NeverUsed Premier League V - Week 5

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Robert Alfons

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Star hasn't been online for like 7 hours so i don't count on him being able to play, i would like an opponent within the next ~2 hours or so (a man's gotta sleep at some point) or i'm afraid i'm gonna have to claim activity Tony
fuck man i hate daylight savings time its the stupidest thing ever. im UTC -8, which is apparently GMT -7 now and GMT is moving around too.

All of this could have been averted if you would have tried to schedule earlier. Taking until friday to give me a time to play :/

i just want to play my matches man

fuck DST


Like ships in the night, you're passing me by
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Not my fault my opponent 1) doesn't know how to read the VM I made and 2) never responded to my VM until now lol. I said I would play DURING THE DAY on either saturday or sunday. I never said any particular time, was just starting the scheduling process, which he never tried to help. Regardless of that, 7 PM is not during the day. I was precisely trying to avoid making m dragon play at after midnight his time, which is why I said weekend, not during the week.

I then posted last night in this thread asking for him to specify a time or to be given a sub. I was online and reachable today from roughly 9-10 AM and 12-4 PM.

You still have the option of giving me a sub or of M Dragon magically being online at 2 AM.
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