Tournament National Dex World Cup IV - Semis

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We've got to get in to get out
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After each team won the exact same number of match during this week, we are forced to do a week of tiebreakers.

On the first hand, Asia+Oceania and US Northeast both choose SS !

:xy/lopunny-mega: vs :xy/skarmory:
Asia + Oceania (1) vs (2) US Northeast
SV National Dex OU : ezra vs Kyo
SS National Dex OU : devin vs Finchinator
SS National Dex OU : ChrisPBacon vs Finnick Odair

On the other hand, we have US South against Spain + LatAm with another SS ! And DOU !

:xy/marowak-alola: vs :xy/camerupt-mega:
US South (0) vs (2) Spain + Latin America
SV National Dex OU : pdt vs omarsgarciav
SS National Dex OU : Kate vs Tempo di anguria
SV National Dex DOU : Iceberg77 vs Voltix

First team with two wins goes to final !!
You have until Sunday the 11th at 11:59PM GMT-4 to play !​
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ezra 55-45 Kyo

Really depends how dedicated Kyo is with his prep here. Id hope a good amount, as his prep vs mmq obviously worked (shocking load from them!). Ezra is a bit of a different game tho, as there is only one game of data to go off of. They also had a few plays in the game vs LF that were questionable (namely the Exca on fblast). However, results are results so Id favor ezra a bit but if Kyo’s mu is decent I trust he can make the plays necessary to win. Maybe kyo wants vengeance for circuit poffs too? Lock in.

devin 45-55 Finchinator

Hard to go against finch in SS historically, devin had a commanding win over Finnick Odair (:sob:) although the mu was really good. With the proper dedication in prep, id favor finch here.

ChrisPBacon 51-49 Finnick Odair

This is a super good one that probably hinges who wins the series here. Chris dominates this tier historically, but finnick has been consistent all tour long besides their performance last week which was a very rough mu to navigate. Even more than the previous 2, this is going to hinge on prep super hard. I favor slightly towards Chris just off my gut but this can go either way easily.

Both sides have elite TB options, looking forward to spectating!
unbias, don't be offended(Please)
SV National Dex OU : pdt vs omarsgarciav
I watched Omar's game yesterday while listening to drakes diss "family matters", which was extremely ironic because like the song he did not let up the gas at ALL LMAO. Almost crashed out at the end but regardless made me an instant fan. At the end of the day I can't bold him, because consistency means everything as a competitor and pdt has proven himself not just in ND but in tiebreaks generally that he can win. I don't think a game like yesterday will happen again, pdt should be in better form and take this with ease. Omar if you read this, its easy to call me a hater regardless of the result. It's harder to see I'm speaking objectively, and to prove me wrong. You're a good player and i hope its the latter.

SS National Dex OU : Kate vs Tempo di anguria
Kate has been playing SS all season and mostly cruised through everyone, however the game quality of the sets were questionable with her opponents donating frequently, especially in semis before the time out. Also mentioned this before but her takes are still acustomed to the old meta where CM clef, no scarfers, and best breaker cm latias was viable which isnt the case today. Tempo just won ss cup, and I think his style of big breakers matches up well into kate. I cant bold him though just cause his sample size is too small and kates been around winning stuff forever.

SV National Dex DOU : Iceberg77 vs Voltix
not educated on the tier enough to speak on it. However the doubles council informed me voltix got lucked in semis so gonna just assume hes better still.

Best of luck to all players in tiebreak.
Asia + Oceania (0) vs (0) US Northeast
SV National Dex OU : ezra vs Kyo
Kyo is the best National Dex player in the tier by builder and decision making. I take Kyo by skill diff.

SS National Dex OU : devin vs Finchinator
Finch is one of the best players to bring to a tie break. Very consistent, always performs well.

SS National Dex OU : ChrisPBacon vs Finnick Odair
Finnick Odair is one of the most powerful names of all time. I take finnick by act.

LG NE!!!


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First and foremost, ggs to LatAm + Spain and congrats on finals

Back in September, I shot Sulo a pm asking if he'd be interested in managing USS this year while he was still out in Africa somewhere and was ecstatic to hopefully try and come back stronger than our relatively poor 4th place showing last year. For the past 9 weeks the teamcord has been around, I tried my best to be as engaged as possible and I had a blast, thank you to everyone on South for not only being great at the game, but also being such a great bunch to be around. This was by far the most ive ever really been invested in the teams success, as I was strictly managing this year so we could fit in as many people as possible. Do I regret the decision? Naturally, not playing is a bit of a bummer, but managing was also very fun and less stressful. I really hope some of you will run it back next year! To everyone in the tour as a whole, there have been some great moments of which ill cherish fondly till next time. Wanted to give some individual shoutouts asw to my bros on USS

Sulo thanks for managing w/ me brother, i know you werent as active as you wouldve liked due to stuff outside your control but having you around was nice as per usual. Glad to call you a friend and Im so down to run it back next yr if you are

zee absolute doubles mastermind! When we were building the roster, we wanted to lobby for doubles heavily under the assumption you'd hopefully signup and I was not disappointed one bit. Congrats on worlds and keep owning NDDOU (7-1 Sheet record who dis)

pdt Its hard to quantify just how valuable you were to the team for someone who wasnt around. As really the only non-mainer last year who gave us a shot, I was very happy to see you come back. Seeing someone walk into a meta they havent really touched and continue to define and push it forward really brought a lot of my own inspiration back and I stole plenty of ideas that you created. I think you are an incredibly valuable player for these qualities alone and I hope you kill it in WCoP, if you end up playing NDPL any team should roll out a red carpet to buy you brother, I have a lot of respect for you.

Taka my broooooo, watching u dominate DLC2 kickoff was a treat and I was happy to see you around again for this. Watching you win w/ my builds did a lot for my own confidence going into this as well, as after NDFL/NDPL i was a bit bummed out after some of my own performances/teams passed. Although your record was up to your own expectations, people are really not lying when they talk about how great of a presence you are on a team. Very down-to-earth person and congrats on finally getting NDOU QC. Keep killing it

Kate glad you ended up signing up, you kicked ass in SS ND like usual and if we had won in doubles/sv, i have no doubt we'd be sitting in finals rn. Your dominance over this tier is really impressive and Im glad I got to know you better throughout this. Hope to see you back next time!

kDCA i gotta avoid putting 20000 characters, but you are definitely one of my favorite people to hang around with on the whole site. During NDPL, your dedication and commitment to the team was something I tried to emulate myself this time. Playing-wise, incredibly underrated and one of the best SS minds around still. Whether it be discussing music in weaviles or chatting about DMV weather here, you're a great friend of mine and I look forward to NDPL this year where our Weaviles will win.

hidin It's pretty insane we've known each other for almost 2 years atp, but I do cherish our friendship greatly and GCN is a blessing to be in. Incredibly proud of you from bouncing back to a great 3-0 performance, you've grown a lot as a player and builder and its awesome to see. Keep it up and silence them more in NDPL

crying your 2 games this tour were both quite difficult matchups, sorry about that on my end. However, the natdex hof does not lie when it places you at no1. Seriously impressive to see your creativity with some of the most wack sets ive ever seen that somehow work everytime, subpressure weav in g3 of nd circuit finals was hilarious to watch

crashy MR ASSSSSSSSSSS. You are awesome to be around bro, great performance as well! Although I may have to call you unc, knowing I have a guaranteed win in Mono just about every time is a relief. I really want to type more but I feel like calling you a cool ass dude sums it up about perfectly. Would love to team again

hellom most players who are capable of absolutely owning SPL with a 10-1 record tend to be a bit arrogant, but you are one of the chillest people ive had the fortune of teaming up with. You are pretty active in chipping in for your own prep and having a direction to go in makes things much easier as a builder. Elite player, hope to see u farm ndpl again and I really appreciate you actively reaching out to play this tour back in October, it really gave me a new perspective on how good this team could end up being if I just asked ppl to sign up

Buhrito life really prevented you from being able to game as much as i wouldve liked, but thanks for being along for the ride. Seeing you cook ladder to get in for a tour that has no prize impressed me a lot, commitment like that is the best you can ask for as a manager. In NDPL, a very lucky manager will steal you for cheap and enjoy a goated slot

Xurkiyee BruhGod. I have been a great fan of yours since NDLT. One of my favorite players out there to watch when u cook something absolutely insane up. Burnout is a bitch, enjoy some time off bro and I hope to see you back for NDPL. You have a lifelong fan here

Iceberg77 are the fkn goat Iceberg ily. Seeing you support spurr & zee then get in there and absolutely work the opposition was lovely. When we saw you were south, shit was insanely hype. Fix ur sleeping schedule and dont gain a British accent. Hope to team again :)


real weavs know

Tenebricite ever since epl, the TM incident particularly, ive been a great fan of yours


Seeing stuff like this post-game was also heartwarming, thanks for being the only one to support a yung Natdexxer in the epl trenches.

Embodiment of consistency and it really pains me you only got 2 games. You are meticulous in prep, in play, and a great person to be around. Wisest Mystical Tree I know. I want to recommend you for ndpl but ngl I gotta keep that for our own draft plans. Win that monotype cup and buy yourself a large TM statue boss

Boomenheimer life of the party is probably the best term i could use. Love havin you around man, you might have 2000 elo on the charisma ladder. Youve said on occasion how ur years in mons are probably waning, which i certainly hope is not true, need the Boomenheimer gifs expeditiously. NDPL awaits my goat...keep that record clean. Seeing you clutch nd v row was so heat btw i will hold onto that memory for a long time

style.css so so so important in the mono prep. Chillest mf on earth. CA sprite champion. Worst avail EVER. Im messin, thanks for helping out in the prep style. Despite not being officially on roster due to a last minute shift, you were apart of it just as much as anyone else who was actually on it. Also thanks for carrying me in PSPL??? AND ndmpl??? (on occasion) Goat. Naganadel has more aura than celesteela tho

Ineros thank you for being so active in tests and GMS's of course. I hope to see you get a shot in ndpl, watching enthusiastic newer players flow in just looking to compete and win reminds me of myself around this time last year. Keep it up! Hard work doesnt go unnoticed

Amstan Runo gamer but swag eragon thanks for being around guys, always appreciated and appreciate the support dearly

Rooting for my brotha seth to take it home
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