NeverUsed Premier League V - Week 6

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☆Kushalos:its just not a given when youre on a team with 49
I guess it's my own fault.
Lost in 5 won sm and adv got lucked in the rest of them gg kush was fun playing at least
based on our conversation on my profile i'm assuming void is unable to play today. i'm available for another hour or so in case someone can be subbed in

edit: going to sleep now
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Uh yeah, I wasn't free today and mentioned I most likely wouldn't be in vm. There was minimal contact/scheduling between myself and dangerous in any case so should prob be a dead game.

Quite Quiet

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col49 vs Sacri'
rob. vs soulgazer
None of these pairings showed any significant activity whatsoever, so there's nothing to go on to call activity for any of these games. All three will be considered dead games.

Void vs Dangerous
Unlike the other games just mentioned there was some activity, but with how limited it was, and that no time was ever decided on beyond "we'll see" this is also dead.

Welli0u vs HJAD
From what I've been able to tell from this, HJAD warned welli0u that he would maybe miss the time they had first decided on so they rescheduled to the next day; which then Welli0u wasn't around for. Since welli0u hasn't made any counterclaims, I can only assume that HJAD did alert him a few hours before and then again ten minutes before the game, and welli0u still didn't show up. This will be an activity in HJAD's favor.

Last week will be up soon.

edit: im blind dw
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