Need help for a special sweeper on my X/Y OU team.

So far my team consists of
Protean Greninja
Mega Venasaur
Physical Infernape

I personally don't consider my Greninja as a special sweeper but more as a revenge killer. I'm fairly inexperienced at competitive battling and can't easily identify threats on my team.
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Manaphy, Landorus-I (not really a "sweeper" but it can provide some one-turn power), special M-Lucario, Nasty Plot Thundurus-T or I, a Calm Mind fairy. Too lazy to analyze your team to notice any type weaknesses, but just test those Pokemon out and run some damage calculations to see if the can generate the OHKO or 2HKOs you desire.
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As noted up higher, Volcarona is good. I play Pokebank, so I'm resisting the urge to say Latios (you might want to consider that in less than 1 month, though). Other options are Gengar, Calm Mind Alakazam, Nasty Plot Togekiss, Mega Ampharos, Special Aegislash, Reuniclus, and Arcanine (that would surprise quite a few people).

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