom: :slither-wing::lokix:
:Choice Scarf: : :gengar: :latias: :victini: :latios: :hydreigon: :krookodile: :meowscarada: :blacephalon: :zarude:
Exploit: :moltres-galar: :garganacl: (with tera, applies for many things) :normalium-z: :jirachi: :victini:

:politoed: :floatzel: / :barraskewda:| :seismitoad: :kingdra:
Listed the main abusers here. However, rain can slot any offensive water type (swift swimmer or not) and anything that spams thunder and hurricane. Even rain dish Tentacruel and the dry skin mons Heliolisk and Toxicroak appreciate it. But rn, the main star of Rain is Floatzel and to a lesser extent Barraskewda.

Floatzel might tip the scales for rain since a handful of Pokemon can even afford to switch in. If just Floatzel were to be banned, Barraskewda could take the top spot. Even Kingdra and Seismitoad can potentially escalate. Had terastalisation been banned, perhaps rain would have been manageable. For now, here are two calcs to chew on:

252+ Atk Choice Band Tera Water Floatzel Wave Crash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Slowbro in Rain: 188-222 (47.7 - 56.3%) -- 85.9% chance to 2HKO

252+ Atk Choice Band Tera Water Floatzel Wave Crash vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Avalugg: 170-202 (43.1 - 51.2%) -- 4.7% chance to 2HKO

Keep in mind that these "rain" checks are just for floatzel. Kingdra and Seismitoad are a whole different ballpark and Barraskewda can 1v1 some of these.

Water immunes including: :seismitoad: :volcanion: :quagsire: :jellicent: :vaporeon: and if you're adventurous (:poliwrath: :cradily: :mantine: :tatsugiri: etc.)

Tanks: :dondozo: :alomomola: :slowbro-mega: :amoonguss: :wo-chien: :celebi: :tauros-paldea-water: :abomasnow-Mega: :avalugg: (XCOM odds outside hail)

Aside from that, a hail-mary weather change, priority status (paralysis or burn) or :rillaboom: are your best bets. In a pinch, a sturdy resist will do. But keep in mind, even the 105/105 Zarude can be OHKO'd with rocks.

:hydreigon: :Regidrago: :kommo-o: :kyurem: :latias: :latios: :latias-mega: :latios-mega: :altaria-mega: :baxcalibur: | :salamence: :noivern:

Quite a few of these got to go. Even without Tera, I doubt we'll have a healthy metagame centred around a lot of these. Haxorus isn't even on this list (Thanks Runo) and I'd still wager it'd be banned at almost any other time. The metagame right now has devolved into a broken-checks-broken affair so it's hard for me to tell which is broken, and which isn't. For example, Kyurem is being looked at in UU right now for being too overbearing there but to be honest, I've forgotten we had this thing multiple times.

I'll highlight the two egregious dragons here: Hydreigon and Regidrago. Hydreigon has 0 counters. This statement has been said for the past 5 generations. However, here you can fold the metagame with one set: Choice Specs. No need for superpower or iron tail; tera dark or tera dragon STABs busts through everything that doesn't resist. For the fairies you miss out on, you have got flash cannon (tera steel optional), tera blast poison for Primarina and Azumarill and flamethrower for Tinkaton. Regidrago is like Regieleki in OU but as a dragon type that can also run both physical and special sets. Terastalisation flips the scripts by allowing you to beat the fairy types that would otherwise wall you.

The best all-encompassing check would probably be Tinkaton. Mega Aggron can stomach a weaker hit in a pinch and retaliate. Aside from that, the counterplay to each of these dragons is unique. Some simply have to be dealt with through offensive means or defensive teratypes whilst others have a pool of counters available. Defensive fairies aren't that common in this metagame simply because they can be overwhelming by coverage or rendered completely useless with tera steel.

Offensive Dark Types
:hydreigon: :weavile: :hoopa-unbound: :moltres-galar:

These 4 are the big players. I would love to talk about Mewoscarada and Mega Sharpedo but they are either not broken or niche. Naturally, dark types would rise in popularity since they happen to soft-check a lot of the psychics and ghosts running around but they are oppressive in their unique ways. Like dragons, they appreciate defensive fairy types being either uncommon, completely absent or exploitable. Bulky Dark types can take hits but don't dish that much back. Finally, Fighting types are somewhat common but the vast majority of them do not want to switch directly to any of these.

I've gone through Hydreigon already. Hoopa-U can run lethal physically and specially offensive sets - lending it unpredictability - but it is somewhat slow. Band Weavile is perhaps the scariest Pokemon to be face-to-face against with Knock-Off and Triple Axel being incredibly tricky to pivot into outside something like Tinkaton. One good utility weavile has is its ability to outspeed and trap virtually any Psychic or Ghost type in the tier which is nice for something like Heracross Mega. Moltres-Galar is an aurora veil staple at the moment but once the metagame settles down, I would imagine the rest talk sets would pop up more on bulkier offensive teams.

Tinkaton (again) handles a lot of these. Something like defensive Iron Hands could take a hit and retaliate but I would hesitate to call it anything more than a check. Incidentally, Slither Wing is nice at forcing dark types out with First Impression. Lokix and Scarf Fighting types perform a similar role as revenge killers. Finally, I have been running Z-moves on something like Scizor + investment to tank Weavile's Knock Off.

my-image (11).png

I've made a lot of awful takes, but here it is, the Tierlist of all the pokemon who will be quickbanned in 10 days, I wanted to emphasize on how broken is garganacl in the actual meta, it is the encarnation of dont think and just click, here are some steps to get a win with Garganacl:
1 - Click Iron Defense
2 - Click Salt Cure/Body Press
3 - Click Recover if you are lower than 70%
4 - Win the game

Other honorable mentions are Regidrago who clicks Dragon Energy/Tera Blast Steel and destroys the whole meta, Tinkaton, one of the only mons that walls Regidrago, Choice Specs Hydreigon and finally Mega Slowbro who is completely outclassed by normal Slowbro/Slowking.
Victini, Dondozo, Serperior, Mega Mawile, Kommo-o, Quaquaval, Meowscarada, Garganacl, MEGA LATIAS!?!??!?! These are literally mons that are either OU or UUBL worthy most likely.

Most of these guys (Execpt maybe meowscarada) are probably gonna get banhammered from uu at some point, especially Victini, Kommo-o, Garg, the latitwins, and mega mawile especially (Already just got banned from UU and dropped somehow wow). All these guys are pretty good or pretty alright in OU and most will probably get banhammered in UU if they rise.
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When the TL doesn't play the meta (lol)

After finally being able to make some progress in here, i can say a few things now

This mon is still as obnoxious as it was before in UU and probably even worse due to the lack of Clefable and Gliscor around for instance. While ID BPress is an amazing set, i have been playing around with Rocks Tect, having the Rocks rack up chip damage alongside Salt Cure is already bad enough but with Protect easily scouting anything the opp wants to do, you basically have the entire game in your hand with very little options to do anything about it. I would go on much further detail in some of its aspects but honestly the mon has been discussed enough plenty of times (Check ND UU thread to laugh) and with matches like these you can see how this mon is not even fair.

This Is PAIN

:sv/regidrago: :sv/hydreigon:
For the dragons i have yet to test them out but atm i really didn't had the same problems as everyone just yet and while i did see Regidrago in action (those rolls are disgusting) Hydreigon is something im not convinced yet, especially on a meta with Weavile, Tera Garganacl or the HO fest that's just casually chilling here. As for that Tinkaton hype idk :skull:

If you played UU then almost everything here applies the same except that the cplay is even less common (It probably doesn't even exist) it's like if we were playing Gen 8 ND UU in the Weavile meta all over again with Z-Crystals on hold or else Knock Off destroys everything. Try to out-offense one of the fastest mons around that doesn't require a boost or an item to do so, even then you have to switch into it first and not be weak to Ice Shard. SD sets are also a possibility as you abuse the switchins you force out to boost and demolish anything that's not Scizor or Tinkaton, this also removes one of the methods people use which is trying to force it out with hazards on the field thanks to Boots (A Z-crystal is an option too).

:sv/slowbro-galar: :sv/slowbro-mega:
Honestly im in the opposite as to what people say about these two, by themselves they are outclassed sure but when Glowbro is capable of flipping around problematic matchups whenever it wants then that's where things start to look more clear. Not only is the change from Poison to Water great but you also gain the bulk needed to play around would-be bad matchups like Weavile, Bugless SD Scizor, etc. Overall this mon is actually kinda fun and not as bad as i thought it would given that it still struggles with the dragons but def a decent pick.

I would probably go for more but there's already too much broken shit in the tier to the point where everyone can figure out one thing and they are pmuch set. In case anyone wonders, yes a banwave will be arriving but that will be done not only after the shifts but also AFTER the wave UU is about to do (more than half of the list are RU mons haha) so for now let's just appreciate this weird meta a lil bit and take care!

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