NeverUsed Premier League V - Final - [Won by Vibrant Vivillons]

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And so the final arrives, and it's time for the final showdown.

Remember, Activity wins are only based on VM activity. No VM contact - No Activity Win!


3. Listless Lilligant (4) vs (4) 4. Vibrant Vivillons
SM1: Sacri' vs Eternally
SM2: Laurens vs Garay oak
SM3: Bushtush vs Gunner Rohan
ORAS: Rapture vs Earth
BW2: soulgazer vs Void
DPP: Kushalos vs idiotfrommars
ADV: The Goomy vs Pearl
Bo3: Tricking vs TDK

SM: Kushalos vs TDK
ORAS: Sacri' vs Earth
ADV: Tricking vs Pearl

Scheduled matches can be found here. Players please use this to notify us when you play.
DEADLINE: September 3rd 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4)

Please let me know if I made any mistakes.
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3. Listless Lilligant (3) vs (5) 4. Vibrant Vivillons

SM1: Sacri' (45) vs (55) Eternally - One of the best matches in the round, imo. Sacri is the more proven and probably better overall player, but Eternally is an up-and-coming NU main that continues to show a lot of potential. I think that the edge goes to Eternally here because I am not sure how solid Sacri is at the SM metagame himself and I am unsure about his team support while Eternally clearly knows how to build himself in this tier and has more support throughout his team. This could really go either way though

SM2: Laurens (35) vs (65) Garay oak - Laurens is probably one of the few new generation NU mains on this roster, but the issue is that he is also probably one of the least useful ones out there. His teams are consistently questionable at a glance and his sets do not do him any justice in this regard either, perhaps even hurting his case. On top of that, his gameplay, especially later-on in games, is clearly not where it needs to be yet. I am sure he is capable of winning seeing as he has won a few games this tournament and he has been seen near the top of the ladder, but until he refines a lot of what he needs to, I think his fellow newer SM NU tournament player, Garay Oak, will outdo him when it comes to building and playing from turn 1 until the end of the game.

SM3: Bushtush (40) vs (60) Gunner Rohan - Gunner is a very dynamic player, being able to make aggressive moves and handle potentially challenging situations in the battle. However, he also sometimes has a disregard for the long-term consequences of his plays and this can backfire. He won a very interesting, perhaps questionable game last week where he came out strong and barely held on after a shaky mid-game, but he has demonstrated tier knowledge and an actual ability to craft teams he is comfortable with throughout the tournament. On the other side, Bushtush does not necessarily seem to frequent SM NU and while he is a generally solid player, he also is a bit inexperienced and will likely be handed a team that is not necessarily battle tested, let alone sufficient for this opponent or the environment. I like Bushtush a lot as a player, but I question if he is suited to beat Gunner assuming Gunner does not throw the game out of left field.

ORAS: Rapture (55) vs (45) Earth - Two middle-of-the-pack types of players when it comes to NU tournament experience and skill level here, in my opinion. Neither has truly stood out a ton to me, but I think Rapture is a bit more capable of making harder reads and taking risks at the level necessary to be consistent in tournaments whereas Earth is consistently solid, but nothing special. I think both will have solid, tested teams and I am giving Rapture the slight edge just based on my belief in his greater ability to outplay.

BW2: soulgazer (70) vs (30) Void - Soulgazer is obviously one of the top BW NU players of all time and he can use just about whatever he wants ranging from Zweilous stall to Sawsbuck HO, so I think it will be hard for Void, who lacks tier knowledge, teams, and support, to keep up with one of the more dominant players in the field even if he, himself, is a solid player as well.

DPP: Kushalos (55) vs (45) idiotfrommars - Meh, not too huge on either of these guys in DPP, but both are solid enough players to compete in whatever tier they're put in when it comes to PLs. I think IFM has a bit more experience in the tier historically, but Kush is more motivated and active in the modern day and I think that gives him the edge in what should be a close one.

ADV: The Goomy (35) vs (65) Pearl - No clue how good Goomy is in ADV, but he brings things that are a bit too wild for my liking and seeing how low the viability floor in this metagame is, I truly have to wonder what he will pull here. Pretty strong in my support of Pearl here just because he has support and you know whatever he goes with will be more solid and consistent while he also is the better player of the two.

Bo3: Tricking (40) vs (60) TDK - TDK struggled with NU stuff initially, but has been stronger as of late, especially with his win against FLCL in a tight set last week. I expect him to bring some really interesting teams that have logical ideas and gameplans behind them while I'm not sure the same can be said for Tricking. I am really looking forward to this set and expect TDK to have the advantage in SM and BW, but let's wait and see how it plays out :o
3. Listless Lilligant (2) vs (6) 4. Vibrant Vivillons

SM1: Sacri' (35) vs (65) Eternally - Eternally is definetly one of the best SM NU players atm, i trust him to take this one.

SM2: Laurens (45) vs (55) Garay oak - Tough one, both are great players, and both had some great wins this season but I think Garay has the upper hand here.

SM3: Bushtush (40) vs (60) Gunner Rohan - I dont really know anything about either of them, but judging from the games this year, Gunner made a pretty solid impression, if he takes his time, I am sure he can pull it off.

ORAS: Rapture (40) vs (60) Earth - so both players made a solid impression, but I think earth will pull this off, he is in his comfort zone and will defo step up the game for the team.

BW2: soulgazer () vs () Void - purely judging from last weeks game, I think soulgazer takes this one.

DPP: Kushalos () vs () idiotfrommars - no idea just going with finch's prediction

ADV: The Goomy () vs () Pearl - again know nothing about the players, thanks finchinator
Bo3: Tricking vs TDK, this happened already, grats TDK.


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SM1: Sacri' vs Eternally
Rooting for a friend, but I also think that Eternally is the better player in terms of teambuilding and just fundamentals in general.

SM3: Bushtush vs Gunner Rohan
I've only seen Bushtush play one game of SM NU and that was his Week 4 game against Poek. It's hard to really gauge his ability in the tier compared to someone like Gunner, who has done a good job establishing himself in the tier, when Poek had such a convincing performance against him.

ORAS: Rapture vs Earth
Both are friends of mine, but I think Rapture's experience kind of puts him at an advantage against Earth here. Considering they're friends of one another, I think it'll come down to who knows what to bring against the other and be decided with matchup and consequently following through with said matchup advantage.

BW2: soulgazer vs Void
I'm at the point where I know better than to predict against the old man. I haven't heard much from sg this season, so maybe he's feeling burnt out and Void could take it if he tries hard.

ADV: The Goomy vs Pearl
I think Pearl is the more experienced and fundamentally sound player between the two. Goomy's (presumed) lack of experience in the tier could also play a vital role in the up-coming battle, but I'm sure he's hungry for the win and will put in the necessary work to get there.

tl;dr hope both teams lose go samurotts
Bush and I discussed to play on Sunday privately, but unfortunately we have no VM evidence to prove it. I've been online since 1 EST and he hasn't been active all day - which means we'll need an extension for tomorrow. This is not an activity post by any means, but I have plans for the rest of the day and there's no way I can confirm my availability for the remainder of the night. I'll still be online for a little bit if he shows up.

e: i extended my stay for the entirety of the draft, but bush still hasn't showed up. i guess I'm in a position to call act now but idk
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TDK vs Kushalos - TDK has been on fire in this tour lately, outplaying FLCL and Tricking in route to two bo3 wins. Kushalos is a fine player, but I'm not too fond of this team's SM core and honestly some of the ideas they produce strike me as not worthwhile. Kushalos is probably going to end up bringing a bit less reliable of a team and TDK has the upper hand in gameplay, so leaning TDK

It's Earhie BITCH vs Sacri' - It's hard to be as handsome and skillful a player as Sacri is, truth be told. Earth has played better than I thought, but I cannot take him, nor it's Earhie BITCH as seriously as ex-NU Open Champ UU goat Frenchman Sacri, so I favor Sacri.

(Pearl vs League of Legends) vs (Tricking vs learning ADV NU) - Alright, so this is not just your ordinary battle, but it is a war that tests mental fortitude, physical endurance, and psychological willpower for both players. On one side, we have Pearl against LoL, the fight to be motivated to and actually play pocket monsters instead of queue'ing league over and over again all day. I'm favoring Pearl here because he has to fight for the spirit of Rozes's ghost, who will otherwise haunt his future LoL endeavors and cheat with all of Pearl's waifus. On the other side, we have Tricking against learning this random ass whack tier that's basically never played outside of this tournament, ADV NU. I'm favoring Tricking to win here because he beat me in SPL playoffs and I'm still insecure about myself, so I need him to look good for my own sake. Finally, if both players overcome their first opponents, they get to play each other. Here I'm favoring Pearl to take it all home because he tends to carry me to victory in every single PL he's on my team for because I can't do shit for my own good to save my life and I'm supporting these dudes, so he's basically carrying me here, too.
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ok so lets give this another shot

SM: Kushalos vs TDK - some impressive wins, if he keeps playing nu on that level, he got this
ORAS: Sacri' vs Earth - ok so I believed in earthie the first time so i gotta goo that route again, go get it!
ADV: Tricking vs Pearl - the mangager cant drop this one lets be real :)

i will probably will be completely wrong but we will see

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