NeverUsed Premier League V - Final - [Won by Vibrant Vivillons]

gonna make a short post to acknowledge my team:
Garay oak Eternally you guys are amazing builders and players, had some really nice games throughout the tour. thanks for carrying me every week.
TDK there's a reason you're one of the best on the site, coming back from a poor negative record to end the tour on a high was a feat to achieve. great job and thanks for supplying teams !!!
Pearl Void idiotfrommars you guys played really well each week, sorry i couldn't be of much help :(
Earth miang so GOOD ugh thanks for those clutch games in the semis and finals and for being fun as hell :)
qsns DrReuniclus GOAT subs!!


obii thanks for getting me into this tour in the first place xd
Hootie Finchinator Silver Aurum thanks for being dank and supplying teams!!

rozes thanks for putting your trust in me every week and giving me a chance to move into a new tier, i'll always be grateful for all the help you devoted to the team each week. you're a great manager and i'm sure you'll be back one day which im looking forward to.

it's been real Vivs, congrats my dudes.


free publicity ofc.
Special shoutout to rozes for drafting me and giving me a chance to play in my first ever NUPL. I'm glad I got to know you, you're a nice person that believed in me. bish.
Eternally qsns I knew you guys prior to this NUPL so y'all know how I feel about you, you guys are close friends and amazing teammates. :toast:
TDK Garay oak Gunner Rohan didn't know you guys very well before this NUPL but you were very fun to talk to and I appreciate you. Hope we still occasionally talk later on.
Pearl idiotfrommars Void DrReuniclus thank you for winning games!!!!
obii you're cool even tho you thought finch was in our team......

Finchinator Hootie Silver Aurum thanks for helping us out and making the chat more fun! you guys rock.

First NUPL won, yay!
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omg we actually won :D

i know i may not be the manager officially anymore, but i still drafted these guys and love them so im gonna do shoutouts. i originally logged off discord and wasnt planning on doing anything, but i felt a little bad so i rejoined on a new discord account around mid week 5 and have been helping the team still, and they've just gotten better since then.

TDK: you are def my closest friend on the whole site and i knew i just wanted to guarantee getting you at the start of the draft. you are literally the best team builder for every tier you take the 5 mins to learn and you somehow always manage to make a new team every week for every tier and then win there as well. thanks for picking up bo3 with my departure and matching my record and going even further making our combined bo3 7-2 :3

Pearl: thanks for randomly agreeing to play adv for me once i realized i didnt have anyone for that tier either and calling with me during draft after i had to kick hootie lmao. you are also one of my closest friends since you added me to wolfpack 2 years ago and let me manage w/ you this year. hope you rock uu this year in snake and continue the wolfpack legacy in spl9

obii: the assman and manager the team never had but the one we especially didnt want kept the chat fun with your lack of knowledge of the team and what was going on. from trying to sub finch into games and wishing people good luck 2 hours after they lost you really were the kingpin of our team.

Eternally: i knew i really wanted you going into the draft because your nu ideas are always fun and we had never really teamed before. you were also like the only other nu guy on at like 2am my time which made me like you right away. thanks for sticking with me and actually winning a few games this nupl as well, and hope you nail it in snake n_n

Gunner Rohan: when obii told me to get you i was kind of wary because the only nu experience i knew you really had was haxing me in nu league last year so i wasnt sure if i was sold on you. thankfully i was able to pick you up at the ed for a quick 3k and you went beast mode from the start. im glad you enjoy playing the tier and have been tearing it up in nu express and open, that tours yours for sure n_n

Void: lmfao i had no idea who to get for bw because all my picks were gone, and i noticed you said you could play it in yours signups so i said fuck it and got you. thanks for sticking around and winning when you needed to even if you only had my shitty bw builds till playoffs. for someone who never played bwnu seriously before this you did really well and def makes up for your spl >:(!

idiotfrommars: i know you didnt do as well as you wanted and you didnt get to play too much sm which im really sorry about :(. thanks for hanging out though and playing your games, with a few key wins thrown in there as well. hopefully your tilt wears off soon and you are back to beasting it up in tours n_n

Garay oak: one of the only people on the team that actually tried out with me, i kind of just got you during draft because i hadnt really picked up anyone else and everyone i had wanted like hootie i wasnt getting. thank god i did get you though because you are a beast. you supported just about everyone on the team and went beast yourself in your first big smogon tour so im happy you were able to do that. good luck in snake dude, and you'll be starting in more tours sooner than you know n_n

DrReuniclus: thanks for randomly beasting in dpp when we needed you to LOL. thanks for being in the chat in general though because your presence was always nice to see. hope you were able to have a little fun at least and hope you keep hanging around n_n

Earth: i really just picked you up with my extra 3k because i knew i liked talking to you in general in oras and hoped you would be able to talk in our team chat. im really glad i did this because you ended up turning active af and picking up some really key wins in playoffs and showing off you arent just a random nu forum poster :3 you really should just play more tours because you will do well, honestly hope you make your big tour debut soon

qsns: i know this wasnt your tour, but you were an oras king so i dont really mind. thanks for being the first person i really ever got to help and teach nu 2 years ago and sticking with me since then. hope you keep playing sm though and stop using bad sets like scarf garb...

Hootie: even if i didnt manage to get you in auction due to you being grossly overpriced >:( thanks for hopping in during playoffs and keeping things fun. good luck leading this bitch for the short period us nu tier leaders get.

Finchinator: similar to hootie thanks for hanging out and helping in bw as well, even if obii kept trying to sub you into the tour and was getting mad when we didnt have you in the lineup =/ you'll literally always be here so if i ever come back ill be sure to ask you for all the things i missed since i doubt you would have.

Silver Aurum: an original viv from last year thanks for joining and talking every once in a while. glad you are back even if you still hate mons n_n

kind of funny i started with winning nupl 2 years ago and now im ending with it

Ok, s/o time:
First of all, shoutouts to rozes for drafting me even though my record on tours was really really bad overall (at least ended up positive on this one) and trusting on me, while also being a great manager and a really cool guy (and a good player ofc).

Gunner Rohan Eternally Earth qsns Y'all are amazing. It's unfortunate that your record wasn't too good this time qsns, but I'm sure next year you'll come and eat everyone's ass. Gunner, you were more active at the beginning than at the end, but I don't blame you at all, I know you cared about the tour and you won when we needed it. Was fun to test with you. Eternally and earth, you both are the people I have tested, built etc. the most with, and you are both really good players and nice dudes :)

TDK haven't talked to you much but you destroyed this tour playing bo3 and you are a cool guy, I hope to team up in another tour w/ you.

Pearl goat adv player, haven't talked to you but you won when we needed it, cool guy too.

idiotfrommars unfort that your record wasn't better, haven't talked to you so can't say too much apart from that you are obviously a good player.

Void same as ifm

DrReuniclus u won two crucial games and you were a great support the entire tour, cool guy

obii Silver Aurum Hootie Finchinator thanks for the support, y'all have been a great pressence in our team chat and it's been really fun :)


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