Project National Dex Secret Santa 2023

Here's your team!
(im sorry i dont know how to do the pokemon sprites thingy)
It was really challenging building this team, I'm not a bulky offense person at all, this is what I ended up with. In the end most of my games end with a Garganacl sweep, however Latios-Mega can often kill slower wallbreakers like CharY or threathen other walls. Samurott-Hisui is my choice of lead as it's a dark type. Heatran is here to do heatran things while being a Spdef machine. Zapdos is defogging while threathening static for the triple axelers that threathen latios. Iron valiant is a revenge killer and emergency button, and Garganacl is a setup sweeper bulky tank.

I'll be honest iI lost like 300 ELO while cooking this team, eat at your own peril.

Have some leftovers too I guess
ChainlessJoe, hope you enjoy this team! And Merry Christmas dude.
Funnily enough, I've built around Krookodile before so I decided to push myself to include both of your picks on the same team. Also because just building around Tyranitar is kind of boring, it'd just be a normal Mono Rock team. (I wanna do the little sprites but no clue how to do them so you're getting the raw link)
I'm sure you know how this plays but in case you don't I'll explain briefly.
Sableye is hazard control and your switch in for Fighting moves most of the time, Mandibuzz is a backup check and Defogger, AMuk is your Fairy check, Hydreigon is your kill button, Tyranitar is your defensive Hazard setter that can also help Hydreigon set up with TWave support, and Krookodile is your cleaner and revenge killer
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays NightEmerald! Hope you enjoy your brand new aerodactyl team!
Here you have your standard encore oger to murder things.
After much debating I decided to go with hone claws for that extra accuracy since stone miss can be a pain.
For lele I started to go specs since aero was already quite fast but just didnt seem to work well, so I ended up with scarf lele.
Next we have our glorious glowking, who walls the dreaded ival and allows our three attackers a nice switch in.
Then we have ferro who I added since it needed some defense and rocks.
Lastly, we have tusk for that ground and fighting as well as hazard removal. Thedeathsofbeings234 well………..

So, you asked for an Iron Hands+Alomomola team, so here you go. Merry Christmas!

Iron Hands got the casual bulky swords Dance for a wincon, also can switch in to Plysical Attacks.

Alomomola does wish fish things, don’t know what else to tell you.

Zapdos, cause I needed a special wall, and was kinda weak to earthquake

Samurott-Hisui, because I needed a Spikes setter without letting up the pressure

Offensive Heatran, just because I was weak to fairies, also Z move Pokémon,

And Calm Mind Mega Latías, just cause of another wincon just because Iron Hands commonly fails.
Merry Christmas all, especially you Slowpoke Fan
This team is a Hazard stack that Will greatly benefit the switches that fsight bro forces. It has answer To everything and can easely get the advantage of momentum with garganacl not even beibg threatening!
garganacl tutorial: if garganacl is facing slowbro, nice. Else, switch in slowbro. slowbro takes the salt cure, Then tport and regen back the damages. Keldeo safe in, force tera, Sub and cm and enjoy leftovers' recovery behind the Sub garganacl can't break for a While.

Slowbro, base of the team, the spread can actually oneshot sodef pex with psyche. Good pivot, keeps the momentum, keeps physical in check with 95/110 bulk + scald. fsight support Also valuable.

Keldeo, fsight enjoyer. Sub cm is a Very Good set and its relatively Good typing lets It setup in peace. Very Good against dark- and stetel-type stuff that'd want To come and take the fsight. P Good against Stall, actually.

Clodsire, defensjve mon #1 and v good immunities (specially offensive water types such As specs volcanion are a threat To that team) and Well, with already tWO electric weaknesses in the team at that point i didn't had much choice with raging bolt roaming around and hard killing both my pokemon So far. Spikes real useful with all tge fsight pressure and the momentum the team actually have. Tox spreads hazards on the switchins Except balloon heatran, not common nor a menace To the 6.

Skarmory because wynaut ogerpon-w was Really menacing, and force switch out its counters is p interesting especually with all hazards up. ironpress is a strong counter to everything physical and doesnt even fear urshifu, urshifu fears rocky helmet. Whirlwind totally counters zama, ogerpon-w, chomp, As they'd need setup to threaten skarm.

Great tusk here is offensive because It can manage to clean late-game While setting hazards early game. Great attack and stabs and rapid spin So It can even manage to destroy unprepared teams. And Hazard removal of the team cause There is nO hdb here And it's important not to get nuked 82 times a day by glisc.

Then mega diancie cause I needed speed And DESTROYING power otherwise the team'd be Too passive And become a semi Stall/cheap Stall And It would've been boring. Magic bouche helps all game long And you now have a way greattuskless way to prevent hazards, Good against hazarders that have Good mstchup against tusk, see gliscor.

I hope It Will be Fun to play for you, I rlly Did not wanted to go full defensive So the games would be funnier.
RunicPower413 Merry Christmas! You gave me:torkoal:and:great_tusk:, so I naturally decided to build a sun team. However, I tried to cook, (and probably failed), and so I present:
We start out with Torkoal as standard weather setter+hazard removal,and yawn to force out opposing leads.

Great Tusk uses a booster speed seet with Life Orb for power and the new Supercell Slam gives it decently strong boltbeam coverage (as long as you don't miss). You could use alternate boosting items like Expert Belt, but you'll want something to make up for lost EVs.

Zard Y does Zard Y things, namely, doing ridiculous amountsof damage with sun-boosted, stab boosted, base 100 Weather Ball to incinerate most things under 100 speed.

Venusaur has a similar case, grass/fire/ground is nice coverage, and there are more than enough turns of sun to abuse it in conjunction with growth.

Gouging Fire is DLC2, and a very good one at that, with excellent stats to ddance with. Since it takes neutral damage from most moves while setting up, it has a Sitrus berry, and in emergency cases Tera Ground to set up 1 or 2 DDances and sweep.

Lastly, my biggest attempted cook, Hydreigon. I don't know if it's enough for the tier, but all the fire types mean that fairies can't freely attack it. It serves as a SpDef mon that sets rocks, throws out decent dark pulses, and has a 4th utility slot that I just put roar in. Feel free to experimentwith that, fromwhat I've tried, draco or flamethrower are both decently fun. Tera poison for the val matchup to burn its booster with roar.

Thank you for the team!


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TrueBlueBlur requested a rain team with a stall breaker and a Mega Charizard-Y check

:sm/pelipper: :sm/scizor-mega: :sm/garchomp: :sm/ogerpon-wellspring: :sm/zapdos: :sm/barraskewda:

I'll admit I had a bit too much fun with this, but that's on you for not restricting me from going off-meta. My idea was to just lean into the hyper offense style a bit harder and have a ton of momentum (volt switch, uturn, flip turn) built in. This is meant to be played very aggressively, even more so than normal rain. For the Zardy check we have rockium z Garchomp. Technically this is a one-time check to Zardy since weather ball is a roll to 2hko, but the real reason for this mon is because it's the best/most reliable offensive rocker in the tier and keeps hazards up vs every removal option besides ice spinner Tusk. Keep rocks up and play aggressive to limit Zard and you should be fine, also got Ogerpon and Skewda to outspeed as well.

Mega Scizor is here purely for support and to give the team a defensive backbone against a bunch of threats like Lele, Iron Valiant, Rillaboom, and Kyurem. Basically it's gonna click u-turn 90% of the time while also baiting in mons that you want to knock off for Skewda/Ogerpon like Pex, Alomomola, tera water Garg, Corvi, Skarm, etc. Mandatory defogger Zapdos with tera Dragon so u can kinda cope against opposing Ogerpon Wellspring and spam hurricane. Pelipper is pretty much standard but I put last move toxic so you can hit Mola and a few other mons. The 1 speed IV is so you don't tie with min speed Mola since you want to toxic it before it flip turns out and you can block later with Ogerpon.

The stall breaker for the team is encore SD Ogerpon Wellspring. Normally I think it's debatable if you count this as a stall breaker, but in rain it just has so much sheer power and played correctly can break through even defensive tera dragon options. I don't really need to explain this set it's just standard Ogerpon stuff.

Hope you enjoy the team. It's far from perfect but also very fun and braindead to use. Got several angry messages when I played this through mid ladder. Also final disclaimer I built this before Darkrai was in the tier so I take no responsibility for this team getting clicked through by dark pulse lmao
Here you go Velcroc! It was pretty fun to make, and it seems to work decently well.
Victini is the main wincon for this team, but you can easily get KOs with Valiant, Rillaboom, and Heatran. Garchomp and Zapdos are there for pivoting and hazard control. Tera Grass Heatran is perfect for trapping unaware walls like Clodsire, Dondozo, Clefable, and Skeledirge, who would otherwise stop Victini in its tracks. Rillaboom just hits insanely hard, and if the opponent doesn't have a perfect switch-in for it, wood hammer does massive damage to anything (especially once tera kicks in).
It struggles sometimes with HO teams, but Rillaboom, Zapdos, and Garchomp can really help wear down physical attackers or those who don't have priority.

red fintans

fintan is actually blue
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hi there, i went ahead and made two versions of the same team, this is the major one:
balance team with wish blissey to heal duraludon, 0 pivots unless you count lando and has some trouble clearing rocks for tornt but seems solid in testing (you can always just wish torn LOL) manaphy beats up slow teams tornt beats up fast lando helps vs both
save your tera for when you need it defensively and think twice before ya click it because the weaknesses/resistances change drastically when you do

and here is the funny version:
team is roughly the same but i went ahead and edited the defensive core to have 3 eviolite mons LOL
if youre actually going to play with this one you should probably edit something to make the team less weak to knock though (its one thing fairy blissey is for in the original)


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Merry Christmas to the one and only Shamone Master (trademarked, patented, copyrighted, etc.), Oculars.

(heard you liked Pink Floyd, so I named it after some songs)

Grimmsnarl + Archaludon Screens
:grimmsnarl: :archaludon: :Ursaluna: :Tornadus-therian: :Mawile-mega: :Manaphy:

[the] dark side of [the] moon :grimmsnarl:
A quintessential screens setter, just used the basic set on the Smogdex.

comfortably numb :archaludon:
Power Herb + Electro Shot Archaludon seems like an aggressively mediocre set in my eyes, but it’s the best set on a screens team like this. I’m not the best at EVing, but max/max seems fine. Aura Sphere can be Body Press, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

[another] brick in the wall :Ursaluna:
SD Ursaluna is a nuclear wallbreaker, even more so if you manage to get up a Swords Dance. It pairs well with Archaludon, in terms of Arch checking Waterpon and Ursaluna taking on specially defensive walls like Blissey.

echoes :Tornadus-therian:
NP Torn-T is the Fighting resistance and Ground immunity of the team, while still being a good setup sweeper and wallbreaker in its own right. It also functions as decent speed control on its own.

dogs :mawile-mega:
Mega Mawile is yet another SD sweeper; however, it functions differently than Ursaluna in the fact that it is an actual Fairy resist and can defeat even Ursaluna's ungodly levels of power. After one Swords Dance, Sucker Punch obliterates offensive teams while Play Rough annihilates defensive staples.

money :manaphy:
Manaphy is the Fire resistance of the team and, you guessed it, another setup sweeper. After a single Tail Glow, it can run through many teams just by itself and is one of, if not the, biggest middle finger to balance teams out there.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas to everyone on Smogon.


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Merry Christmas to the one and only Dead by Daylight the most goated team support of all time

You requested some Firium Z adamant Blaziken so there was only one way this team was going to go, hard sun.

I give you: Double Balloon + Fried Chicken and Gouging Greg Sun Stack
:sv/torkoal: :sv/gouging-fire: :sv/raging bolt: :sv/venusaur: :sv/sandy-shocks:

Torkoal has to be the lead on almost any good sun team

Delta 9 (Torkoal) @ Heat Rock
Ability: Drought
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 236 HP / 196 Def / 64 SpD / 12 Spe
Bold Nature
- Lava Plume - Stealth Rock - Rapid Spin - Toxic

Went toxic tork over wisp to better hit other weather setters and fire types like opposing greg trying to turn 1 dd on us (not happening on my watch)

Wonderful Frog (Venusaur) @ Life Orb
Ability: Chlorophyll
Tera Type: Steel
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Giga Drain - Growth - Earth Power - Weather Ball

Venu sits in a nice speed tier right now and is an asset to any sun team with its excellent coverage, I dropped the normal tera fire for tera steel to be able to 1v1 an iron boulder that thinks it outspeeds and ohkos with zen. Giga drain over solar beam to be able to break stall mons like chansey and for general longevity.

Gouging Greg (Gouging Fire) @ Choice Band
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Raging Fury - Earthquake - Heat Crash
- Dragon Claw

Gouging Greg is a nice mon for sun being able to dish out insane amounts of damage, you can tera fire it to click fire moves for free especially vs a team with shaky fire resistances
252 Atk Choice Band Protosynthesis Tera Fire Gouging Fire Raging Fury vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Alomomola in Sun: 291-343 (54.4 - 64.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
2hko on full phys def mola is absolutely insane with a resisted move, and you 2hko normal spdef invested mola without needing to spend tera, no defensive fire resist is safe and if you're worried about being locked in you can always click heat crash or eq into a tran.

Swagnezone (Sandy Shocks) @ Air Balloon
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Ice
EVs: 48 HP / 208 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Spikes - Thunderbolt - Tera Blast - Earth Power

Another star of the team, shocks is one of the two balloon Mons i fit to fix the fact the team appears super ground weak on paper. 496 spe in sun with ground electric and possibly ice coverage lets you hit super effective vs the vast majority of the meta and set spikes vs anything you dont immediately break. The ice coverage also allows you to come in on earthquakes and threaten an ohko back on any grounds. Spikes are invaluable on a team thats already very hard to defog against.

Great Neck (Raging Bolt) @ Air Balloon
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 104 HP / 252 SpA / 152 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Thunderclap - Draco Meteor - Solar Beam - Volt Switch

The second balloon mon of the team, I went with an interesting solar beam set capable of getting an ohko on most neutral grounds with tera grass and killing all super effective grounds. Being able to force switches with thunderclap and then either volt on them for momentum or ohko any ground that comes in provides a load of value to the team. Originally went for the calm mind set but I found with sun boost the immediate power combined with draco and solar beams high bp makes it fine to just click buttons and volt.

3 Piece Extra Sauce (Blaziken) @ Firium Z
Ability: Speed Boost
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance - Flare Blitz - Close Combat - Protect

The star of the team, blaziken with its infamous firium set in sun is able to ohko a lot of notable defensive waters like toxapex and slowbro at +2 in sun along with defensive grounds like pdef lando and gliscor and generally cause a nuissance to faster teams too with protect allowing you to avoid setting up and boost speed instantly.

overall this team pretty much 6-0s stall, is fast enough and has the tools to contend with most HO's and the coverage and hazards to break through more balanced teams. Merry christmas and have fun bro.
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Merry Christmas Dahness!

I wanted to build a offensive structure around Mega Charizard X, as I think it can act as a good sweeper once certain checks have been chipped. I picked Great Tusk as it could switch into Garganacl pretty well, while also being able to remove hazards that would otherwise threaten Charizard. Great Tusk additionally allows me to bluff being Mega Charizard Y, as Drought is a natural pairing with Protosynthesis. Ogerpon can Encore a Ferrothorn as it dies, allowing Charizard to freely setup, while also being a menacing breaker on its own that can get a lot of chip on things like Toxapex and a terad Gliscor. Ferrothorn is the obligatory steel type of the team, setting Stealth Rocks, and being hard to take down. Next, I wanted a flying type, and because I don’t need a defogger due to Great Tusk, I could use an offensive one. The obvious choice here was Zapdos, being able to be threatening offensively while still being able to stick around for a while. Flyinium Z allows it to nuke pokemon that would otherwise be able to withstand Hurricanes such as Gliscor. Zapdos’ offensive presence allows it to do good chip damage to pokemon that beat Charizard like Landorus-T, putting it in range of a Flare Blitz. Alternativel, Charizard can setup early game and deal tons of damage to any ground types that would stop a Volt Switch. In the last slot I needed speed control, so I went with Tapu Lele. It can clean up very well and can take advantage of any Tera-Dragons Ogerpon forces. Importantly, it can revenge kill Zamazenta and switch in on a Stone Edge or Close Combat.



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Kyo requested one NatDex OU team with Heatproof Sinistcha! So instead, since I'm such a heinous supervillain, here are two NatDex OU teams with Heatproof Sinistcha-M! Mwahahahaha!
#1013, #889, #485, #479, #645, #594

First up, we have an offensive team with Sinistcha-M as a win condition. It's fairly straightforward-- so much so that I'm not quite sure what to say about it...
#1013 , #113 , #625 , #748 , #594 , #980

Next, we have a defensive team. Here, Sinistcha-M acts as a nuisance who spinblocks and can switch-in in the face of the Pokémon who threaten this team's bulky Waters letting them save their Tera for emergencies. I opted for Chansey as a special wall; Sinistcha-M gets to pretty comfortably deal with the Fighting types and Physical attackers that ruin Chansey's day and she runs Aromatherapy to return the favour. Bisharp addresses two of the team's greatest weaknesses-- item dependence (by shrugging off Knock Off) and lack of reliable answers to hazard removal via her immunity to Mortal Spin and Defog boosting her Atk. Toxapex spreads status far and wide for Sinistcha-M since Bisharp runs Knock Off for it and Alomomola prolongs the longevity of the team and pivots. As for Clodsire, I think her inclusion here is fairly self-explanatory; she's the tier's best Unaware wall and her Electric immunity is great for the Waters.
Since this team certainly doesn't fare very well against Ground types, you should feel free to make any tweaks you see fit. Heck, the first draft of this team had a Ferrothorn. The same goes for the first team since I'm by no means the greatest teambuilder in the world. Have fun and have a great New Year!
Happy holidays anique.

Heres the CM lele team you requested brother.

:tapu-lele: :indeedee: :diancie-mega: :thundurus: :great tusk: :hawlucha:

The spread is really cool and it leaned well towards psyspam. Fight-z off of cm melts pretty much everything which is fantastic for the rest of the faster guys. Indeedee gives healing wish and more consistent terrain and melts scizor. Psychic noise is such an amazing addition for it too, letting it beat mons it normally wouldn’t like chansey one v one. Diancie is hazard control 1, setting broken spikes and acting as fantastic wall breaking at the same time. Thundurus is the flavor pick. Originally it was :minior:, but the mon was so ass I nearly quit mons. Thundy deters defog and rips apart most things slower than it (oger most notably) after defiant+bu. Great tusk is the designated suicide lead, rocks spin and head smash to destroy zapdos and moltres for…hawlucha. Its psyspam, so of course that cheap guy has to be on here.

Hope you have fun using this team and have a great new year.


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:iron-boulder: :rillaboom: :great-tusk: :heatran: :tornadus-therian: :raging-bolt:

Kinzo Ketchum requested a team built around booster boulder, so i decided to go for an approach based on gterrain. rilla is the setter/breaker to support everyone else, steel bu tusk is the main wincon, heatran is good support and recovers hella in terrain while setting rocks on shit like molt who is annoying for rilla, torn-t is a ground resist and good offensive support asw as breaking stall nicely with taunt while clicking koff, and great neck was my other breaker, this thing is stupidly good at breaking LOL and also gets free turns on shit like corv/zap which is annoying for the team but can be overwhelmed eventually.

Merry late christmas, and have a great new year man
seth requested a team using tapu lele and specs eforce valiant, so here we are:

Lele sets terrain for eforce val to go wild, ebutton pex lets you easily get val in under the correct conditions, double future sight pairs nicely with specs val anyways, lando for rocks and pivoting, kartana because best defogger. Honestly specs val is already absurdly good just clicking moonblast forever but dropping their one check turn 3 with eforce is very funny. Good set.
looks solid, and here is your bulu team
after a while of thinking, i chose to build around screens, it helps bulu set up with bulk up and horn leach against about every physical attacker while also supporting val/gouging that can deal with the special attackers mban is a really good counter to iron boulder which is a problematic mon in the meta atm bulu also matches up pretty good against stall as dondozo can’t wall it making stall teams have to move in a weird direction. this arch is also one of the only times bulu is better than rilla as rilla doesn’t have horn leach. hope you like it!

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