Tournament National Dex Team Tour - Finals

Welcome to the first-ever National Dex team tour! This is a standard National Dex tournament where people sign up teams in groups of three. You can sign up as a team or a free agent.


Here is what your signup post should look like if you are signing up as a team:
[b]Team name[/b]:
[b]Player 1[/b]:
[b]Player 2[/b]:
[b]Player 3[/b]:
The players that are not the poster just need to LIKE the poster's post to confirm their involvement.

Free agents

You can just post "in". At the end of signups, if there are any unclaimed free agents, I will put them together to form a team.


Signups will last until the 12th of July, 2020 or until we reach enough teams.
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