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NeverUsed Champions League I

Hosted by Meri Berry. I'll be making all tournament decisions, but I'll have non-managing co-hosts (tbd) that will help with non-decision work such as posting the weeks or updating the OP.

Post here if you want to sign-up to play in NUCL I (managers do not need to sign-up)! This will work just like NUPL, which if you aren't familiar with the premiere league format, will have players sign up to enter a draftable pool of players which the managers draft from to build their teams, and then a round robin main season into a single-elimination playoff bracket to determine the winner.

Sign-ups will close a day before the auction -- day is TBD. Since the holidays are coming up, there will still be some time until we know when the draft will be, but I will update with this information as soon as possible. Additionally, tournament banned users are barred from signing-up.

When signing-up, please include the following information (with formatting intact, as the player spreadsheet is parsed by an external tool):
Player Name:
Tiers Played:
Time Zone:

The slots for this tournament will be as follows:
  • 4x SV NU
  • 1x SS NU
  • 1x SM NU
  • 1x ORAS NU
  • 1x BW NU
  • 1x DPP NU
  • 1x ADV NU
  • 1x GSC NU
  • 1x RBY NU

Lastly, our 6 teams will be managed by the following:
Message me on Smogon or on Discord (meridith) if you have any questions or concerns, and I'll try to keep everyone updated. Good luck, everyone!

Tier lock is in place for this tournament. If you want to be able to play a tier, please sign up for it!

The draft will be on Saturday, December 23rd at 9am GMT-5.
Signups will close on Friday, December 22nd at 12pm GMT-5.
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Player Name: Oathkeeper
Tiers Played: SV NU, SS NU, SM NU, ORAS NU, BW NU, DPP NU, ADV NU, GSC NU, RBY NU (would rather avoid RBY and SM tho)
Timezone: GMT-6 (CST)
Availability: darn near perfect
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