Pet Mod Natural Selection (Slate 1 Playtesting Phase)

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:kingambit: - Knookout (anaconja), Cockrook (Tanny89k)
:iron-hands: - Iron Blimp (DuoM2), Stone Hands (DaDucIsDaKey)
:dragapult: - Dragaplunge (Gravity Monkey), Dragapult-Hoenn (PalpitoadChamp), Thundapult (SV)
:slurpuff: - Sourpuff (DenebStargazer), Puffache (Mossy Sandwich), Cottonix (Gekokeso)
:ceruledge: - Fushimmer (SV), Eisuedge (Orangesodapop), Viruledge (SturdyShedinja)

:eelektross: - SturdyShedinja, Jrdyop, DenebStargazer
:dugtrio: - Orangesodapop, anaconja
:bouffalant: - Beaf Cultist (SV), Gaboswampert
:crabominable: - Jrdyop, anaconja, Beaf Cultist (SV)
:klawf: - Jrdyop, Mossy Sandwich
24 hour warning for voting! A lot of people who have submitted have yet to vote, though I'd rather not ping that many people on the forums at once.

Also a small change to voting: You don't need to vote a minimum of 3 subs per mon anymore (kind of a strange restricition from the initial post), but do keep in mind that vote weight will be affected - if you only vote for 2 subs, the top vote will be worth 2 instead of 3, and if you vote for a single mon, it will only count for one vote.
:kingambit: - TopicHats, PalpitoadChamp, Gaboswampert
:iron-hands: - DuoM2, Jrdyop
:dragapult: - PalpitoadChamp, Beaf Cultist
:slurpuff: - Jrdyop, TopicHats, Cyclonez_
:ceruledge: - Orangesodapop, anaconja, Beaf Cultist
:eelektross: - DenebStargazer, SturdyShedinja, Gaboswampert
:dugtrio: - Jrdyop
:bouffalant: - TopicHats, Beaf Cultist, Gaboswampert
:crabominable: - Jrdyop, Samtendo09, Beaf Cultist
:klawf: - Orangesodapop, Beaf Cultist, Mossy Sandwich
:kingambit: - Knookout (anaconja), Kniyett (PalpitoadChamp), Rookada (Tanny89k)
:iron-hands: - Iron Blimp (DuoM2)
:dragapult: - Cragapult (sv), Dragaplunge (Gravity Monkey), Thundapult (Beef Cultist)
:slurpuff: - Sourpuff (DenebStargazer), Puffache (Mossy Sandwich), Mosspuff (PalpitoadChamp)
:ceruledge: - Malachythe (anaconja), Silvuredge (DuoM2), Viruledge (sv)

:eelektross: - SturdyShedinja (sv), DenebStargazer, anaconja
:dugtrio: - anaconja, Orangesodapop, SturdyShedinja (sv)
:bouffalant: - Beef Cultist, anaconja, Gravity Monkey
:crabominable: - Jrdyop, Beef Cultist, Samtendo09
:klawf: - Orangesodapop, Gravity Monkey, Mossy Sandwich

Gravity Monkey

Que des barz comme si jtais au hebs
is a Top Artist
:kingambit: - Tanny89k, LOrd Fernando, Anaconja
:iron-hands: - DuoM2, Beaf Cultist, Jrdyop :)
:dragapult: - Gravity Monkey, TopicHats, PalpitoadChamp
:slurpuff: - Orangesodapop, cyclonez_, DenebStargazer
:ceruledge: - anaconja, SturdyShedinja

:eelektross: - anaconja, Tanny89k, Jrdyop :)
:dugtrio: - Mintly, anaconja, SturdyShedinja
:bouffalant: - Orangesodapop, Gekoseko, Gravity Monkey
:crabominable: - Jrdyop :), anaconja
:klawf: - Gravity Monkey, Beaf Cultist, DenebStargazer
:kingambit: - anaconja, Tanny89k, Gaboswampert
:iron-hands: - DuoM2, Beaf Cultist, Revenge of Depressed Gay
:dragapult: - Gravity Monkey, PalpitoadChamp, Beaf Cultist, TopicHats
:slurpuff: - DenebStargazer, Mossy Sandwich, Samtendo, cyclonez_, PalpitoadChamp
:ceruledge: - Beaf Cultist, SturdyShedinja

:eelektross: - anaconja, Jrdyop, DenebStargazer, Orangesodapop
:dugtrio: - PalpitoadChamp, Mintly, Orangesodapop, Jrdryop, TopicHats
:bouffalant: - Beaf Cultist, anaconja, Gravity Monkey, Gaboswampert, Orangesodapop
:crabominable: - anaconja, Beaf Cultist, Jrdyop, Gaboswampert
:klawf: - Beaf Cultist, Gravity Monkey, Mossy Sandwich

Voting is now closed! Winners will be announced sometime tomorrow.
Slate 1 Winners are here!!!

Tanny89k said:
Name: Rookada (rook + cicada)
Original Pokemon: Kingambit

Abilities: Pressure / Swarm / Tinted Lens
Stats: 70 / 98 / 140 / 82 / 104 / 56 (550)
Weight: 80 kg
Movepool Changes:
:plusle:Attack Order, Bug Buzz, Defend Order, First Impression, Infestation, Roost
:minun:Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Metal Burst, Metal Claw, Steel Beam
Explanation: Physical wall with instant recovery. Tinted Lens + Foul Play keeps the likes of Hands and Gambit from sitting on it. SD and CB also exist.
Flavor: Kingambit's elaborate steel plating, though life-saving in botched hunts against Dragapult and Latios, proved debilitating in the face of Iron Hands. A section of the Kingambit population developed lighter, more flexible exteriors, which wound up far better suited to withstanding Iron Hands's methods.
DuoM2 said:
Name: Iron Blimp
Original Pokemon: Iron Hands
Type: Electric/Flying
Abilities: Quark Drive / --- | Motor Drive
Stats: 104/100/118/80/68/90 (570)
Movepool Changes: full movepool below
Explanation: The day is dim and cloudy. Rain falls quietly for as far as the eye can see. Iron Hands exits his car wearing a full black suit, tears gently falling down his face. Kingambit approaches him standing strong. "Hey buddy, I know how much he meant to you. I'm so sorry." The two of them walk together with Kingambit's hand firmly planted on Iron Hands's shoulder and take two open seats next to one another. Iron Hands begins sobbing hysterically out of nowhere. "Why was he taken from us so soon? To hell with this cruel world!" Before the crowd of seats sits a podium where a man would soon begin to speak about the death of everyone's good friend Emolga.
Flavor: he turned into a blimp
Gravity Monkey said:

Name: Dragaplunge
Original Pokemon: Dragapult

Abilities: Clear Body / Infiltrator / Levitate
Stats: 98 (+10) / 110 (-10) / 75 / 110 (+10) / 75 / 132 (-10) (BST: 600)
Movepool Changes: - Thunder, Thunderbolt, Phantom Force, Will-O-Wisp, Hex
+ Waterfall, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Surf, Aqua Tail
Explanation: Water is a very good STAB to have in the meta, resists being either fairly rare or very weak to dragon. A new powerful and threatening water pivot/breaker would make the use of mons like Jellicent or Slowbro hopefully more appealing. As for Dragaplunge itself, just like Pult, it's a pretty flexible pick. Levitate grants it some more switch-in opportunities as well as a very appreciated spikes/tspikes immunity, letting it be more flexible with its item choice. Its stronger on the special side, making specs set very threatning, but it also has a much better typing and a much better secondary stab to use DD sets, even though its a bit weaker on the phys side.
Flavor: The overabundance of Dragapult forced some populations to search elsewhere for preys. Some of them started fishing in the local fresh water areas, this new diet slowly changing their typing and their constitution.
Mossy Sandwich said:
Name: Puffache
Original Pokemon: Slurpuff
Type: Fairy/Dark
Abilities: Sweet Veil/(Well-Baked Body)
Stats: 87/80/96/85/60/72 (+5 HP, +10 Def, -15 SpDef) (480 BST)
Movepool Changes: +Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Payback, Recover, Stealth Rock, Thief, Throat Chop, -Aromatherapy, Belly Drum, Heal Bell, Sticky Web, Wish

Explanation: Counter to Ceruledge, Dragapult (especially Wisp+Hex) and Latios thanks to its excellent typing against those and Well-Baked Body. Its SpDef is a bit low to prevent it from shutting down Dragapult and Latios too hard and to make CM sets harder to get in a good position, but if it invests in it, it's still serviceable as its typing is pretty nice against those. Recover and Stealth Rock ensure it can maintain its defensive utility while the removal or Belly Drum, Webs and Cleric options make sure to differentiate it from Slurpuff. It does rather poorly into Kingambit, Iron Hands and Poison-Types, though STAB Foul Play can at least chip into them and it has access to Dazzling Gleam or Toxic to give Hands a harder time coming in.

Flavor: Slurpuffs have evolved a new Fire-resistant fur that allows it to fight off opposing Ceruledge and Dragapult better. However, this new variant of Slurpuff smells quite foul, in part due to its body always being overcooked and, as such, isn't as popular among trainers.
Beaf Cultist said:
Name: Fushimmer
Original Pokemon: Ceruledge

Abilities: Flash Fire | Drought
Stats: 80 / 80 / 115 / 80 / 100 / 70 [525 BST]
Movepool Changes: +Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Misty Terrain, Moonblast, Solar Beam, Spirit Break, -Destiny Bond, Hex, Night Shade, Phantom Force, Poltergeist, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak
Explanation: We've got all the tools for viable Sun already in the meta right now between Typhlosion, Victreebel, and Ceruledge, and the only thing missing is a setter. That being said, the abusers aren't stellar and Fushimmer lacks much utility besides Wisp and... uh... Clear Smog, so I think the playstyle could be balanced and unique without being overwhelming.
Flavor: Pastel goth Ceruledge.
DenebStargazer said:
Name: Eelektross
Type: Electric/Ground
Abilities: Levitate
Stats: 100/115/85/105/90/50 (545)
Movepool Changes: Earth Power, Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic
Explanation: The only Ground in the meta right now is Dugtrio, who is not exactly famed for its bulk. This adds a bulky Ground type rocker to the meta.
anaconja said:
Name: Dugtrio
Type: Ground / Rock
Abilities: Sand Veil / Sand Stream / Sand Force
Stats: 75 / 100 / 60 / 50 / 95 / 120 | 508
Explanation: added bulk and sand stream allows it to pivot into stuff like monke latios and pult
Beaf Cultist said:
Name: Bouffalant

Abilities: Reckless / Sap Sipper | Soundproof
Stats: 100 / 125 / 105 / 40 / 95 / 55 [520 BST]
Movepool Changes: +Body Press, Bulk Up, Headlong Rush, Stealth Rock
Explanation: Bouffa-Lu: forma de Headlong Rush. These additions turn Bouffalant on its head, with Stealth Rock and great bulk combined with an amazing ability in Sap Sipper making it a stellar defensive mon, or its great STABs in Reckless Head Charge and Headlong Rush making it a solid option as a breaker. Cotton Guard Body Press is also pretty devilish.
Jrdyop :) said:
Name: Crabominable
Type: Ice / Fighting
Abilities: Technician, Iron Fist, Anger Point
Stats: 112(+15)/132/82(+5)/62/67/53(+10)
Movepool Changes: + Ice Shard, Mach Punch, Icicle Spear, Swords Dance, Flip Turn
- Knock Off
Explanation: what Scizor does but with a really beneficial type for the meta offensively, ice/fighting is great offensively, and with rlly strong prio into mons like Dragapult, Latios, and Kingambit, and setup, or pivoting if band, it gets the job done dirty. Does kinda get walled hard by Slowbro and Jellicent tho, Ceruledge too if it ain’t eq, and it doesn’t enjoy Iron Hands either without eq as well.
Gravity Monkey said:
Name: Klawf

Abilities: Anger Shell / Shell Armor / Regenerator
Stats: 85 (+15) / 115 (+15) / 125 (+10) / 35 / 55 / 75 (BST: 500 (+50))
Movepool Changes: + Earthquake, Sand Tomb, Spiky Shield
Explanation: Makes for a real ground-type and a SR setter. Becomes an ok Kingambit/Iron Hands check thanks to Regen and its new bulk, especially since it outspeeds them.

252+ Atk Quark Drive Iron Hands Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Klawf: 152-180 (40.6 - 48.1%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
252+ Atk Quark Drive Iron Hands Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Klawf: 183-216 (48.9 - 57.7%) -- 95.3% chance to 2HKO
252+ Atk Black Glasses Kingambit Kowtow Cleave vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Klawf: 117-138 (31.2 - 36.8%) -- 71.6% chance to 3HKO

0 Atk Klawf Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Kingambit: 206-246 (60.4 - 72.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
0 Atk Klawf Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Iron Hands: 228-270 (44.5 - 52.7%) -- 22.3% chance to 2HKO

Flavor: Klawf started hiding in the sand to get away from its natural predators Iron Hands and Kingambit. Lucky for it, this type of environment matched the weakness of both Pokémon, and it was now able to use hit and run tactics to win against them.
topichats = 6
palpitoadchamp = 9
gaboswampert = 6
tanny89k = 11
anaconja = 11
lordfernando = 2
(rookada wins via tiebreak)
duom2 = 21
lordfernando = 3
palpitoadchamp = 3
beafcultist = 8
daducisdakey = 1
jrdyop = 2
rodg = 1
duom2 = 3
beafcultist = 10
topichats = 6
sturdyshedinja = 4
gravitymonkey = 17
palpitoadchamp = 10
mossysandwich = 13
jrdyop = 5
cyclonez = 10
orangesodapop = 4
denebstargazer = 12
lordfernando = 1
gekokeso = 5
samtendo = 4
topichats = 2
palpitoadchamp = 2
beafcultist = 14
duom2 = 6
orangesodapop = 9
anaconja = 11
sturdyshedinja = 8
denebstargazer = 14
gaboswampert = 3
anaconja = 14
orangesodapop = 5
jrdyop = 8
tanny89k = 3
palpitoadchamp = 1
sturdyshedinja = 8
(denebstargazer's eelektross wins via tiebreak)

sturdyshedinja = 5
mintly = 8
topichats = 2
anaconja = 12
jrdyop = 3
palpitoadchamp = 9
orangesodapop = 6
topichats = 6
beafcultist = 17
gaboswampert = 8
gekokeso = 5
orangesodapop = 5
anaconja = 6
denebstargazer = 1
gravitymonkey = 5
gaboswampert = 8
samtendo = 7
beafcultist = 13
jrdyop = 16
anaconja = 9
orangesodapop = 10
beafcultist = 11
mossysandwich = 9
gravitymonkey = 11
sturdyshedinja = 2
cyclonez = 1
jrdyop = 2
denebstargazer = 1
(gravity monkey's klawf wins via tiebreak)

Votes counted with help from charliezard8888's vote counter
Yea there were a lot of ties this slate, my b

Playtesting tours won't be scheduled until the slate gets coded, so feel free to discuss winners in the meantime. Have a good day!
Quick revision as I did the tiebreaking system incorrectly - Beaf Cultist 's Klawf wins!
Beaf Cultist said:
Name: Klawf

Abilities: Anger Shell / Shell Armor | Regenerator
Stats: 90 / 105 / 115 / 35 / 80 / 75 [500 BST]
Movepool Changes: +Crunch, Dark Pulse, Parting Shot, Taunt
Explanation: Klawf already has a ton of utility, but a type change and a bulk boost allow it to do much better into Latios and Ceruledge (at least until it starts running CC). Still not the greatest option, but this should at least save it from death next slate.
1984 or something
:kingambit::lokix: - Weirdmon. Pretty mid defensive profile and an unfortunate Rocks weakness, while being shored up by pretty good bulk, still make it kind of awkward to fit on teams. Would not be surprised if this doesn't see much play (or more likely if bulky SD becomes its best set).
:iron-hands::emolga: - Very strong mon, easy Hands answer to slap on teams, pretty much the de facto bulky Flying in current meta unless you really want a Dark resist. RIP to the hazard meta (nothing sets them on this besides big Duggy).
:dragapult::walking-wake: - Probably too strong. DD sets are lowkey broken as no Water resist wants to eat Dragon Darts (and vice versa), and even if it's not broken it's pretty much guaranteed to outclass Barraskewda. Expect this to be a staple on Screens.
:slurpuff::morgrem: - Nice balanced fat Fairy, which combines with Fushimmer below to greatly diversify Dragon answers in the meta. Unfortunately seems very passive if it's not hitting super effectively, so this might need a buff down the line.
:ceruledge::gardevoir: - Sun is actually so heat in this meta. Super looking forward to running this, though the mon itself is just a Bitter Blade bot.

:eelektross: - Weirdmon. Very strong defensive and offensive profile in theory, and Spikes are still fairly rare in this meta, but that speed tier and lack of recovery (combined with a TON of Ground competition and its complete inability to touch Iron Blimp) leave me doubting if this will actually make much of a splash. Would not be surprised if this mon died out next slate.
:dugtrio: - Hazard meta savior. The ONLY Rocker who can threaten Iron Blimp in any way besides shitmons like Aggron and Crustle, and that matchup alone makes this extremely good. Sand Stream pretty much only benefits itself, but the extra bulk is nice ig. Please don't add a broken Sand Rush mon next slate.
:bouffalant: - Epic mon, and probably the best fat Ground now that Klawf got 1984'd. Cotton Guard Body Press is hilarious into unprepared teams, but generally this mon just has a lot of options to bring to the table. Be careful around the Blimp though.
:crabominable: - Pretty solid cleaner. Hates that the bulky Waters are gonna be a lot more common now, but should still be able to find a place on teams just by virtue of how valuable its priority options are.
:klawf: - It's 1984 and we've always been at war with Eurasia. Pretty mid mon. Seems pretty much outclassed by Duggy as a rocker and the Ceru matchup probably isn't enough to carry it in this new meta, but we'll see how it goes.

Dark: 7 (:kingambit::skuntank::mandibuzz::pangoro::klawf::lokix::morgrem:)
Fire: 6 (:volcanion::centiskorch::typhlosion::pyroar::ceruledge::gardevoir:)
Rock: 6 (:minior::klawf::crustle::aggron::barbaracle::dugtrio:)
Water: 6 (:barraskewda::slowbro::volcanion::jellicent::barbaracle::walking-wake:)
Flying: 5 (:minior::hawlucha::jumpluff::mandibuzz::emolga:)
Psychic: 5 (:uxie::slowbro::latios::munkidori::orbeetle:)
Bug: 4 (:crustle::orbeetle::centiskorch::lokix:)
Dragon: 4 (:latios::haxorus::dragapult::walking-wake:)
Fighting: 4 (:crabominable::iron-hands::hawlucha::pangoro:)
Poison: 4 (:muk::skuntank::munkidori::victreebel:)
Electric: 3 (:eelektross::iron-hands::emolga:)
Fairy: 3 (:slurpuff::morgrem::gardevoir:)
Ghost: 3 (:jellicent::ceruledge::dragapult:)
Grass: 3 (:jumpluff::victreebel::eldegoss:)
Ground: 3 (:dugtrio::eelektross::bouffalant:)
Steel: 3 (:kingambit::orthworm::aggron:)
Normal: 2 (:bouffalant::pyroar:)
Ice: 1 (:crabominable:)
Diverge: Kingambit, Dragaplunge, Iron Blimp, Dragapult, Ceruledge
Main Group: Slurpuff, Dugtrio, Latios, Iron Hands, Jellicent, Crabominable, Bouffalant, Volcanion, Fushimmer, Typhlosion, Slowbro, Victreebel, Haxorus, Skuntank, Munkidori, Puffache, Jumpluff, Rookada, Uxie, Pangoro, Orthworm, Hawlucha, Barbaracle, Muk, Barraskewda
Adapt: Eelektross, Mandibuzz, Minior, Klawf, Orbeetle
Extinct: Aggron, Crustle, Eldegoss, Centiskorch, Pyroar


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Thoughts! I haven't done calcs or anything so keep that in mind.

This thing shouldn't be bad but I can't see it truly having the purely defensive role that was intended for it. It definitely would answer the more common Latios sets going around but it hates being burned or Dracod by Dragapult and doesn't really look like it has any other intended targets to handle defensively. Still, as an offensive check to those it could be very nice, especially with the utility of STAB Tinted Lens First Impression in this meta.

I kind of had a feeling this sub would win. I had a difficult time thinking of where I should try and balance it, might end up warping the meta a bit but I thought it was worth it because the meta's pretty centralized as is right now and if anything this mon could influence a lot of meta shifts. Toxic will probably be mandatory for threatening Iron Hands but otherwise this checks that, Kingambit, and Ceruledge pretty nicely and doesn't force you to rely on Iron Hands as much for its defensive utility. Maybe this could open the door to more different specially offensive things being run to break this or different rockers like Aggron, Dugtrio, or Klawf seeing use since they have more favorable matchups into this.

With how physically bulky this meta is and with special sets having access to Flamethrower, Ice Beam and Shadow Ball, I can't see physical sets being as good as special sets despite how enticing Dragon Dance may be. Unless I'm missing something, if you run Draco Meteor / Surf / Shadow Ball with Specs then you have no switchins in the base meta except for full Sp. Def Jellicent. You also have Ice Beam to nail Eldegoss who would otherwise have been a great counter. I don't think Specs will be hard to run on this seeing as the Speed tier is really nice and both of your individual STABs lack resists on their own. Otherwise, I think it's pretty cool that Wisp and Hex were removed to distinctly leave that kind of thing for Dragapult, seeing as those were its most prominent sets and it's quite literally got other niches the mon itself can normally fill. Definitely a very strong sub though and I find it hard to imagine this won't be super good in the final meta, possibly making it harder to justify running Volcanion for example.

I really don't have too much to say about this one. It does indeed look like a very sturdy answer to the mons listed with the exception of Latios, the weakest of those, who you will need to chip this down for. I think that's perfectly fine for this. Also naturally boosts Skuntank and Muk who are kind of on thin ice with staying relevant in a meta like this seeing as they're a lot weaker than everything else. Very nice addition, adds a lot without pushing the meta's power level any higher at all although this might prove to make it harder to run as the power level keeps going up.

I already made an offhand mention that I really like this sub but I'll elaborate. Typhlosion and Victreebel both had a very obvious niche, and I'm honestly kind of disappointed in myself that the thought of a Sun setter didn't even cross my mind. All of our abusers are very powerful but very brittle, and I think Spirit Break is an alright midground between straight up pivoting and just forcing them to fend for themselves. The fact that the meta is as hazard-focused as it is could ultimately just mean this thing only gets Sun twice per game but I don't think this is even too far off from standard. What's more, this should also help us answer Dragaplunge, with Fushimmer itself having solid special bulk and providing both a Dragon immunity that "isn't weak to Water" and basically giving teammates a Water resist. Really glad this sub won in particular.

I don't feel as positively towards this sub as I do with the others so far. It's not bad by any means but it's not how I would've changed this Pokemon. The Speed tier this covers is super crowded already seeing as a vast majority of teams had two mons with the exact same Speed stat as this, and I feel as though a better typing than Ground could have been chosen since it doesn't give Eelektross as much defensive utility as I would hope. That mainly stems from it not boosting it against any meta-relevant targets or playing off of the resists Electric and Levitate provide especially well. That being said, this does make Eelektross a good bit scarier offensively and the general bulk increase is appreciated as well, so I can't be upset that this won.

This does basically exactly what I asked for in a Dugtrio sub by not really boosting its offensive presence that much, but making it easier to bring out instead. Should be a solid way to offensively abuse Muk and Skuntank while also checking Latios and Munkidori and providing hazards. Very sturdy answer to Sun too which is nice. As a blanket check to special offense though it's kind of an unfortunate case where this can't answer Wisp Dragapult at all, which is its most common set by far, and Dragaplunge has a button that just deletes this thing. At the absolute minimum I think the role compression this has should be nice for some teams, and a viable Dugtrio like this also gives some things like Orthworm more reason to exist.

I think these changes do a fine job at giving Bouffalant the appeal it needs to do better here. Strong Ground STAB is nice into non-Orthworm Steels and Iron Hands and the tiny bump to the Speed tier is a huge deal for something that was already this tough to wall. Just to put into perspective, imagine you knock something out with Iron Hands or Kingambit only for this thing to pop in and probably kill something for it, or just click Bulk Up and make things even worse. I kind of don't like something this strong existing to punish Muk and Skuntank but otherwise it looks good to me.

Kind of similar to my thoughts to Bouffalant now actually. Having another super strong breaker that's faster than the base 50s is really nice, and removing Knock Off was a great call for boosting Slowbro and Jellicent. I don't think Flip Turn will see much use if this sub is at all successful though seeing as Slowbro and Jellicent both actively punish its use through their abilities. We have no shortage of ways to revenge kill this either through things like Latios and Slurpuff and I think that's totally fine for a Pokemon like this. If anything it might be a bit difficult to justify over Bouffalant seeing as its typing removes a lot of the defensive utility its bulk would otherwise give it but I still think it's worth giving this a shot, I can't see it being awful.

It's funny because I was going to make a Klawf sub of my own but decided against it when I saw this. Probably is just a flat out better idea than whatever I would've done and I'm glad it made it here even if it's not the biggest surprise out there. Klawf had a lot of problems in the base meta, mostly its typing being awful and Regenerator being the only thing to make it stand out, but a simple typing change removes both of those issues. This is a legitimate softer check to things like Iron Hands and Kingambit in addition to some of the newer other Grounds, not to mention Regenerator and Stealth Rock always being good traits to have. Pure Ground is a very good choice here to keep it from being too passive and although I was a bit disappointed at first that both this and Iron Blimp won, I do think Knock Off and the threat of Stealth Rock going up multiple times a game keep it from being too strong of an answer. Really looking forward to seeing this one.

EDIT: The day is dim and cloudy. Rain falls quietly for as far as the eye can see. DuoM2 exits his car wearing a full black suit, tears gently falling down his face. Seriously though I didn't see that a different Klawf sub had won after some tiebreaking thing was corrected. Very sad. Anyways I don't think this sub succeeds in what it was trying to do, but could ultimately have merit regardless. You could technically look at this as a Latios and Ceruledge check, but if memory serves correctly every Latios and Ceruledge I've seen has run Fighting coverage. Where I think this thing's job lies is as a Stealth Rock user that does not lose to Iron Blimp and also checks Dragapult. This one's kind of on thin ice though. I can't see this holding up in future metas, although depending on how you look at it this may not even be an issue.

Overall, I'm very happy with this slate, although it's difficult to say if that's just from this being an interesting meta to have subs like this work around. Slowbro, Jellicent, Orthworm, and the Sun gang are probable winners here, while I could see the Poisons, Volcanion, Haxorus, Barraskewda, and Uxie being big losers. Maybe I'm just difficult to disappoint in this environment seeing as I don't mind some of the stronger subs being stronger at the possibility of them influencing change but at the very least they all do have feasible counterplay that doesn't look too hard to implement. If anything I am disappointed that our two new Grounds are attached to dual typings that I think lead to them doing very little from a defensive standpoint. I'm pretty exicted to see how the new meta will turn out though.
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Apologies for the brief hiatus but it's finally time to schedule the Slate 1 playtesting tours! Poll can be accessed here, link will also be provided in the Discord announcement.
Put in any time between February 5-11th where you are available to participate, the top three most-voted times will be when this slate's three tours will take place.

We will also be revisiting the tour winner bonus that was initially planned for Slate 0: In the likely case that we do another low-tier placement poll for this slate, the winners of the tours will have the weight of their votes doubled. If someone happens to win more than one tour, the player(s) they matched in the finals game will get the bonus.

Poll results will be locked Saturday (2/3) night. If I have spare time I'll edit this post with my meta predictions, so keep your eyes peeled for that - Feel free to share any of your own opinions/predictions on the new meta in the forum. Have a good day y'all!
Hey gang, it's been a while. We've been uhh... hibernating, yeah lets put it that way.

Slate 1 Tour Rescheduling is now open! Poll is linked here and on the Discord. Fill in any time from 4/17-4/21 where you will be available, the two most voted times will be the tour dates. Poll will close this Saturday night.

Sorry again for the long hiatus, but hopefully we can get Natural Selection back and running on a good routine. See you then
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