NeverUsed Premier League V - Week 5

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No art credits because reasons

And the competition continues...

Remember, Activity wins are only based on VM activity. No VM contact - No Activity Win!


Vibrant Vivillons (4) vs (4) Listless Lilligants
SM1: Garay oak vs Laurens
SM2: Gunner Rohan vs Sacri'
SM3: Eternally vs Kushalos
ORAS: qsns vs The Goomy
BW2: Void vs soulgazer
DPP: DrReuniclus vs Tricking
ADV: Pearl vs Bushtush
Bo3: TDK vs Rapture


Plopping Pelippers (3) vs (5) Money Maker Musharnas
SM1: Hikari vs meepsvictory
SM2: snagaa vs HJAD
SM3: PrinceLucian vs Realistic Waters
ORAS: Christo vs Blast
BW2: Star vs Robert Alfons
DPP: amber lamps vs The Real Elmo
ADV: Sam vs Megazard
Bo3: Tony vs Raseri


The Superior Samurotts (4) vs (4) Headass Houndooms
SM1: Disjunction vs tko
SM2: Kingler12345 vs Poek
SM3: Dundies vs Lednah
ORAS: Shaneghoul vs blunder
BW2: rob. vs ict
DPP: Honko vs KratosMana
ADV: fatty vs Hogg
Bo3: col49 vs FLCL


Rowdy Rampardos (2) vs (6) The Krusty Krabs
SM1: Level 56 vs Hootie
SM2: Welli0u vs Finchinator
SM3: -Tsunami- vs Lax
ORAS: Pokedots vs HSA
BW2: Zebraiken vs Shuckleking87
DPP: M Dragon vs Bughouse
ADV: Sabella vs ZoroDark
Bo3: BOUFF vs Kiyo

Scheduled matches can be found here. Players please use this to notify us when you play.
DEADLINE: August 6th 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4)

Please let me know if I made any mistakes.
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Posting activity. I messaged Sonzinho on Tuesday but they still haven't responded. I'm still available to play this weekend if they respond to me/someone subs in for them Kiyo


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m dragon never responded to my contact... I may still be able to play tomorrow but I'm not going to just sit around all day because he didn't bother setting a time up first. If I'm on when he can play, I'll play, if not, find me a sub who actually schedules. BOUFF or whoever is in charge of your team


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All I've heard from sam is a "can you play now" when I couldn't, there's still plenty of time to get the game done today but I've also got to play around having work so if he's not active then sub please Tony
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