NeverUsed Premier League V - Week 7

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Was a bit of an underwhelming end to our season, but I enjoyed it a lot regardless and I'm happy with how well I did throughout. Shoutouts to Finchinator for being the biggest tryhard, Kiyo for willing to pick me up for such a high price, and the rest of you guys on the Krabs for being cool teammates n_n

Rooting for the Musharnas and Vivillons in playoffs!


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With loss #4 this week we're officially out of options for making playoffs. I'd like to thank my teammates for being cool this year. I'm glad I got to team with all of you and I think we really came together at the end of it. It would have been cool if our rag tag tiny team made it to playoffs, but I suppose it wasn't in the cards for us.
Jarii thanks for having as much faith in me as you did this season. Sorry that I wasn't able to go that extra mile to become that top cut player you thought I could be, but I hope I was able to make up for it by being a good assman.

AJB come back you fuck I miss you

Dundies my boyfriend. You have a really good head for the game and you did a great job adapting to this meta even after you were complaining about how awful it was the first week we put you in. You're one of the Samurott's super stars and I'm proud to see you do so well. I hope you continue playing NU after all of this because you've been bringing a lot of cool stuff to the tier.

Manipulative sorry that we had to draft you just to play one game and it ended up being a loss. I appreciate you being able to help us out in our time of need.

Kingler12345 don't let the losses get to you bro. You still did a great job supporting the team and you were always a positive presence on the server. You always did great prepping too. I know next year you're gonna come back with that hot 7-0 record once you put in the time for SM NU.

fatty thanks for covering us for ADV when I needed to cover SM. I still really wish I could have played the slot over you, but I know you did good shit there. You're also a super chill dude and I'm glad I had the opportunity to team with you. Hmu with ADV friendlies whenever I love to play whenever I get the chance to.

Honko I'm ur biggest fan. Honestly I didn't really know how reliable you would be when we picked you up, but you've been amazing this season. I love watching your games and seeing your teams. You were a huge team player too and I can't undervalue the support and team spirit you had throughout the season. I hope you come around more than once a year because you're the best.

Shaneghoul I hope I did you proud in ORAS dad. But seriously, you were the pillar of consistency on our team. You're one of the top 3 ORAS NU players for sure and I'm always grateful when I can team with a friend. I'm expecting you to win the ORAS Cup when we do NU Classic, too.

col49 I hope you can fix your work schedule bro, it sounds like you're killing yourself with these hours lol. You're mad chill and for how little time you have to invest in this game, I'm always surprised with how well you can do it. I hope you keep coming around to NU because you're a great player and builder. Maybe you'll get council in like 2-3 years.

rob. I'm glad we got you man cause Jarii and I were sweating over being able to get someone who can handle BW for us. You gave it your all for the team and were always someone I could rely on. Idk where you've been for the last week or two, but I hope everything's cool. Mad respect for you dude thanks for playing for us.

Pilo this is all ur fault where have u been these past 2 weeks we needed our cheer leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finishing with a 3-3 isn't too bad especially with how badly I felt I tilted this season. Rooting for the Musharnas in playoffs!! The Samurotts will have to rise again next year more powerful than ever.


oh my gosh you found me
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Feel like I need to apologize to the Krabs for the less than stellar showing this year, will still defend myself in that there was a ton of hax that didn't go my way but that definitely wasn't everything. Good luck to everyone else still in the tournament, hopefully Lady Luck will give the Krabs a break next year.


That is all I want
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not in a position to call act since i only vm'd my opponent today, but i've been online for the past 12 hours and fatty didn't reply to me despite having logged on smogon during that time frame. it is now 1AM and i'm tired as shit, so this should be a dead game at least

Quite Quiet

sleep life away
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I'm not going to call the games that have no effect on the end result this time, so play them out if you wish, or don't.

Pearl vs fatty
This game is dead, there was no meaningful, visible activity until yesterday so there's no way to call an activity win for either player here since nothing had been done to get one.

That leads this situation to a pretty awkward one. The current standings would look like below, with a three-way tie for third and fourth.
1. Headass Houndooms (10 | +10)
2. Money Maker Musharnas (8 | -1)
3. Listless Lilligants (7 | +4)
3. Rowdy Rampardos (7 | -3)
3. Vibrant Vivillons (7 | x)

Vivillons ended last week at -5, so to tie this week they would have to end at worst at a 5-3 record, but with the above the worst they can come to is a 5-2. Since a 5-2 record would put them at -2, and the best case is higher, the last game between ifm and honko has no impact if they make playoffs or not.

1. Headass Houndooms (10 | +10)
2. Money Maker Musharnas (8 | -1)
3. Listless Lilligants (7 | +4)
4. Vibrant Vivillons (7 | -2 or -1)

Good luck in semifinals to all of you. Semis will be up when I have lineups from all of the teams.
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