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Welcome to National Dex Monotype Premier League IV! The tour will span the spring, so make sure you will be available for a majority of the duration before signing up. A player's duty involves more than bringing wins to the team; a player should be a positive chat presence, help with teambuilding and testing when able, and cheer on their teammates through the highs and lows. Players that behave in such a way are more likely to get drafted than somebody who may bring wins but has a poor attitude. If you cannot be active for a majority of the tournament's duration, reconsider whether or not you want to sign up.

The format for NDMPL IV is the following:
  • SV NDM
  • SV NDM
  • SV NDM
  • SV NDM
  • SS NDM
  • Z-less NDM (no Z-moves)
  • Threat
  • Ubers
Managers and teams for this year's NDMPL are:
  • TBD!

Only sign up for formats you are willing to play. If you do not want to play a metagame but sign up to play said metagame, you have no right to complain later if your manager wants to play you there.

For the duration of NDMPL's regular season, players are not allowed to play in the tiers listed as "NOT played" in their signups post. They will only be allowed to play those tiers starting in playoffs. The only exception to this rule will be players that are purchased for 3k during the auction.

To be crystal clear: "Tiers NOT Played" will bind you from playing in those tiers, and you should use it only if you do not intend to play that tier under any circumstance for the entire regular season. "Tiers Played" is a non-binding field that you can use to communicate your preferences to all managers.


You have until 24 hours before the auction (date/time TBD) to sign up!

The Draft will likely take place the weekend of March 2nd-3rd.

Player Signup Sheet (for managers)​
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User name: Nowh

Tiers Not Played (Binding) SS NDM, Z-less NDM, Monothreat

Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV NDM, NDM Ubers

Timezone GMT-3
User name: Hollow Soul

Tiers Not Played (Binding) Z-less NDM, Monothreat, NDM Ubers

Tiers Preferred (not binding) SV NDM, SS NDM

Timezone GMT-3
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